What Really Happens To Suede Shoes When They Get Wet

What Really Happens To Suede Shoes When They Get Wet

What Happens To Suede Shoes When They Get Wet:

Whether you inadvertently stepped into a puddle, it wouldn't seem to stop a winter sidewalk's salty, slushy wetness or someone carelessly spilled a drink right on your foot. It wasn't you, of course; staring at your damp suede shoes can lead to immediate panic.

 What Really Happens To Suede Shoes When They Get Wet

Texture Change

Before you lose your cool, remember that getting your suede shoes wet isn't going to do any significant harm, even though salt is involved. The suede texture is usually soft in its fresh, clean form and somewhat like velvet.

When suede shoes get wet, the surface is only a little steep until the moisture dries, but your shoes won't be ruined, Explains "The Wall Street Journal." When dry, saltwater may also give a whitish, thick look. You can also design my own shoes from scratch.

Soaking Up Moisture

The moment you discover a wet spot on your suede shoes, you can take out moisture gently by pressing a paper towel to the wet spot. If your boots are unlined, try inserting paper towels inside and outside the pair, and pressing gently to soak up as much moisture as possible, "Lucky Magazine" suggests.


Never brush or rub with a paper towel or other material, particularly if anything other than water is causing the wetness, as this may result in staining. But, if your shoes are soaking wet— maybe from walking in the rain— just leave them alone until they're dry, which can take up to 24 hours.

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Dealing with Stains

You may need to clean dry shoes from water or other liquids which have undergone wetness. Whether the suede sustained some clean watermarks; With a damp kitchen sponge or suede eraser, gently brush over the edges of the stains, suggests "Real Simple Magazine."

  • For wet marks like color or salt, first, clean suede with a solution of equal parts of white vinegar and water.

  • Use a paper towel or toothbrush to apply the vinegar solution onto the marks, scrubbing carefully.

  • Allow the suede to dry out completely, stuffing paper or shoe trees with shoes to prevent crumbling.

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Improving Texture

Brushing them is the necessary part of preserving the look of your wet suede shoes beforehand. Take a suede brush that is specifically designed for suede brushing and cleaning and brush softly over the entire surface of your feet. For fabrics that look velvety and feels soft again instead of marked and tense, use circular motions to raise the suede— referred to as the nap.

Consider spraying your suede with a water and stain protector to avoid water stains or wet shoes in the future so that they're easier to deal with the next time you get caught in the rain. However, when you're pregnant or breastfeeding, though, ask a friend to spray your shoes for you.

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