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Ways To Make Basketball Shoes Sticky On Gym Courts

Ways To Make Basketball Shoes Sticky On Gym Courts:

The basketball court is quite slippery. A player makes several moves on the court to beat the defense, to rule on the game. For this, your shoes should be ready enough, so that you don’t slide on the court. What you should do to make your shoes work better in court? You should make the sticky on the gym court, but how?

Here are a few things and suggestions to keep in mind while you are on the basketball court to prevent slipping.


Ways To Make Basketball Shoes Sticky On Gym Courts

Special mat

Buy a special mat. There are various kinds of mats available like Stick’um mat. You and your teammates just have to step on it and it will offer you an amazing grip. Make sure you re-step on it at short intervals to maintain the grip.


Wet towel

You can add extra gripping to your shoes. This works better with b-sharp traction action for shoes. It is very simple. You just have to step on a wet towel. This method works better only for those that are playing one or two short round as it doesn’t last for long.


Wet finger

You might be thinking as to what you can do in between the game when you don’t have access to a wet towel or a mat. There is a simple method of doing it even. You may find it a bit odd, but all you can do is, wet your fingers a bit with your tongue. Take your fingers and run on the bottom of your shoes. This can help in improving the grip. Next time catch your favorite player doing this, as many of the experts adopt this trick.


Clean your shoe soles properly

As the basketball is very dirty, your shoes might also get catch some dirt on it. This makes shoes a bit slippery even. All you need to do is, clean them well. The experts recommend cleaning the shoes before and after the game.

You can clean them at half the time for preventing accidents. It is essential because the shoes collect much dirt and it takes way the traction from shoes. This may also cause some accidents, if not taken care of.


Buy special shoes

If you are the one who is willing to spend some amount of money, then you can get your hands on special shoes. These shoes are best known for increasing the traction on the basketball court. These basketball shoes are made of high-end material.



So these are some of the best ways to prevent slipping on the basketball court. They can help in increasing traction and helps you in ruling out in the game. It is also essential for the game organizers to get their floors cleaned before starting the basketball game.

A clean floor makes a lot of difference in the game. You must prefer wet mopping as it helps as the best in the cleaning floor and removes all stains and dust from the floor. Follow Freaky shoes and try these helpful tips and tricks today and level up your basketball game now.

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