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Where Are Nike Shoes Made? Best Selling?

Where Are Nike Shoes Made? Best Selling?

If you are a fashion and shoe enthusiast, you must have heard about Nike shoes. The Nike company is famous for making some of the most unique and high-quality shoes globally, and people are fond of this company.

Even though the headquarters of Nike is in America, it has its manufacturing facilities in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia that are responsible for manufacturing the majority of the Nike shoes.

So, today we will tell you everything about the locations of Nike facilities and some really interesting facts about this multimillion company.

Where Are Nike Manufacturing Facilities?

Nike is one of the finest shoe brands globally, and it is well-known for its stitch and the material it uses. Also, Nike shoes are super-reliable, and they owe it to the places they are made at. So, let's discuss the top countries where Nike makes its shoes.


When it comes to China, Nike has played all its cards right, and it is the hub of shoemaking because there are about 112 Nike factories in different regions of China, and all of them make a great quality of shoes.

Most of the shoes are made in the factories of China, and China produces 36% of the overall shoes of Nike, which is quite a lot considering that 40 more countries produce these shoes. Nike is seeing great potential in the market of China, that is why it still is investing in it, and this shoe industry is growing in China with every passing day.


Vietnam is yet another leading contributor to this empire of Nike and Vietnam is also famous for its 200 factories of Nike. Yes, you heard it right; Vietnam has somewhere around 200 Nike factories.

Though Nike does not make as many shoes in Vietnam as it does in China, but it still is a great number, and the productions of Vietnamese Nike products also contribute to 36% of the overall production of Nike items worldwide. Also, Nike is slowly shifting its main productions to Vietnam from China, just like Adidas and Vietnam would be the center of attention pretty soon.


There are around 40 Nike factories set up in Indonesia, and they are running at their best capacity. Recently, another factory was inaugurated that produces around 15 million pairs of shoes.

The contribution of Indonesia in the overall production of Nike shoes is 22% with its limited number of factories and employees. Nike has been working on Indonesian lands since the 1990s, so they know how potentially great Indonesia is for their brand.


In Thailand, Nike has 14 factories for its shoes. It also has more than 50 factories for apparel. These factories in Thailand have been working since 1980, when Nike established its first factory in the country.

Nike has a lot of profits from Thailand factories, and even though most of the goods are produced and sold locally, some of them are exported as well, and in this way, Thailand contributes in making 6% of the total goods that Nike produces worldwide which is quite big of an achievement.

Interesting Facts About Nike

Nike not only has some of the finest facilities in the world but it also is a very interesting company, and that is exactly what we are going to show you. So, let's find out some of the most intriguing facts about the world's leading shoe brand.

Nike Vs. Adidas

Nike and Adidas have been rivals since forever because both are the leading shoe brands, and both want the title of the world's best shoemaker. But, this rivalry took a really interesting turn when Michael Jordan joined NBA. Both the shoemakers wanted Jordan to crack a deal with them.

But, Jordon obviously could only sign the contract with one shoe brand, and these two brands had such a close competition that Michael was not able to decide which one to go for, and that is when his parents insisted him to take the offer of Nike.

You would be intrigued to know what Nike offered Michael Jordan. In the five years contract, Nike offered him $500,000 per year with a custom shoe range and 2 Mercedes, which was kind of a big deal back then. And Jordon took this deal after which the famous Air Jordans by Nike were made that are still their one of the best-selling collections.

The Initial Logo

Do you know that a student designed the initial swoosh logo of Nike? Yes, that is right, and she designed that logo only for $35. Little did she know that her designed logo would rule over the world of shoes and apparel.

Later on, when Nike got famous and among the top-tier shoe brands, they offered her 500 shares of Nike, which equals to $640,000 today. Nike also acknowledged her contribution by gifting her a diamond ring with a swoosh design.

Electrical Shoe

Nike has introduced this latest technology in their shoes because you gotta keep up with time. They have introduced a pair in their latest collection, which can directly be connected to your smartphone.

These electrical shoes contain a built-in computer device that enables you to control everything about it from just one click of your phone. This launch shows us that Nike has come a long way, and now it is launching some of the boldest and most innovative items of all, just like these electric shoes that need time for sure.

Best Selling Shoes Of Nike

Nike has been the type of brand with a very long list of best-selling shoes, and we will indulge in this list to find out a few best-sellers of Nike just for you.

Nike Air Force 1

This shoe is particularly getting famous once again because people are moving towards a minimalistic lifestyle, and there is nothing more aesthetic than white sneakers by Nike.

These shoes are limited edition, which also tells us a lot about why people are so head over heels on these shoes. When it comes to comfort and price, these shoes are the best, and design and color are already elite and premium, so it overall is totally worth each penny.

Nike Air Max 90 Premium

First of all, just have a look at this pair of shoes; how aesthetically pleasing it looks and its color combination is totally vintage. This pair is available on the website of Nike to purchase, and it is considered ideal for runners and athletes because of its highly supportive sole.

This shoe is an absolute favorite of Nike fans because it has the true essence of reliability and aesthetics, a staple of Nike shoes. These shoes are slightly expensive, but they last you a very long time, so they're worth a shot for sure.


As Nike is known to be one of the leading brands, its locations, and best-selling products are kind of a big deal. The multiple locations of Nike manufacturing facilities tell us how vast their operations are. You can also determine their grand empire by looking at their lavish headquarters in the United States.

We hope that this article helped you and now you know all of the leading manufacturing facilities of Nike company and its best-selling shoes. The interesting facts were a little bonus from our side so, thank us later.

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