What Is Riddim And Why Is It So Popular?

What Is Riddim And Why Is It So Popular?

What Is Riddim And Why Is It So Popular:

Riddim is the latest trend in the world of EDM which is quickly rising on top of the playlists of every listener. But, what is this Riddim? How it differs from what is playing currently through the speakers? Our experts have got into the details and did a little research for you. Let’s learn about it below,


Riddim roots

For understanding fully the depths of a new emerging genre, one must understand first about its roots: The dubstep.

The dubstep originated in South London, which is the form of dance music that has an emphasis on the heavy bass, drums, lines, short rhythms and sporadic. The originators of the world of dubstep include notable artists as Grammy-winning nominee Flux- Pavillion, Rusko, Skrillex, and its list is endless.


The earliest dubstep released its date back in the year 1998, but with this massive take-off of originating genre around the year 2008, this rise of the similar sub-genres was unavoidable.

The Riddim is the subcategory of the EDM world which is dominating dubstep. However, this is not only the origin of the new dance music style. One can recognize it as Jamaican patois, which is the pronunciation of the “rhythm” word. This triplet arrangement of percussion in the riddim is much similar to that of this riddim reggae music.


The transition

This track by the enthusiast of riddim, Boogie T is one of the prime examples of the integration of new sound. The “Riddimstep” has this blend of the dubstep in a new flow which is best accompanied by the wonky beats which are completely guaranteed for keeping the body in motion. “Boys have got the riddim!”


The dance floor filled with bass

When you listen to a riddim track, or when you attend a riddim concert, you might not know what you can expect from it. As soon as you go on the dance floor, this bass takes over and the heart rate also gets aligned with its sound.

The usage of the layers in any average track is kept minimal, which ensures that emphasis is more on the drone and also on the repetition. However, in these layers, you will find a wide number of delays that are filled with the wompy, bouncy and even the trappy sounds which induce the heavy bass arm and also the neck jerking motion.


Usually, it is accompanied by the chorus filters and with great flanger, this music might not permit anyone to stop dancing. If you don’t stop dancing on this music, then you have also fallen in love with it.

If you are the one who is still doubtful over its meaning as what riddim is? Then, check out the list of these artists like Dodge & fuski, Megalodon, Herobust and Boogie T that holds an amazing grip on Riddim and have been playing it for long.

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