The Process of Designing a Shoe Sole

The Process of Designing a Shoe Sole

The Process of Designing a Shoe Sole

We all are aware of the comfort that we feel while wearing our running shoes, tennis shoes, dress shoes and even casual ones. But most of us often ignore the fact that the support to your all-day activities is actually provided by the sturdy rubber stuff on the bottom.


It is really interesting to know how that sole is processed to achieve such an amazing range of properties to protect your foot years after years.


Studies reveal that the shoe manufacturing process has a long history, starting from somewhere in 1844. It was the first time when Charles Goodyear did the first experimentation by processing natural rubber to mix it with sulfur. This vulcanization process helped to create the solid rubber that you can find today in almost all shoes. All other companies use the same process these days to create shoe sole material. You can also use the same technique to customize your own sneakers.


Shoe manufacturing process:


Those who are interested to make custom shoes online might be eager to know the process behind customizing shoes. Well, there are so many steps that are taken to bring a that solid layer of rubber below your feet.


  • Processing rubber outsole:


First of all, the shoe moulds are used to develop insole and outsole. The outsole is usually designed with a specific background colour while highlighting the colour of the logo. The middle plate of the sole is applied on the mould, and it is further turned into the outsole. The process also includes short term heating of the outsole. Then in order to customize slippers with pictures, the excess rubber is removed to get the perfect shape.


  • Processing rubber insole:


It is not just about adding the background colour and logo; the insole requires special efforts for developing heel colour. The online custom shoe maker will preferably add some raw rubber to develop forefront, and then the mold is placed back into the heat for achieving the desired form of the insole.


  • Fusing process:


After preparation of the above parts, it is time to infuse them together to get the finished sole product for your custom shoes. Once these parts are joined together, the excess rubber is removed to get that comfortable and beautiful appeal. But it is important to mention that the final appeal is still inspired by the 150 years old Charles Goodyear design.


It is important to mention that the ultimate process to create your own may vary depending upon the type of shoes you are designing. However, the basic concept is the same in almost all factories. The mixing and pressing tasks are usually messy; they need adequate removal of excess rubber parts. But as the professionals at FreakyShoes high-volume work, they have learned the ways to execute this task accurately and efficiently.


You can check out some of the best shoe designer online free platforms to create traditional as well as latest high-quality shoe soles. They promise ultimate comfort with sturdy and durable sole formation.


The Process of Designing a Shoe Sole

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