Style Your Shorts With Different Socks Types

Style Your Shorts With Different Socks Types

Style Your Shorts With Different Socks Types


The stylist offers different socks options based on personal style. There are many men around that love wearing shorts these days. This is much common when people go on a vacation, or at a beach party.

They are ready with their shirts, shorts and sandals or shoes, but what about the socks? To offer you the right styling option and to pair your new blance shoes with the right socks, here are some different types of socks explained that you can easily pair with your shorts.


Ankle socks

Well, if you are going to wear sandals, then there is no need of wearing socks. When you are wearing shorts, the ankle socks look better with rock port shoes. With the white tennis shoes, the ankle socks look amazing.

You can pair white socks with your white reeboks shoes even.


Tube socks

If you are willing to wear long socks with your superga shoes, and then make sure you pick the right color of socks that can match well your shoes. You can wear black tube socks with your black color sneakers.

Another option is, matching the color of shoes with the color of stripes on the tube socks of an old-school.


The crazy socks

If you are willing your socks should gain great attention, then socks can be real jewelry for men. When you shop for cloth, make sure its quality is of standard. If you are going for a minimal outfit like black, gray or any other, then a patterned or bright color sock can look much better.

It depends on your look whether you want a flash look or an eccentric one. It is one look that is best saved for the people that are confident in their style of choices.


Invisible socks

Your safest bet can be wearing invisible socks because nothing can ever go wrong. The different types of socks can show that you have made a great effort, but these are the best option for sure. You can choose a pair that has rubber on the back of the heel so that they don’t slide your foot when you walk.


Pastel socks

Some of the guys around prefer the style of invisible socks with their man leather boots but if you want to go for something else, then soft pastel shades are also best for summer. Additionally, they look good on all skin tones.

You can wear it anytime anywhere they will give you a skater or a mod feel. You can bunch them well for being more nonchalant. You can even pull them by an inch so that they don’t look bulky around your ankle.


The athletic socks

This is a real look. If you give some of your time, you will find fashiony guys on street and catwalks that wear prana, sporty 1970 style of the socks with the shorts. If you are a bit minimalist, then definitely give this a try.

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