What Size Shoe does Shaquille O'Neal Wear?

What Size Shoe does Shaquille O'Neal Wear?

What Size Shoe does Shaquille O'Neal Wear:
Shaquille O’Neal Shoe Size:

Shaquille O’Neal Shoe size is 23.

This NBA legend always stimulates amazement anytime he walks onto a set of TNT. He wears a Reebox with a version of his shaqnoisis signature sneakers or Shaq Attaq. Moreover, sometimes he tends to show off his namesake sneakers brand by the name the wonder. His shoe is size 23.

Furthermore, there is no single player in the history of professional basketball who has ever had the same shoe size as Shaquille O’Neal. He is one of the most professional players with the largest shoe size; this is as per the analyst with the TNT who mainly covers the NBA.

He continues to amaze his fan and the world as a whole with the extra-ordinary feet size and many people keep wondering just how much a size 23 shoe looks than the typical sneaker would. An average sneaker size is 13 or 14. Big Shaq and Isaac Haas – also an NBA college player boasts of a massive size 23. This serves to undernote the importance of designer footwear as there are not many people with such feet sizes floating around ready to buy shoes.


Shaquille remains the only man in the history of professional NBA to done such big size. As a result, he embarked on an objective to brand his shoes. Afterwards, he was to release his sponsored brand to the market. Well, whio0 else would be able to pull off such a crusade if not the boss himself?


Big Shaq’s shoes got as much popularity as his dunking prowess. Well, the last time you show his foot out of the shoe was probably before he stepped into the pedicure. However, having had shoes on for all these years did not do any justice to his feet. Besides, you can get his line of shoes ion Walmart.


Furthermore, his limited edition of Reeboks – a brand he wore in college still pays homage to the Big Shaquille O’Neil. In any case, you got to give it to this NBA legend. You might have seen earlier in this article that this fact does not entirely describe Shaquille.

With a height of 7’ 3’’, Shaq overshadows most of his mates especially in balling. You wouldn’t want a point guard like that. Anyways, he is retired, and he wasn’t even a point guard. His height combined with the body and the shoe size, this was definitely the giant of the court.


Shaquille O'Neal is a man but doesn’t look like a man due to his big size. He is an extremely massive person and a 6 feet man look like dwarf while standing beside him. Whenever a leisurely walk through the room, it looks like a giant is in your presence. During NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans, his shoes 25th anniversary was celebrated. According to another NBA athlete his size 12 shoes felt like baby shoes next to Shaq’s size 23.

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Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille O'Neal is an NBA legend famous for his role in the game and his antics in the basketball court. His physical nature made him a dominant figure in the many games he played for different teams he signed for in the league. In his career, Big Shaq picked trophies that put him among the greatest National Basketball Association Athletes.


The league is one of the biggest franchises not only in America but also in the world. This title can be attributed to diverse factors that make it competitive. Annually a set of rules are put into play to make the title race even more exciting, and also these changes are adaptable to the current trends.

Furthermore, the athletes are among top earners in the world which in turn pushes them to work hard in training. Besides, the energy exhibited gains love from fans who enjoy every moment.


Fact about basketball is that five players make up a team. Getting noticed during a game is very easy as the effort of the athlete determines the game. This is why there are many different players in various positions that have acquired the MVP status, mainly due to their performance. Contrary to soccer defender’s contribution in a game isn’t evenly matched to that of an attacker.


As a result, that is why the likes of Messi and Ronaldo have won many Ballons between them. The last time a defender did this was in 2006. Therefore, the structure in itself virtually attracts investors who promote these amazing athletes that are the central figures of the league.


Basketball is not only an exciting game but also demands both physical and mental strength. Many NBA players have unique athletic speed and power that they bring to every game. Funs have become fond of this trait of the game which to them adds the flavour in matches. To maintain such fit postures, these extreme individuals tend to have dangerous work out sessions both on the court and off-court. Moreover, most of them are taller than the average person, a feature that makes them stand out in public.


 Over the years NBA has produced some of the talented sports personnel in the planet. The likes of Kareem Abdul-Jabber, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Michael Jordan and many other players are among the greats the league has produced. They are famed for their contributions to the teams and their unforgettable performances.


Without a doubt, O'Neal is has made it to the list of sports icons of all time. As a retired player, Shaq is also a businessman with interest both in music and pro wrestling. Adding to his achievements in the NBA he released four albums from which he made good money.

Furthermore, he has acted in several TV programs affirming to his diverse skills. During his time in the basketball, he led his teams to successive championships and a medal at the Olympics.


Throughout his illustrious career, he picked a good number of accolades such as the Most Valuable Player trophy. He got drafted in his early twenties and retired after spending 19 years in the franchise in 2011. After hanging his boats, he becomes an analyst in TNT. This is something he continues to do to the present.


Early Stages of Life


Shaquille O’Neal’s parents Lucille O’Neal and Joe Toney lived in Newark, New Jersey and on March 6, 1972, Shaq was born. Shaq's talent can be accredited to his biological father, who also played basketball. Toney received a scholarship to play for Seton Hall but didn't make it as he had challenges with drug addiction.


The issue of substance abuse would later affect his life and that of his family. His struggles then led to his imprisonment when he was arrested and charged with being in possession of drugs. Thisevent unfolded when O' Neal was still an infant.


Furthermore, him not being in his young son's life created a dent in their relationship. This would continue even after he was released from prison. There was little that he could do to keep up with what was happening in Shaq's life, so he decided to relieve himself of any parental responsibilities and handed them to, Philip A. Harrison, Shaquille’s stepdad.


The father-son relationship didn't get any better since Shaq was not looking to establish any with Toney. He felt distasted by the actions of the father to the point of even talking about it in one of his songs in the Shaq Fu album. He was ok since Phillip had filled the father boats useful than his dad could.


A reunion with father and son would ensure after a long time in 2013 following the departure of Harrison. This gave them a platform to create room for forgiveness and Shaquille went on to tell his father that there wasn't hate for him in his heart because in Phillip Harrison he found the love and protection he desired.


Harrison worked in the army; as a result, the family moved from place to place. The pace that O'Neal most feels thankful for is a Boys and Girls Club from Newark that gave him room to showcase his talent.

He spent most of the time they're shooting hoops; therefore; this kept him off the streets. While still growing up he spent some amount of time in Germany and Texas during the time his father was moved from Newark to the army bases there.


It is in Texas that Shaq played and made records. He went to Robert G. Cole High School where he spearheaded the team to a state championship in his last year at the institution.

To this day the 789 rebounds he made in a single season while in high school still stand in the history of basketball. With O'Neal's unique playing style of making hooking shots earned him full recognition that leads to him being compared to Kareem Abdul-Jabber.


He was motivated to follow in this basketball legend's footsteps. Besides, O’Neal opted to put on similar Jersey number to that of Abul, but he couldn't find the number 33 in High school; hence he chose to stick with 32.


Like every bright star, Shaq joined Louisiana State University. His success in business can be credited to the professional skills he gained while pursuing a business degree at the University. Dale Brown, the head coach of the men's basketball team, called him to join the group. Brown had previously witnessed this young man’s talent in Europe when his father was stationed in Germany.


O’Neal couldn’t resist the offer as he passion for the game was unparalleled. This was yet another opportunity to exhibit to the word that he was designed for greatness. Shaquille O’Neal Height of 7 ft. 1 provided the advantage to his team as he dominated the court with his towering presence. Indeed, his impact on college basketball was felt. He picked numerous awards in his time under Brown in LSU. Twice did get recognition as the SEC player of the year and All- American.


Moreover, in 1991 when he was named NCAA men's basketball player of the year which resulted in him acquiring the Adolph Rupp Trophy. Shaq had to stop his education prematurely due to his call up to the NBA. His mother was not happy that he had to stop his education to pursue a career in basketball but promised that he would return to finish his degree.


He kept his word and finished his course in business after retirement in the game. Shaq’s achievements in basketball made his name to LSU’s Hall of Fame. Additionally, a bronze statue was put in the institution in appreciation of what he did.


Professional Career

In the NFL, Baseball and Basketball were what defined the career path of any athlete after college or while in college is making to the draft. I the history of these three sports drafting is part of the highlights of every season. This process provides the crop of talents coming from different states recognition.


On the other hand, they are given a lifeline as this is the chance to make good money from the variety of contracts they will go ahead and sign. As much as it is a defining moment, the individual work rate put in every game is what will separate you from the rest if you want to be among the leagues' greats.


It was no surprise that Shaquille O'Neal would make it to the top three 1992 NBA draft picks because of his fantastic performance in college. Without a doubt, any team that would acquire his signature would, for a fact be the franchise to look out for due to his dominance force. With his rating, Orland Magic grabbed him as an overall 1st draft pick during that year.


Before his move to Orland Shaq trained under the wings of Magic Johnson in Las Vegas when he was given a chance to pick a jersey, he couldn't get number 33 as his new teammate Terry Cat ledge refused to relinquish it to him.


Subsequently, he went for his high school number. Being the number one pick meant that a lot of pressure was on Shaq. Therefore, he had to deliver since all eyes were on him. He didn't wait long to impress his new owners as he was named Player of The Week in the first week he played in the NBA.


Honestly, this was a sign that he was MVP contender in the making. In the first season, he progressed to inspire and impress with an incredible 13.9 rebounds and 32.4 points per game. These stats saw him be the second rookie after Michael Jordan in 1985 ever to be voted as an All-Star starter. In addition to this he 1993's Rookie of the year.


What further confirmed that he deserved all those acknowledgements, was the team's overall performance under his guidance. Despite Orland missing out on the playoffs because of the tiebreaker against the Pacers, it managed to put up 20 more wins than the previous season.


Following their loss to Indiana Pacers, Magic replaced head coach Guokas with an assistant. Partly O’Neal was the influence behind the reshuffling in the locker room. Under new coach Hill, his scoring ratio rose to 29.4 points in the league second to David Robinson. That season against the New Jersey Nets made 15 blocks, scored 24 points and 28 rebounds. In this same game, he also picked his first triple-double of his professional career.


Owing to such individual contribution to the team, he was named part of the ALL-NBA 3rd Team and also voted in the All-Star game. They arrive of newly signed Penny Hardaway made the two a dominate force. With their unique combination, Orland registered a record of 50-32 that season.


Besides this display, the team went to its fast ever playoff game. They were matched with the seasons toughest opponents who went to win the three-game series. Though Shaq was tough on the Pacers in those games with his 13.3 rebounds and 27.7 points he wasn't able to lead his team to victory against such an organized Indiana Pacers.


Shaq didn't forget the previous season's defeat. He entered the next campaign with a determined mentality of being on top of the world. The duet of Diesel and Hardaway looked unstoppable. They both featured in the All-Star game of 1994-95 period. For rest of that year, they terrorized opponents with their formidable plays resulting in the 57-25 record by Orland and the Atlantic Division's Crown. Progress to the next stage always means that the game will be a challenge.


A win against the Celtic in the 1995 playoffs would add to their winning run that matched them against Chicago Bulls in the Conference’s semi-final. That night they went to conquer as they moved on to face Indiana Pacers who had lifted the trophy the previous campaign. Magic eventually won the game to qualify for the finals. Both the players and fans knew how tough the defending champions Huston Rockets were.


All the players had to bring the best approach to the match. This would be O'Neal's first-ever finals appearance, so he had to play like it was his last game. That night he had 12.5 rebounds, 6.3 assists and an average of 28 points. Such display, however, could not match the eventual champion's offence and defence.


The season that followed he didn't play a majority of the NBA games. His limited participation did stop him from averaging 26.6 and 11 rebounds in the games he started. Moreover, in the Eastern Conference Magic were the second-best team after the Bulls who won 72 games.


Two consecutive wins against Atlanta Hawks and the Pistons assured them of a playoff final. However, good the team as they weren't able to outperform Chicago Bulls in final. With seasons that he had been there, he had only come close to clinching a significant trophy despite his contribution. By the end of that season, he had played in his fourth NBA All-Star match. Managing to be part of the seasons All-stars game despite not playing all of them he confirmed his stature in the league.


USA basketball team has many world cups to its name. Why they have had such good runs is because their players always among the best in the NBA. Shaq would be called to represent his country in a major tournament in the 1996 Olympics. They played well in the tournament and won the Gold-medal in their backyard in Atalanta.


While still at the event Shaq polls from Orland about him kept coming in about his quality and whether he was worth the amount of money he was paid. He was upset that his owners were putting his long-term girlfriend in the public eye as they complained he was a terrible influence to the team because at the time she was pregnant, and he didn't have plans of marrying her. The pushed him during to announce that he was leaving Orlando Magic for the Lakers as he was offered a $121millin deal.


O'Neal left for Los Angeles after penning his signature and had an immediate impact in his first season for the highly contributed to the teams 56 wins of the campaign. Though they made it to the playoffs, they were easily eliminated by Utah Jazz.


Despite their natural existence, the team would come out determined even more in the next season. Led by Shag from the centre position they finished lead in the Pacific Division and competed second in the Western Conference.


Additionally, Kobe Bryant soon joined the Lakers, and the two formed yet another watchable duo in the league. What most affected the team was the changes that followed after, which attributed to the weak form of the franchise. Although this squad reached the Western Conference playoffs, their dynamism was not a match for San Antonio Spurs who knocked them out and progressed to lift the NBA title of 1999.


Since the start of his professional career, Shaq had never won an NBA title. The best had done loosely in a fine. Finally, his opportunity to silence his critics would come between 2000-2002. Shaq's and Kobe's combination exhibited some of the thrilling matches in three seasons they won the NBA title. Adding to the series of championships, he was recorded in the history of the game as the only centre to have the highest scoring average.


Like all pro athletes, he wasn't short of controversies in the court. One light example is when he and Charles Barkley of the Huston Rockets were sent off in the 1999 game. Other incidences followed some of which lead to him being fined and suspended. A toe injury after winning the third title made his game seem different than he usually was. The constant pain he couldn’t stand, so he went to decide it.


Therefore, when the defining moment of his career came, he opted for the surgery. As a result, Shaq missed 12 0f the 2002-2003 campaign. Based on the games he didn't play the company saw it as a good deal that O'Neal will request for a contract extension with less pay. This was contrary to what he wanted for he asked for $30 million in the new contract.


Events that preceded created a rift between him and the Lakers owner. After losing to the Pistons in the 2004 playoffs, he demanded to be traded as he felt like he was no longer at home and the company seemed more invested in Kobe. A deal between Laker and Miami Heat was agreed, and Miami became his next destination.


On his arrival in Miami, he promised the fans that he would bring them a championship title and the key reason for him penning signature for Heat was due to the promising young Dwayne Wade. The crop of start rising from Miami under his leadership did disappoint as they won 59 games in the Eastern Conference.


Shaq edged closer to keeping his promise to the fans because of his overall contribution in all the matches he participated. His second triple-double in his career would come than during their triumph over the Raptors. In a series that could determine who went to the NBA finals,both Shaquille O’Neal and Dwayne Wade facilitated the Miami’s continuance to the finals. It was an integration of both strength and brilliance.


The fans deemed Dallas Mavericks as the tournament favourite compared to the two teams. As it was expected, Miami was dominated in the first twogames of series. To the rest, it was like they were done for. Surprisingly enough they soon bounced back with three consecutive home wins.


The display of balance from Wade, O'Neal and rest of the team saw them crowned champions after the fourth and final victory in Dallas. O'Neal's delivered the franchise it is first-ever NBA championship. After winning his fourth career cup, he would stay in Miami for two more seasons. The argument with head coach Riley catalysed his departure, and he was traded to the Phoenix Suns.


He only spent a season with the Suns. In the short stint with his new team, he still was impressive. Though he didn't manage to past the playoffs, he was enjoying every moment under his new coach. Despite not making it to any significant tournament he was appreciative of the staff at the company who made it possible for him to continue playing. Before the end of the season, he was informed that he would have to be traded as the Suns looked to cut on costs.


The changes at Phoenix prompted to sign for the Cavaliers who acquired his services on June 25, 2009. His move saw him play alongside yet another basketball icon in the making, LeBron James. On his, he remarked that he was there to win games so as 'the King' Lebron could own a ring.


The years were catching upon him, and he was not as swift as he was before. Another injuryslowed his pace in 2010, but he returned to play against the Bulls in the playoffs. They progressed but their season would be put to halt in the game against Boston Celtic.


Shaq only spent a season with the Cavs and in 2010 joined Boston Celtic. He promised that there wasn’t going to be any locker room drama like those in Miami and Lakers. Joining the Celtic meant that he would come from the bench but was adamant that he still had it in him. He further argued that he shouldn't be compared with the young lads of the league that were winning rings like Kobe but rather athletes like Tim Duncan.

In his defence, he concluded by saying that then any reporter will have the right of titling Duncan 'the best'. A series of injuries while with the Celtics put him out the game. He competed in fewer games that season, and he figures out that his time up. Keeping up with the intensity of the game became a challenge as he struggled in most games. The far he and his team could progress was elimination from the playoffs by Miami.


On June 2012, Shaquille O' Neal felt like he had had a good run, and it was time for the current crop of talent to make their mark in the league. He announced his 19 years in the game had come to an end on social media and later in a press conference he announced his retirement at the age of 38.


International Spell


Most of his career was spent in the NBA. Shaq's representation for his country in Major tournament began in 1994. He participated in the FIBA World Championship. In the match, he dominated every game and finished with two double-doubles, 18 points and 18points. He left the tournament with a gold and an MVP recognition. His display in the event made him among the list of Dream Team II athletes who would come for the next campaign.


The success he had in FIBA made him earn yet another call-up in the next two Championships. The USA continued withs its dominance in the international scene both in 1994 and 1996 handing Shaq three Gold medal in total. He wouldn't feature in any more international matches following his displeasure with his national team in 1999, despite being called to participate in the tournaments that preceded after he declined all of them.


Acting and Music


If not talented then Shaquille O'Neal is gifted. As much as he is diverse, so are the many names that he picked in his career. Majority of this nicknames he gave to himself to outplay many of the journalists who wrote about him.


Many artists try to communicate with people through music. That is something that he looked to accomplish when he started rap music in 1993 though he didn't receive acceptance from the industry he released albums with one of them going platinum. Despite he isn't among the hip hop's highest he made some good money, and an appearance in a Michael Jackson album is an achievement.


In addition to his music career, he has featured in some films in his lifetime. In most appearances that he has had onscreen, he has acted as himself or the variety of characters that he was selected for. Some of the movies he has acted in are; Blue Chip, Kazaam, Steel, Blended, Freddy Got Fingered, Jack and Jill, Scary Movie 4, The Lego Movie and The Smurfs 2. Stepping into these two industries as an athlete indeed encourages people to get out of their comfort zone and try something new.


Interest in Pro wrestling


This 7 ft 1 human being has always had a thing for professional wrestling. The liking for the sport made him participate if different broadcasted events for three brands.


The year that he was seen a pro wrestling event was in 1994. During WCW's Beach pay per view, he presented the WCW World Heavyweight title to the winner between Hogan and Flair. A return to WWE’s Monday Night Raw in 2009 O’Neal served as a broadcasting host and later that night had an encounter with The Big Show.



He appeared as on Total Nonstop Action Wrestling impact in 2012 as a guest in Hulk Hogan’s segment. It was 2016 when he returned to WWE that he participated in the ring as he was introduced as the celebrity to enter Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal of WrestleMania 32.


He stood tall among the rest and eliminated some wrestler before his in-ring confrontation with the Big Show. His elimination from the match came as a result of other wrestlers combining to through him over the third rope. Though a game between him and Show was scheduled for the next WrestleMania 33 plans didn't fall through. As an individual, he can be said to be a person of many interests.

He takes on new challenges without fear, and that is why he has had massive success over the years.




Shaquille O’Neal has made a lot of money for himself. A university graduate with a doctorate degree in education shows that he is a smart individual. Most of his earnings came from his illustrious career in basketball where he earned vast chunks of money from the lucrative deals, and he signed with the teams he played for since going pro in the 19years. During his time in the game, his lowest wages to be ever paid were $1,352,181 million and his highest being $27,696,430. When he retired, he left having made over $292 million.




He is an entrepreneur who has invested in many businesses. In the 1990’s he was actively involved in bonds but continued to venture into the stock where he invested in three companies. Besides, he has established himself in the real estate. When began his vision was to assist homeowners facing foreclosure buy buying their mortgages and reselling them back to them.


The conditions he provided were affordable. His focus wasn’t on the little profit made but helping out his community. This has motivated him into putting up development projects in his hometown.


In 2013 Shaq bought shares in the Sacramento Kings hence becoming a minority owner. Moreover, in 2015 he bought into a technology start-up know as Royale3 Holdings Inc in San Francisco. The company allows firms to sell their IPOs to minor investors contribute as less as $100 to the business furthermore they are permitted to purchase minimal shares from public entities.


Despite all those strides in the industry, he proceeded to make smart business moves. Early 2019 he was announced to have joined Board of Directors at Papa John. He further put his own money into the store in Atlanta. With the job, he would make close to $8.25 million.


From his time in both in Music and film industry, a lot of money was made from the sales and purchases. Additionally, extra cash was made from the several game features he received and the few appearances in pro wrestling.




Shaq is among those sports personalities that have fully exhibited acceptance of endorsements. His celebrity status as escalated him to a position that the brands have come out to look for him to be their spokesperson and brand ambassador. International companies such as Pepsi and Reebok are some of the big names that have sorted his signature.


Value Review


Shaquille O’Neal Net Worth stands at $400 million. This amount of cash he has acquired from his career and the endless business investments. Despite being retired, he still earns over $60 million annually from television hosting, business and endorsements.


Law Enforcement


O’Neal was raised under the wing of an army surgent Philip Harrison. This means that most of his time while growing up he spent with Army personnel in the many camps he was able to visit. This made him gain respect for these individuals, and that is why he was interested in serving in the police force. He continuously desired to know how the different departments in effect worked; therefore; he became personally attached to law enforcement.


Later he joined the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Reserve and moved on to serve as a reserve officer in that state with the Los Angeles Port Police. While still at the force, he received the title of Deputy Marshal. It did not take him long to receive roles for he became active in the Safe Surfin Foundation as its spokesman. This unit was tasked to keep a sharp eye on sexual predators who preyed on children over the internet.


He would leave Los Angeles after being traded for Miami. While there he trained as Miami Beach law enforcer and became part of it after being sworn in December in a private event. Soon after he became an officer, we observed someone committing a hate crime. He informed the police who were able to track the individual with his help.


In 2006 he got a bit of the police action as a deputy in Virginia. Though had not qualified to be part of the SWAT team he joined in the raid. To this day his record of tallest Sheriff Deputy in all the states still stands.


Shaquille O’Neal Family

This family is one of the famous families in the NBA; it is commonly known as The O'Neal Family. The family became famous because of Shaquille O'Neal who is also known to be a Hall of Fame NBA player. The family also consists of Lucille O'Neal, his mother, ShaunieO’Neal his wife, and his children Taahirah, Myles,Shareef, Amirah, Shaqir, and Me’arah O’Neal.


Shaquille O’Neal wife

Shaunie O’Neal: - she married Shaquille O'Neal on December 26 2002. The couple has four children together, two girls and boys. The two of there children were actually born before they conducted their wedding and then the other two were born later. In 2007 the couple was separated but the good thing being she was there for much of Shaquille's career.


They managed to sign for a divorce after two years of their separation, which took place in November 2009. It is in this year that Shaquille’s layer referred to his marriage as irretrievably broken that means that could not be fixed.


Being a woman, she managed to work as hard as she could to support herself and the family. She was never down to wait and get everything from her spouse Shaquille, and her hard work and determination caught the eyes of many, as they opted to follow her footsteps. She was also a role model to her family as a whole. She made sure that she did the best in order to show an excellent example to her family.


Shaunie was an entrepreneur and a television personality. She also worked as the executive producer of the reality show known as the Basketball Wives with the eighth season which was premiered in 2019. The shoe has actually caught the eyes of many, as they want to know what the show is all about.


Shaquille’s Girlfriends

With his money and fame, Shaquille was just a man of his personality, and it was also hard for people to stay away from this basketball player. He managed to date several women over the years since they separated with his now ex-wife. As a public figure, Shaquille was not able to shy away from the limelight.


He dated Nicole Alexander for two years then parted ways. Then he was linked to Rolle for nearly four years that is from 2014-2018 then separated. Recently, Shaquille is linked up with AnnieIlonzeh, who is a television personality and a Chicago Fire actress.


Shaquille’s Kids

They are out in the world working hard to carve their legacies being led by their famous father.

Shareef O'Neal, the eldest son of Shaquille, is 6-foot-10 and was rated as a four-star prospect by the recruiting service after his career in high school. He was also prized as the college basketball recruit; he was playing for the head of Coach Will Wade by then. He also played for the LCU Tigers, his father's alma mater. After his high school and his career at UCLA, he transferred to LCU in February 2020 where he is to date.


AmirahO’neal, she was named as a standout high school basketball player at crossroads high school in Santa Monica. She was also an honourable mention to MaxPreps’ in 2019 as California All-Starts Girl Basketball Team as a junior. Of late, she decided that she will join college basketball for the LSU Tigers. She also works hard on her father's expectation.


Myles O’Neal, he is not the biological son of Shaquille. He was born to Nelson and Shaunie, Shaquille's ex-wife from a previous marriage. Despite that, he has continued to maintain his close relationship with Shaquille, who he considers his father. He is the only child who is not involved in basketball. Myles is a fashion influencer and a photographer. He is indeed a hardworking as he gives all his attention to his work as a model.


Ma’arah O’Neal, she is the daughter to Shaquille. She is yet to join high school. With her height, she is definitely going to end up being the best basketball players in the women division of all time. Recently, she was very close to throwing down a dunk; this clearly states that she is from a basketball family, and she is next in line.


Shaqir O'Neal, he is 15 years old. He plays for union grove High School, and he was already dunking in-game at his tender age. He was also rated as the 14th best basketball player in Georgia. He is the next in line in the class of 2021 where he will be able to show the whole world his basketball prowess.


Tahirah O'Neal was born in 1996. She is taken to Shaquille O'Neal and ArnettaYardbourgh. She earned her sociology degree from Oglethorpe University. She also works with philanthropic causes together with charities.

The bottom line

Shaquille O'Neil is an American retired former Basketball star of which upon his retirement in 2011, he was one of the tallest, dominant figures in the game. Presently, Shaquille, better known as Big Shaq, is an NBA analyst with TNT alongside Charles Barkley and Ernie Johnson.


Big Shaq has had his trades in numerous teams including Boston Celtics, the Miami heat, phoenix suns and the Los Angeles Lakers. He achieved a lot in his basketball career. He also had stints as a musician, law enforcer, and acting. He really was a man of many trades.


There are two unique truths to Shaquille. He has the record of being the only player in the NBA to have a shoe size of 22 and a towering figure at the same time. He literally needed companies such as freaky shoes to design his shoes, for they were custom made.

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Meet Pete Oliveri, the creative force and driving visionary behind Freaky Shoes. A New Jersey native, Pete is an accomplished American artist dedicated over 20 years to the consumer products industry, leaving an indelible mark in various domains such as graphic and packaging design, illustration, and product development. His extraordinary talent has earned him accolades, including the prestigious Bio Comics Award for his exceptional comic book content development work. However, Pete's ultimate achievement lies in his role as the Founder, CEO and creative genius of Freaky Shoes.

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    Teva vs. Chaco: What's the Difference and Which...

    Teva vs Chaco is an old rivalry. Most people get confused between these two brands because they are leading the footwear market.  But when we compare these two, which one...

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    It is heartbreaking to see that your new Nike shoes are getting dirty on their first day. You have invested a lot of money and love in these sneakers. So,...

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    How to Clean Suede Shoes without a Suede Cleaner?

    I think almost every other person has suede shoes in their wardrobe. They are excessively popular because of their style, comfort, and warmth. You all should want to wear them...

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