Have you found a business idea in shoe customization and would wish to take it to another level? Apart from the much work involved in shoe designing, more is required to start the business. It can sometimes be overwhelming, especially for individuals lacking an apparel background, fashion, product design, and marketing your customized shoes. If you’re one of these people, take a deep breathe in and continue reading. We’re going to discuss various reasons for having custom footwear as a commodity in your online business store. Keep reading the tips discussed to find out how to design and sell your own shoes.

Scope shoe specs

How much do you understand about the product? For instance, does the rubber sole have traction? How are the insoles? Is the material used machine washable? Is it of high quality with long lasting colors? These among more other questions should get you answers to do business with the shoe. 

Design layouts consideration

Once you’re through and satisfied with information about its specs, designing should click your mind.  You should know that various Bucketfeet are printed differently and later, assembled.  That means each shoe has four printable parts or a total of eight areas. Therefore, it’s up to you to select how your design will be laid out. Don’t forget that there are well-known layouts, which provide the biggest sales.

Form your design files

After determining your layout and having a ready design, you can now set up the design files. This can be achieved via using the shoe file template in a program for editing a PSD file. You can use different layouts such as the all over design, which makes art files simple. It’s popular because it can apply to almost all shoe sizes. However, that shouldn’t suggest that you get your creativity restricted in one area. Suppose it’s your first time to add shoes, remember to start by uploading the primary file as a design preview.

Take your customized shoes’ photos

Among the best tools for improving online sales is lifestyle photography. It’s a wonderful way of having individuals imagine how and what it’ll be like to put on your designs as footwear. Amazing photography is handy as it puts your customized shoe products in the contest they deserve, creating an incredible short story for exciting your target audience. The photos don’ have to be professional or getting a fancy camera. Imagine of what you want to communicate using your design and the best site for taking a photo of it. Many would prefer outdoor shots, but sometimes people fil to notice how indoor images are the best and easiest. Don’t be limited with options. Consult your friends about their opinion on the shots. Come up with a list of desired shots to be captured early enough before going to the photoshoot. 

Promote your shoes

Share your new product photos in your email campaigns and social media platforms. Any time you have a new design, inform your friends and followers by posting it to them. You can not only post but also have the post feature in stories. Your online feed should combine customer favorites, new work, the art you adore, and your inspiration from all over the world. Please don’t forget to share your link to the bio information about your online shop, to enable buyers and followers to come across more products and designs in the store. 

Go seasonal

Become smarter by thinking seasonally. That means you refresh your shoes’ promotion and marketing depending with the prevailing season. Think about the shoes needed for fall season, could be for back to school. Again, the spring that comes before summer. Don’t you think it’d do you good uploading new photos with creative marketing in line with such seasons? Other posts should feature events at the beach, mountain hikes, and picnics. You shouldn’t struggle much with what to post for the winter, simply add various customized socks and pants that emulate designs for cold wear. 

Considerations for establishing the shoe design sales

Staring costs

Various designers have different costs. It majorly relies on your stores location- for physical stores. It could be a competitive site that has higher material costs. If you designed your shoes from scratch, then spending on quality materials and manufacturing will only lead to using more money as capital to the business. Remember, other expenses are in waiting including employee salaries, retail space, website costs, marketing, and website costs. 

Your target audience

Most designers’ target market are individuals with more disposable income. People shopping for cheap or less costly footwear prefer buying from retail stores. But that doesn’t mean designers have less market. It’s because the demographic for fashionistas and people wishing to trend is huge. Additionally, everybody needs to put on shoes despite the amount they generate or earn. Designers, on the other hand, can also create another line to favor groups wanting to spend less on shoes by making shoes with inexpensive material. 

How a shoe business makes money

The profit margin made in shoe lines is seen in each pair sold. A customer not only pays for marketing and material costs but also the designer’s efforts and time. The cost will depend on various factors. For example, a designer decides to set the price basing on the production cost and the design’s demand.

How to make the business more profitable

One can have additional sales on top of the shoe designing business. This is possible after understanding your production’s finer points. The first business would have given you enough contacts and strengthened the relationship necessary for making your business peak. Another thing is your marketing strategies. Spice up the designs’ business by posting quality photos and providing timely updates to your social media followers. Don’t forget about thing seasonally as mentioned earlier. 

The bottom line

Shoe designers should feel encouraged by the growth potential in shoe business. Research shows that very large amounts are spend on buying shoes annually and experts have expressed how the amount will increase in the coming days. It’s because footwear is a way people express their sense of style in the modern world. Designers should, therefore, thrive t stand firm in their efforts since simple idea that may have begun by a simple sketch can turn out to create profit for a living. More information about how to design and sell your own shoes is found all over, meaning no one should be limited. 








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