Ways To Clean Different Types Of Shoes Fast

Ways To Clean Different Types Of Shoes Fast

Ways To Clean Different Types Of Shoes Fast

Are you the one who is fond of wearing different types of shoes? If you are the one, then you must be having various materials of shoes, colors, and finishes. This guide on how to clean different shoes fast will help you a lot as this way you will be able to keep them lasting and good for longer.

With some easy steps and a few supplies, you can clean every type of shoes fast. Get started below,

How to clean fabric shoes?

These fabric shoes can include flats, pumps, strappy sandals or even sneakers. No matter how the style is, this fabric can turn dirty eventually. You can also find some of the hacks online about tossing the fabric shoes in your washer.

This can be the worst idea as these shoes cannot stand up the water at all. You must always clean your shoes manually by adding warm water and detergent.

Here’s how you can do it

  • Wipe down your fabric with a paper towel for removing the loose surface soil

  • Mix one spoon of dishwashing liquid in some warm water

  • Start working on small sections, dip your toothbrush in a soapy solution and scrub very lightly

Never over-wet and work with the grain of the fabric, by moving around the shoes for keeping its color consistent and always preventing the spotting.

For the removal of soapy residue, wipe the whole shoe with the best use of a paper towel dip in clear water. You might need several towels for rinsing the whole shoe.

Start blotting with a paper towel and let your shoes air dry from direct sunlight and heat. For helping some of the shoes to hold their shape, stuff some of your dry paper towels in heels and toes until they are dried off completely.

Never make use of a wet cleaning method on the velvet shoes. Always brush with a soft brush for lifting piles and cleaning the stains.

How to clean faux leather, patent leather, and leather shoes

For such leather shoes, always begin by wiping off the soil with a clean cloth dipped in white vinegar and water. This works well for removing the stains of winter salt. After this, let your shoes dry completely.

For scuff on the real leather shoes, make use of a commercial polish and follow directions. If you are not having a polish which matches the white athletic shoes or rainbow of colors, always wet a soft cloth in a mixture of baking soda and water.

Rub this mixture on the scuffed area and clean the residue with a dry cloth. Let it dry and start buffing again with a clean cloth. For faux leather shoes and scuffs on the patent leather, gently rub these marks with petroleum jelly and buff your shoes with a clean and soft cloth.

You can restore the shine of your shoes with a glass cleaner and a buff with the soft cloth.

Follow these 100% working DIYs on your shoes and give a new look to your shoes today.

Ways To Clean Different Types Of Shoes Fast

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