Can Vans Look Professional?

Can Vans Look Professional?

There is no doubt that Vans are easy-to-go, long-standing, and versatile shoes by appearance, but I have found many employees wearing these iconic shoes in offices and corporate meetings that make me wonder whether they are for casual wear or can also be carried in professional settings. 

Well, as per my observations and analysis, I found that Vans can be the best fit in any setting, even professionally, if you style them appropriately.

If you tend to look professional, wear Vans with neutral colors; however, to keep the look classic, wear a pair of Vans with a classic buttoned-down oxford or collared shirt and skinny jeans. You can layer a white t-shirt over your favorite denim jeans for a better casual look.

This article includes tips on wearing vans to look more professional. So here you go!

Vans - Wear The Way You Want!

Can Vans Look Professional?

Vans manufacture its shoes in different sizes, styles, and colors that you can wear wherever you want. Vans classic shoes go well with almost every outfit as they neither look too overbearing nor too formal. For instance, Vans go well when doped with a tee-short, ripped denim jeans, and a blazer over the top - perfectly classy. However, if you want to go professional with the same Vans collection, wear a collared shirt and dress pants and add minimal accessories.

Some models of Vans have a slightly retro look, so you can dress up with a nice pair of slacks or chinos and pair them with either a collared shirt or a dress shirt.

In addition to its casual models (that you can wear in the office by focusing on your socks, outfits, and belt), Van's crafts some office-ready models that you can quickly wear in your office without getting much concerned about your outfit. Vans shoes have gained massive power to give your office a professional spin.

A Guide To Look Professional With A Pair Of Vans

Can Vans Look Professional?

Below are some tips on wearing Vans shoes in a professional environment to look more formal and super dressed. These valuable tips will help you seamlessly wear the same pair of Vans in casual gatherings and professional places without losing confidence or investing in a new pair. 

Experiment With Different Materials

Vans company produces shoes in suede, leather, and canvas. Instead of canvas, Suede and leather look more professional when carried tightly. All you need to do is - wear these shoes with different materials to leash a style that perfectly enhances your professional appearance.

Wear With Socks

When you want to rule in a professional setting or are eager to stand out in Vans, wearing them with socks is recommended - a Vans and neutral socks combination will create a more polished and systematic look.

Don’t Go With Bold Patterns And Graphics

Vans shoes flaunt in the market due to their inspiring patterns and graphics; these bold and vibrant shoes don't look suitable in professional places. Hence, I prefer subtle or solid colors instead of these patterned models.

Can Vans Look Professional?

Use Accessories To Dress Up

It is evident that when we go to the office, we must choose every minimal accessory to look professional yet cool; the same thing is when you are carrying Vans. By wearing professional watches and belts with Vans, you can add a sophisticated touch to your outfit.

Take Care Of Your Shoes

It is vital to take care of their quality and maintenance to ensure your Vans shoes look their best in a professional setting. Regularly clean and polish your shoes, and store them properly when not in use. This regular care will prolong your Vans' life and keep them with you for years. 

Choose A Classic Style

Since Vans come in different styles, you must opt for a classic model to get up corporate or casual corporate appearance - such as the Old Skool or the Authentic shoes. Vans’ classic shoe styles cast a clean, minimalist look that can be swiftly dressed up.

Stick To Neutral Colors

Neutral colors - black, white, navy, or gray always look professional and fantastic in corporate places and meetings; moreover, you can easily pair them with different outfits - I prefer them! 

Pair With Tailored Clothing

Wear your Vans shoes with tailored clothing such as dress pants, blazers, or a button-down shirt. This will create a balanced look between casual shoes and formal attire.

Consider The Occasion

Perhaps Vans shoes are inappropriate for all professional events, such as formal business meetings or job interviews, but you can make them according to the event through your dress code. Overall, Vans can ideally make you look professional when appropriately carried and paired with the proper clothing.

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Our Summary

Vans is a stapled shoe brand in the market, proudly producing versatile shoes that work well for casual and formal wear, depending on how you carry them. However, many Vans are designed to be paired with any outfit you want without making any adjustments or focusing on the outfit. 

You can get a casual, classic, and professional look with vans by managing your accessories and outfit. So, all that matters with Vans is how you carry them - and above, I have mentioned the complete guide you can follow to create a professional environment in your office. 

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