Did you know that the National Basketball Association(NBA) is considered the premier men's professional league?

The league was founded on June 6, 1946, as the Basketball Association of America(BAA) in NEW York City. Later, its name was changed to National Basketball Association after merging with the competing National Basketball League on August 3, 1949.


What is the 1984 NBA Draft?

The 1984 NBA draft was the 37th annual draft of the National Basketball Association(NBA). It was held at the Felt Forum at Madison Square Garden in New York City on June 19, 1984. This was before the 1984/1985 season. It is considered to be one of the greatest drafts in NBA history. Four Hall of Farmers were drafted in the first sixteen picks and five overall.


Waiving a player in NBA.

The NBA has a lot of rules that most casual fans are not familiar with. One of those rules is the concept of player waivers. What does waiving a player mean in NBA?

First off, you need to understand that the NBA league comprises of 30 teams, among those teams, there are five starter positions and a total of 15 roster spots. This means that 150 roster spots and 150 starting positions need to be filled across the entire league.


The NBA teams need to make sure they use the 15 spots wisely. Moreover, the teams should also find the right talent and expertise to fit their respective coaches playing schemes. For fairness, the NBA has put in place a salary cap.

For some reason, a player found not to be worth their roster spot while still on contract can be ‘waived’ before the end of their contract. This is the most important thing to remember about the NBA waiving players.


Even if a team drops a player from their roster, they must continue paying the player the guaranteed salary. Although they are no longer in the roster spot, they are still part of the team’s salary cap. Until another team picks up the waived player, they will continue to be part of the team’s salary cap. The team with the waived player will also continue receiving and paying off what was left of the contract if another team takes the player.


What is the definition of waived in the NBA?

In NBA, waived is a term used to describe a situation where a team releases a player before their contract expires. When such a situation occurs, the team must pay the player the guaranteed money from the contract. However, the team is allowed to open up a roster spot to find other players.


After a team waives its player, the player will enter a 48-hour waive wire. During this period, other NBA teams are allowed to try to claim on the player and take the player from the team that put the player on the waive wire. In case within 48 hours, no team will have taken the waived player. He will automatically enter the unrestricted free agency.


In scenarios where multiple teams try to claim the same player, the rules require the player to join the team with the worst win percentage. For a team to take on the waived player’s contract, it must have enough cap space.


Reasons Why NBA Teams Waive Players.

An NBA team is allowed by law to waive a play if they deem him a bad fit. Waiving a player also helps the NBA teams open up one of the 15 roster spots a team has. In some situations, a team can also waive a player hoping that another team will take the player and contract. This occurred when the team signed the player on a bad contract, thus eating much of their salary cap.


Waiving players also occurs when a team took in players (and their contracts) from teams they did not want. Usually, such players are tacked onto trades so one team can get rid of the player and his contract immediately. Upon receiving the player, the reception team will decide to either make the contract work, trade them, or waive the player.


How does NBA Teams Waive Player?

For an NBA team to waive a player, it must approach the NBA commissioner.

(Adam Silver is the current commissioner) and make an official request for waiving a player. Once the team officially makes the request, it cannot be retracted. The commissioner will then visit other professional teams and inform them about the waived player.


How do NBA Teams Sign a Waived Player?

Once his team waives a player, 48 hours since the waiver request was made is allowed to give other professional teams time to attempt to claim the waiver. The player and the remaining time left on their contract constitutes the waiver request. Although the NBA teams are given priority during the process, any other professional basketball team can claim the player and the contract.


In situations where multiple NBA teams put a claim on the waiver, the player will only be allowed to join the team with the worst win percentage at the moment. After that, the contract will be reflected on the team’s salary cap. It is also worth noting that only a team with enough salary cap for the player will bag the player.


Definition of Waive Amnesty in the NBA.

An NBA team is allowed to request for a waive amnesty in case of an awful contract. A waive amnesty not only waives the player, but it will also remove the contract from the affected team’s salary cap. The amnesty clause was introduced in the 2005 and 2011 collective bargaining agreement but is not implemented in the current CBA.

This will help the team free up their salary cap, albeit they will be required to continue paying the player. Only one player can be put on amnesty by the team during an entire season.


A famous example of this is Brandon Roy of the Portland Trail Blazers. Roy was still owed $64 million over four years at the time of his amnesty in 2011. Although he was paid for his contract's remaining salary, it did not reflect in the team's salary cap.

There also exists a process similar to amnesty known as the stretch provision. This is when you waive a player, and 'stretch' his salary equally for over three seasons. Consider the following illustration. If Player X has one year or a $21 million in his contract, his team can release him and 'stretch' his salary for seven million dollars a year for three seasons.


What if a Waived Player does not Get Claimed?

In case a waived player does not claim within 48 hours (this happens a lot), the player enters unrestricted free agency. In layman's language, it is termed being cleared from waivers. Under such circumstances, the team that waived the player will remain responsible for the player's contract.

When a player in the free agency period, he has control of what team to sign. However, if they still have a running contract, the team that signs them will be responsible for paying off an amount of the contract.


When can an NBA Team Waive a Player?

NBA teams are allowed to waive a player during the regular season and remove them from their roster. However, if the player waiver is requested after March 1, the player cannot be added to the team's roster that claimed the player.

The same case applies to unrestricted free agents. If a team wants to add a player to their postseason roster, they must sign the player before the march. The contracts will move and affect the salary caps, but it will not be reflected on the roster.


What Happens When a Player is Claimed Off Waivers?

When a player is claimed off the waiver, the recipient team takes contract that the player had with his former team. Due to the nature of waiver claims, most of the players claimed off waivers are usually minimal contract players. Such players can easily be added to the team's salary cap.


Atypical circumstances may arise where players with considerably big contracts are waived. When this occurs, they are usually acquitted with what is termed as a traded player exception or disabled player exception.


What is the Difference Between Released and Waived?

Being released and being waived means the same thing in the NBA. Although a team must pay the guaranteed salary of a released or waived player's contract, the player will still be counted against the team's salary cap. The only transaction that won't be counted against the team's salary cap is referred to as the amnesty clause.

What is the Difference Between Waiving and Buying out?

The significant difference between buying out a player and waiving (or releasing) him is money. A waived player with a running contract will still be paid his remaining amount of money, as stated in his contract. This may be done by either the team that waived him or the one that claimed him.


On the other hand, a buyout involves a mutual agreement between the player and the team to part ways. Usually, the two parties agree on a lower amount of money that the player is still owed in exchange for his release, familiar with veterans on bad teams.

Such veterans usually negotiate a buyout to sign for a contender or at least a team with playoff aspirations. In most circumstances, a veteran negotiating a buyout usually has a pre-existing agreement with a team intended to sign him after the waiver is cleared.


A player who has been bought out cannot resign or claim by the team that bought him out until one year or after the end of the bought out the contract. This transaction serves two purposes; one is that it allows the player to go elsewhere, possibly signing for a team with ambitions, and two, it helps the team save some money.

Another purpose is to shield players, especially veterans eyeing to play for teams with ambitions, from being held by underperforming teams against their wish.


Caution should, however, be taken since buyouts are usually delicate negotiations and do not happen overnight. The player only receives a small portion of the money left on his contract.


NBA Free Agents, 2020.

The offseason is coming after the conclusion of the 2019/2020 season. The COVID19 pandemic has hit hard the NBA. Hence, we don’t know what will happen to the salary cap. Typically, the salary cap is calculated based on the previous season’s basketball-related income.

Some of the difference-making unrestricted NBA free agents 2020 include Fred VanVleet, Joe Harris, Danilo Gallinari, Davis Bertans, Montrezel Harrell to mention but a few.



What is NBA 2K21?

Based on the National Basketball Association(NBA), the NBA 2K21 is an upcoming basketball simulation video game. It will be developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports.

As a successor to the NBA 2K20, it will be the 22nd installment of the NBA 2K franchise. According to trusted sources, the game is scheduled to be released on September 4, 2020, for the Stadia, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, and later on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.



The NBA market is very volatile. It involves millions of dollars moving around the country. For quality basketball players, a single contract can easily reach millions of dollars. The dynamic nature of free agency, trades, and player waiving has kept rosters ever-changing.


The landscape can change in an instant. This is why many players usually find themselves wearing another uniform or worse without a team in the middle of a season. This has continuously shifted the face of the NBA monthly.


Waiving a player is usually a win-win situation. The existence of waivers has made sure every team has a shot at getting the players they need, irrespective of how bad they may be. Players also have the guarantee of receiving their salaries until their contracts run out thanks to waivers.



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