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Shoes For The Elderly With Balance Problems

Shoes For The Elderly With Balance Problems

Almost everyone witnessed elder people losing their balance and falling. Elder people have more falls than younger people. This is primarily due to the imbalance in posture/e caused by old age.

Quality shoes for the elderly with fall protection can prevent or reduce the effects of multiple falls. In this article, you will learn about some of the best fall protection shoes for elderly people with balance issues.

  • Hush Puppies Gil Men 7 Sport.

  • The durable rubber sole of this shoe absorbs any impact, helping to reduce the pressure on the foot. The lightweight Elon midsole and detachable contoured insole provide soft cushioning.

    The shoe is very light, and the sole offers comfort throughout the day. The shoes are comfortable to wear and take off. The velcro strap makes your work even more comfortable.

    The soft leather upper fits perfectly around the user's foot and eliminates the break-in period. The shoes are comfortable to maintain and clean. All they need is to simply get rich with a skin cleanser or polish and wipe with a damp cloth. 

    The elderly may not have time to keep their shoes clean, so this feature is handy for them.


    • 100% leather flexibility, making it durable and comfortable.
    • Very comfortable to wear and take off.
    • The non-slip design makes it relatively easy to use.
    • Detachable EVA insole.


    • Not ideal for warm weather.
  • Skechers Men's GO Walk

  • Skechers Performance Go Walk Evolution shoes are imported lightweight shoes with ULTRA GO cushioning and ULTRA PILLARS with a high recovery rate for a comfortable walking experience. The air-cooled breathable Goga Mat insole system provides high cushioning.

    The upper sole has a soft mesh fabric for a comfortable fit. The solid colour design is embellished with knitting details. The synthetic surface of the toe and heel makes it durable. The convenient sliding design also features two elastic side panels for comfort. 

    The heel fabric wrap panel features an upper traction loop. The padded collar provides maximum comfort, while the natural elongation offers a comfortable fit for the wearer.


    • Light and easy slip-on construction.
    • The flexible rubber sole ensures stability and durability.
    • It fits perfectly without problems.


    • Shoes could wear out if used for high-performance sports. Use them primarily for walking.
  • Skechers Performance Women’s Slip-On Walking Shoe

  • This shoe is made from 100% mesh, which allows the foot to breathe efficiently, creating an almost open-shoe feel. Soft mesh upper and virtually seamless construction provide a comfortable fit for the wearer.

    It has a durable and flexible rubber outsole that prevents sharp objects from entering and keeps the user safe. It is lighter in weight at all. It includes an innovative and highly sensitive 5GEN intermediate damping that provides optimal shock absorption. 

    The foot is covered with bamboo, which prevents antibacterial odours.


    The shoes are comfortable and breathable.

    • Lightweight with excellent grip.
    • Flexible and durable rubber outsole along with excellent traction.
    • Has antibacterial odour control.


    • Not suitable for wet weather.
    • Shoes do not provide adequate ankle support.
  • Propét Women’s Pedwalker 3 Velcro Strap Slip-On Shoes

  • The shoe has a heel of approximately 0.5 inches. The double inserts are removable and offer maximum customisation. They can be removed according to the size of the orthoses. 

    The very spacious shape provides enough room to stretch your legs and relax. The Velcro system is very comfortable to wear, and makes it easy to slide or stop.


    • 100% PU leather with synthetic sole makes the shoe comfortable and safe.
    • Easy to wear.
    • Attractive design


    • Shoes can be short-lived for regular exercise or wear
  • Merrell Men's Encore Gust

  • Merrell's Encore Gust Slip-On men's sneakers are made of 100% genuine leather. They have a supportive sole and a padded collar. The Merrell air cushion in the heel can absorb shocks.

    It contains an antimicrobial solution that eliminates the unpleasant odour that can occur after a long day. The anatomical design and orthotic shape of the foot help to keep the feet comfortable and fresh. 

    Compression-moulded EVA bed for comfort and stability. It also has a breathable mesh lining that keeps your feet dry.


    • The antimicrobial solution guarantees that there will be no odour problems.
    • Very breathable and very comfortable shoes.
    • Excellent traction.


    • The shoes may feel a little tight on the toes.
  • Orthoshoes Women’s Edema Shoes

  • These diabetic Velcro shoes are not only lightweight but also durable. The upper sole consists of breathable material that is perfect for all seasons and outdoor activities. 

    The top of the stretched mesh expands with the foot as you walk. It fits snugly around your feet to keep you comfortable and help reduce irritation.

    They have a spacious heel to toe lining for cushioning and durable cushioning. The toe box provides additional protection against clogged toes.

    The straps in the forefoot are easily adjustable thanks to the Velcro fasteners. The adjustment range is ideal for changing the degree of oedema. 

    The shoe has extra width and depth to help relieve pressure on swollen feet, swelling, bumps, diabetes or bystanders. They are spacious enough to fit normal and severely swollen legs. The Velcro strap provides a snug and comfortable fit.

    These shoes are ideal for users who need extra stretching to adjust to swollen feet, calluses, osteoarthritis, tendon, muscle and bone injuries, or who need shoes after surgery.

    These are machine wash, and hand wash for easy maintenance.


    • Lightweight and durable.
    • Adjustable forefoot straps with Velcro fasteners.
    • The extra width and depth reduce the pressure on the feet.


    • They have no arch support.
  • MEJOR MEN Womens Diabetic.

  • The shoe has a premium orthopaedic insole included. The outsole provides traction for both outdoors and indoors. It is stable and comprehensive, very comfortable and soft to wear. It has arch support and a shock-absorbing heel pad that follows the contours of the foot as you walk. 

    Big heel to toe lining provides durable cushioning and cushioning. Wide-width shoes are very lightweight and do not bind to any area of ​​the foot. They are easy to care for, machined, and hand washed.

    The shoes are available in three styles :

    1. Breathable mesh, suitable for summer and spring seasons
    2. Wide plush belt 
    3. Long plush belt suitable for cold weather. 


    • The upper part of the mesh ensures adequate breathability.
    • Ultra-easy and comfortable to walk on.
    • The cushion for the heel and the spring support offer superior comfort and convenience to convalescent diabetics.


    • The shoe can be slightly wide, although it can be adjusted.
    • The shoes are not very suitable for wet weather conditions.

    Prominent Features Of Elderly Shoes With Balance Problems 

    These shoes are designed to take care of the elderly. They have many features that are not usually available in regular shoes. Some of the key features:

  • Extra Large

  • These shoes are made larger than regular shoes and more flexible to accommodate swollen feet.

  • Extra Light:

  • These shoes are made of materials that make them durable but light so that the elderly never feel uncomfortable.

  • Extra Soft

  • The materials used for these shoes create a soft and calm feeling which gives the foot a relaxed feel.

  • Superior Traction 

  •  These shoes offer excellent stability and superior grip on both wet and dry surfaces.

  • Velcro Strip

  • Balanced shoes for the elderly often have a versatile velcro strap, which allows them to adjust to provide a comfortable fit. Velcro straps tend to stay tight, eliminating the need for readjustment.

    Points To Remember While Buying Elderly Shoes To Address Balance Issues

    Some points to be noted when looking for shoes of your choice to address balance issues in elderly people are as follows:

    The Size Of The Shoe

    Shoes of the right size are always comfortable and safer, as they ensure that you can maintain your natural gait. 

    Shoe Weight

    Heavy shoes are often a problem for elderly people. They may have trouble raising their feet. They tend to mix when walking, and this can lead to falls.

    Heel Height

    Shoes with low heels provide excellent stability, so the heel should not be more than one centimetre thick. 


    Some shoes have special orthoses, which makes the user's work very comfortable. The Achilles Tendon Protector is comfortable, it reduces stress on the Achilles tendon, and the heel collar cushions your ankle.


    Traction helps to move safely on a variety of surfaces, so the sole must have a proper tread in all the right places. This helps prevent slipping in any form if you walk on mud, mud, grass or rocks.

    Arch Support

    The arch support function helps to relieve pain and reduces common foot problems resulting from poor balance and lack of proper support. 

    Wrap Up

    Choosing comfortable shoes for the elderly is one of the best ways to deal with all foot changes, thereby preventing unnecessary pain and falls. As people get older, taking preventive measures are essential, and a good pair of shoes for balance problems is necessary.

    It is indispensable to consult a podiatrist to measure your foot size before purchasing the best safety shoes for the elderly.

    Although most people prefer to wear slippers and socks at home, it is recommended that you wear the best footwear for seniors with balance problems to avoid falls.

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