The Easy Way To Clean The Moldy Shoes

The Easy Way To Clean The Moldy Shoes

The Easy Way To Clean The Moldy Shoes:


Have you ever faced a situation in which as you opened your shoe closet for taking out your leather shoes, you end up with a dreadful sight in which your shoes have all got conquered by the fungus? It must not be a great sight right. You must have faced this situation and thought of getting rid of the stuff as soon as possible. Do not worry there is an easy solution to this problem.


The stuff like leather custom flip flop slides is a very easy breeding ground for mold growth if they are kept in an area of high temperature which is accompanied by moisture in the air. The problem of mildew starts at a very small level but after a while, the small pore takes the face of a huge company of mildew on the shoes.


So, it is really very important to remove the mildew at the very starting so that the growth does not transform into a very big problem. If this problem is not solved in advance, the mildew can reach the objects around the shoes and it can also damage your leather customflip flops slides and cause them to decay.


What will you need to clean the shoes?


All the below-mentioned items will be easily available in your house and you do not need to go out.


  • Half cut of water as well as white vinegar

  • A bucket

  • A piece of soft cloth, as well as a firm, bristled brush


Follow the given steps to clean your moldy design slides shoes:


Step 1: Wipe them off


First of all remove all the mildew from the surface of the shoes by using the hard bristled brush so that further steps can be performed.


Step 2: solution of vinegar and water


Make a solution of half a cup of water as well as vinegar in the bucket.


Step 3: The cloth in action


Take the piece of cloth and dip it in the solution of vinegar and water and apply it all over on the moldy custom slides flip flops.


Step 4: The final step


Dry out the shoe completely using a dry towel or leave them to dry in open in the sunshine.


Some other points to be kept in mind

  1. In order to ensure that you do not end up creating the whole house a moldy place, do not perform the cleaning process

    inside the house, prefer cleaning the shoes outside the house.


  1. This method can be used for leather shoes but this method will not be applicable for suede cheap custom slides.


  1. After implementing this process of cleaning your canvas shoes, you are required to clean your canvas shoes thoroughly

    as it is believed that the vinegar smell will not leave the shoes easily.


  1. 4. If you are having regarding the vinegar stink, then you can use some essential oils to get rid of the smell.


After performing the above method to clean your moldy shoes, you will get rid of the mildew on the shoes and you can wear your safe shoes again.



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