Design your own shoes online for free

Design your own shoes online for free

Design your own shoes online for free:

Every shoe deserves to be made better, depending on how it is used. Some footwear is made to last while others will not exist for long because of the scope of usage. If you wear a shoe for long, it will lose its beauty and you may need to customize it to suit your daily needs. It is one standard for customizing the shoe since you will want to make it presentable again. 


Design your own shoes online for free


People who improve the image of shoes are in fashion or they desire to transform their footwear. It is one thing to rock on footwear and another to maintain it because the more care you give to your boots, the longer it will serve you. Decorating shoes can be awesome to some people while it is distractive to others since it depends on the reason for changing its form. 

Girls are huge fans of fancy sneakers since they decorate the outer sole of the shoes with colorful emojis to prove love for decoration. However, the most common shoe type that gets customized is canvas because it has soft material that can be fitted in any design.

Canvas is the most favorite footwear for many individuals since it suits the needs of the feet, it doesn’t matter your feet type but the shoe provides a comfortable experience while walking. You can transform it according to your desired outcome and also match it with any outfit as desired. However, let us look at the physiological theory behind making shoes look fashionable.

The theory of fashion

Fashion makes you look better and confident while embracing daily routine. You will sign a lot of business deals if you appear before the board in good looking suits and dresses that will spell out ambience. However, fashion is among us, and we use it to express ourselves around the people near us to capture attention and depict authority.

A person wearing a sharp suit will gain more authority than the one who wears simple fashion and communities in the past have used fashion as a form of non-verbal communication to indicate class, wealth and social status. People who brag about disliking fashion have an equal love for it only that they cannot express it naturally since every day makes one want to look better than the previous one. 

However, the basic function of fashion is to protect the body from harsh climatic conditions and cover it from toxic environmental space. 

How does fashion relate to culture?

People have different practices that confirm the depth of their culture. In Africa, people could wear short clothes because the level of discipline in the society was large. Girls could wear tops that reveal tits and it had no issue with anybody in the community since the amount of discipline matches how fashion will be received.

Kings could wear shorts and walk shirtless or in revealing tops because it stated the open mindedness of the society. It is because fashion doesn’t exist in clothes only but the environment, it lives in the minds of people. Trees, roads, building, cars etc are forms of fashion.

Style should be complete and maximum implementation of it is the standard to use in measuring quality. It is a good teller of time and social activities because the liveliness of an era is told by how individuals used to dress. 


Design your own shoes online for free


A perfect example is in the 1970s when fashion used to be great and everyone had an Afro. People could rock on long pants with baggy edges accompanied by small shies and it was a signature for their existence. If you look at the photo albums of the past,

you will discover a network of ideas that you can implement to make your fashion sense lively in the present times. In the 1960s the youth of Europe came up with the skin heads that worked as a political spelling. It also encompassed the working nation who could wear white T-shirts and long lasting footwear to conduct business. 

Fashion and the need to belong 

Everybody needs to feel a part of some house. If you lived in the times of smart fashion, you can brag at the superiority of that time compared to the present fashion dispensation. Organizations, churches and schools have a special dress code for their operations since it is the only sign that separates them from similar organizations.

The Scottish clan wore tartans that resembled their heritage and commonality that makes them be different from other communities. Individuals who want to achieve a special goal may device a system of dressing that will help them reach their targets, it is why business communities have printed T-shirts bearing their names and tag lines. If you can identify yourself in such a manner, it will enable you to gain a wide scope in your operations. 

The age of a person can conform to their dressing code, like the adolescents are more inclined to sneakers and jeans so they can fit in the society as they want. Teenagers are possessed by fashion since they believe that it is their only code for justification since peer pressure is the greatest force that pushes teenagers to make their awful choices.

People belonging to the teenage group feel less appreciated if they do not dress stylishly and it can lead to aggravated physiological effect if the person suffers financial difficulties. Dressing code is a mirror that reflects you in the eyes of society and it consumes every delusional thought that outside people may have. 

Fashion and personal roles

How do you expect your pastor or spiritual mentor to dress? It has to be decent three piece suit accompanied by a leather shoe, while a teacher will wear an official outfit that resembles the purpose of teaching. Fashion defines roles in the community since it carries the dignity of such roles.

A police man will observe police fashion regulations while at work and a lawyer will not wear anything that is not a dark or dark blue suit. It is a code system that everyone experiences in the field of duty. 

We also have outfits designed for going out and others for working out in the gym. We seek to observe the standard that people think we should observe since it boosts our morale in public. You cannot wear a suit to a swimming pool, you will look weird and out of place.

If you are getting married, you cannot wear a mini skirt to meet your in-laws for the first time since it is inappropriate dressing to meet such important people in your life. It is opposite to the expectations of in-laws because they expect a decent lady in their home. 


Design your own shoes online for free


Dressing and status 

Throughout history, fashion and one’s financial ability have related a lot. People with money will wear clothes made of quality material like leather that will make them look projected. Peasants wear rugged clothes which will not earn them any respect from anybody apart from those who love them.

In the past eras, kings could wear golden material whereas their subjects could rock on cheap quality clothes. It depended on the type of tailors and cobblers you could afford and it seems like a fine era to live in. Systems were simple but clear to classify how operations occur since people who worked in the king’s palace could rock on classy clothing and footwear to define their status in the society.

Thorstein Veblen ( 1857-1929) stated that the aim of being fashionable is to gain the status of being rich and powerful. If you dress on nice clothes, people will mistake you to be rich and the amount of respect they will show you is unthinkable. However, status symbols like jewelry have limited life span that may become void within the period you may want to amass glory from it. 

Brief history of fashion 

Every great establishment bears a story behind it. Fashion is known to hail from the ancient Roman regime that coincidentally landed there from the Baroque periods. In the fifteenth century, Phillip the great who owned the Burgundian court, appeared as the center for fashion in Europe. The trend spread to Italy and then Rome where it became customized for its best interest. 

The queen of France Marie Antoniette from 1770-1789, spelled out the design that fashion would take in her regime. However, the French revolution in 1789, caused a major disruption in the fashion industry since supplies became limited to fit in the production units.

Another development in the period was the industrial revolution in Britain that improved the manufacturing of textile which increased the production of fashionable clothes. The queen could wear clothes fitted with gold a great characteristic of revolution in fashion. However, the growth of fashion began in the early 1770s but it only developed in the late twentieth century. It is the era that people used afro hair style as a signature of being classy. 

The revolution of the entertainment industry caused the fashion world to open up to many opportunities of growth. Different film production firms could purchase clothes from tailors to dress their characters to be entertaining. However, availability of synthetic fibre and material that is available locally led to the hike in production of clothes that caused effective distribution of the material globally. Clothes could be exported to different places therefore spreading the culture to many places. 

Fashion cycles 

The cycle of fashion is interesting since it operates with seasons, and it has peak periods that people accommodate it in daily programs. However, the trend evolves in the following stages: the development stage, it is where the style is initially introduced to the market and people decide whether they like it. In most cases, people accept if it is unique and stands out from previous trends whereby sales will be fine and profits will be unimaginable. 

The style becomes popular across different countries and it lasts for a specific time. Fashion tends to appeal to people until it doesn’t and it leads to the second phase of decline in popularity. It is a stage that people desire past experiences with fashion and the taste for the existing one becomes bad.

It is where people conspire to beat the trend down especially on social media and other suitable platforms. However, it takes time before it gets to the level of breaking down since people have to be done with it to reject it. However, many factors contribute to the death of a trend, like the development of another style that is better than its predecessor.

In the victorian era, a fashion trend could take up to fifteen years to spread across the world. It would then be taken by many people. However, people paint shoes for different reasons and the paint dates a long time back since it represents different images. 

People paint to represent their lives and great ideas, and it was the motivation in the ancient world. People began painting since the stone-age periods when rocks were being discovered and individuals were creating space for themselves. The earliest forms of art are found in South Africa where it is earthed from Abalone shells in the Blombos cave. However, there were no paintings on the art since it couldn’t represent one. 

There are great hero’s who contributed to growing the culture of converse shoes. The effort behind its establishment lies behind many people including the initial founder Chuck Taylor. In 1908, the converse footwear company opened for business and began producing quality shoes for clients. Initially, the firm produced official work rubber shoes but decided to maintain workers to diversify in flat rubber footwear for sports. The sport that maintained consistency in the period is basketball and the shoe company branched into crafting basketball shoes.

A lot of people wear converse shoes without knowing who bled for its establishment. The funny thing is Taylor was born a decade after basketball got invented only to be the person to change style in the sport. Born in 1901, he grew up in the city of Columbus where he played for the Columbus high bull dogs until he graduated in 1919. After the promotion he joined Akron, Ohio and played for the firestone Non skids and gained a lot of experience. 

In 1922, Taylor landed a job as a salesman in converse where he got exposed to basketball. It provided chance for him to express interest in changing the form of the sport by channeling creative ideas that would transform basketball. Every successful journey begins with mentorship and it was no different for Taylor since he learned under experienced players who helped him grow.

Taylor loved basketball because he would put up clinics across the country helping kids with dealing the ball and he knew every bit of the activity across the nation. Basketball requires committed people who appreciate the effort of practice and sharpness in the court. Taylor channeled a favorable environment everywhere he went since people would feel comfortable opening up to him about new tactics in the game.

In the 1920s to the 1930s Taylor played in the converse team and made obvious victory because people got inspired by his commitment towards the art since he made new moves. However, a sure expression of Chuck Taylor’s humility is when he never asked for royalties for using his name in the converse shoes. People who get the chance to see their names on brands make a lot of money.

Taylor retired in the 1960s and sold stock for over forty years and in the process married many times. However, his life bore a sweet image because he could go for years without a house or an apartment living off a hotel room that the firm paid for. It resembles the wealth the company bore. 

The converse All-star brand transformed from being the basketball favorite to being a fashion statement. It could be endorsed by rock stars that looked classy in them matching it with favorable outfit dancing in clubs and fashion events. The fashion use of the footwear improved its sales by a huge percentage. 

It is okay to say that converse shoes were born in the court, raised in the rock and pop culture and adopted by the streets. The footwear comes in wild colors that symbolize the great effectiveness it bears in both industries. Colors define the statement of belonging since it provides a better image of what people like because when the footwear loses its sporty sense, it becomes a fashion trend. However, the company was bought by Nike in 2003 and all the remaining pairs in the stock rooms got sold the following year.

In 2011, the sales figures got up to seventy percent meaning that over one hundred and ninety one pairs got sold daily most of which served the fashion need for the people. Taylor was great as an entrepreneur and a player too while people could have said that he is good as an American, I would say that he would be happy to see what his phenomenal Chuck Taylors have become. 

Another big icon in the sport is Michael Jordan. His name scripted on the famous air Jordan footwear spells out millions in his account a contract that he made with the NBA league to customize the shoe to fit its purpose. Jordan was born on February 17th 1963, in New york where he grew under the care of his parents Mr and Mrs James and Deloris. Mr James worked as an electrician while Mrs Deloris worked in a bank to make ends meet.

It is a good combination to come up with a basketball star since Jordan got necessary care in his growth. The dad encouraged his son to be a hard worker and not to be lured by the life of the streets since life was hard while his mother taught him how to sew clothes and maintain their cleanliness.

However, his love for sports pushed him to practice for his sophomore year experience but he couldn’t secure a spot. Jordan kept pushing until he got signed by the school team in his college years under the mentorship of Dean Smith where he learnt his dunking moves. 

Jordan made victory in 1982 after he managed to be the Atlantic Coast conference rookie of the year. The sporting news named him college player of the year since he led his school team to victory as a sophomore and a junior too. The professionalism he portrayed got him in the NBA draft as the third pick in 1984.

Chicago bulls were not the best performers in the field until Jordan arrived because they could only draw six thousand fans to home games. Jordan showcased awesome leaping ability and the energy of competitiveness against opponents and it helped to boost performance of the squad. 

Jordan faced many difficulties making the brand like in the 1985-1986 period he was sidelined from sixty four games because of a broken foot. However, he returned triumphantly by making forty nine points against Boston Celtics in the first game and sixty three in the second. Jordan succeeded Wilt Chamberlin in scoring 3000 points in a single season which encouraged him to focus on developing his other game skills that could make him better. Every successful man works to become better than he can.


Design your own shoes online for free


In 1992, Jordan participated in the victory of the “ dream team” that scored 43.7 points in eight games causing them to win gold medals. 

Unexpected retirement 

It was unfortunate for Jordan after his father got murdered in a robbery attempt, an event that left him grief stricken and media created false stories about gambling addiction. The situation prompted him to resign early since he couldn’t stand public scrutiny. It was the summer of 1993, when the Chicago bulls faced it off with phoenix suns in the NBA championship and Jordan secured the MVP and Chicago won a third straight title. In nine seasons, Jordan had become the Bulls leading scorer. 

Everybody who has made it and went through a rough patch always pop back to glory. It takes a series of internal revolution to turn pages around. Jordan returned to the team in the 1994-1995 season and people wondered if he could make it again. It got rusty in the initial moments where the bulls got defeated in the playoffs a number of times.

In the following season, bulls pulled off a 72-10 that entails most wins which got boosted by his kicking moves. The win earned him his eighth scoring title that consisted of twenty five thousand career points and second to Chamberlain in reaching that record. While Jordan played with the Bulls, it won many NBA titles.

However, the particular game that led the bulls into a fourth position in the NBA got played on father’s day a great commemoration to his murdered dad. The major demerit that faced the squad was consistent illness, injuries and lack of concentration and though Jordan suffered from stomach virus, he led the team to success. 

Apart from basketball, Jordan engaged in entrepreneurial activities where he got endorsed in ads with firms like Nike and he launched a golf company and a cologne selling business that reportedly sold 1.5 million bottles in the first two months.

The businesses turned Michael into a multi-millionaire being the highest paid athlete with a $30 million contract. In 1999, the bulls suffered a big blow after Michael Jordan retired from the court for good to make time with his family and enterprises. His quitting from the sport was labeled the end of an era since he inspired many people to pursue dreams and he made partner in the Washington Wizards.

The achievement made him the third African American owner in the NBA which progressed his success to having an ownership stake in the Washington capitals hockey team. In 2000, he put up a $1 million program that enabled teachers to make a difference in their schools. 

Jordan ended his three year retirement to play for the wizards since he felt fit to engage in the sport once more. The wizards couldn’t perform well until Jordan joined the squad.

Another big fish in the industry is Stephen Curry. Curry is a short dunk master who understands his way around the court and has amassed many points for his team. He is famed of being the man of big shots in the court and is favorite to many fans that look up to him as their hero. He is a three time NBA championships winner and the son of a basketball player Dell Curry and brother to Seth Curry who also plays in the NBA. The player is a proud father of three kids and a gorgeous wife who runs his world. 

How to paint canvas shoes

First of all paint makes your footwear look better than it is. It prepares it to look beautiful and presentable in public since good footwear is a description of an organized person. However, you can paint any type of shoes: Nike, Jordans, New balance and any other type of shoe. The key to effective decoration is to understand the material your shoe is made of since proper material will encourage effective painting.

Leather is standard to apply color since it lasts long and cannot be affected by hot weather if exposed for long. The color of the base doesn’t matter since the outer sole of footwear bears the painting therefore you should be careful while applying paint to ensure consistency in the material.

What paint for canvas shoes?

It is always advisable to test your material to encourage an easy process a good example is using a light brush that won’t leave stains on the surface.

Testing material is good for first time shoe painters because it provides guidance on how to do it therefore first time painters without tests do it at the expense of their footwear. 

If you want to learn the process, you should begin with knowing the supplies for the work. Use a 1-part paint and 1-part 2-soft fabric medium in a mixed form to fit well with any shoe. The most common painting material is the Angelus leather paints that became available recently but before the discovery, people used Acrylic primer, Acrylic paints and Acrylic paint thinner. The Acrylic primer works best as a wall painting but if you want to apply on shoes, use a thin coat to level it. 

What paint for custom shoes?

Acrylic paints have a cute appeal on any surface especially on leather shoes and you can find them in the Decoart, Martha Stewart, Folk art and other dispensations. You can also purchase the product on Amazon since it is affordable on the platform. Shoe painters  who do it professionally are regulars in the Amazon chart and they can teach you how to do your boots effectively since it is better to learn through apprenticeship than online. 

However, leather surfaces should be prepared by using Angelus leather preparer and Deglazer that makes the surface soft and paint friendly. If you are dealing with Vinyl surfaces, you should implement a sand paper to roughen the surface gently before it is ready to be painted and use Angelus leather preparer to progress the preparation.

The last step is simple since you only apply a clear adhesion promoter primer and the surface will be ready to receive a new look. People paint surfaces as a way of expressing art and feelings too because you may witness people using love emojis to express feelings towards their partners. However, it is necessary to cover the sole to protect it from catching paint.

Other supplies include markers because you may need to insert detailed marks on the shoe. it includes: Faber-Castel pitt artist pens, prisma color fine-tip markers, sharpie paint pens, pencils for sketching designs on shoes, synthetic brushes,

paint tray that holds different colors, water cup for rinsing brushes and an airbrush kit that helps cover more ground. The supplies play along in making the process easy and fun and people that do it because it is a hobby find it more enjoyable. 

Other supplies that protect ready shoes include: an Acrylic finisher that is available in satin and other forms, scotch guard for outdoor fabrics and mod podge outdoor and any other sealant. 

Planning your design 

Planning is the secret of coming up with the best end product. It ensures that you follow the leads perfectly therefore you may require to draft a comprehensive plan. Sometimes, you may need the advice of a professional shoe maker.

If you can do it on flat shoes, you can also do it on your pair of canvas and it is a walk in the park since painting involves stroking the colored brush against the surface of your footwear. You should highlight the common points of applying color and later fill it with designated image.

However, it is a good idea to try the design on a piece of paper before doing it physically it helps improve your hand speed. It also trains you on the amount of pressure to apply while pressing on the shoe surface and if the paper becomes wet with paint, the shoe will be awful. Practice makes perfect therefore you should ensure you have done it enough times before doing the real job. 

Simple steps of painting 

Tape off non paintable areas since it is okay to maintain them without paint, and if it catches the trail you may end up destroying your canvas. However, the shoes have to be clean since any spot of impurity will destroy the strength of paint.

Remove shoe laces and cover unwanted areas and decide whether to begin with the inside projecting outwards and if the footwear is flimsy, you should insert a stuffed cloth to provide stability. If you are dealing with leather, apply the Angelus material preparer following instructions on the manual list and allow it to dry for fifteen minutes.

Can I use acrylic paint for shoes?

of course it is okay for protecting shoes. If you are decorating canvas surfaces, the method is clear since it involves painting directly using diluted paint following necessary points. However, you may follow the old school method if you are naïve to do it modernly which involves covering the prime areas you will engage with layers of gesso and allow it to dry completely or use a hair dryer to speed up the process. Covering enables the paint to grip on the material effectively.

You should paint as you planned in your draft. Use drawing pens to insert designs that add detail to your art like graffiti, poems, quotes or anything that fits in. You should let paint dry effectively to prevent unplanned spread of paint.

Protect your Art 

After you have completed the journey, apply protective supplies. Some of the products are: Angelus matte acrylic finisher that can also be found in satin in normal and high gloss form. You can protect with scotch guard that is used for protecting outdoor fabric but be careful in following instructions. Another way of doing it is by using polyurethane, Mod podge outdoor and long lasting sealants. 

Fixing mistakes 

Sometimes, you may make errors you didn’t mean and destroy footwear. It is not a good idea to leave the mistakes unsolved because it will destroy your vision therefore you should use products like Angelus white leather paint that covers nicely. It washes away all errors. If you used primers, you may repaint your shoe by placing the primer back on the surface. 

Sometimes, you may cover the sole and the only method to undo the mistake is by using the acrylic paint that cleans all the dirt and it works on all shoes. It doesn’t matter the type. So what is acrylic paint for shoes? use it to rectify your painting mistakes. However, the process of making shoes is favorable and you can follow the steps and make your custom shoes. Some people think that the way is complicated using machines but you can use hands and come up with quality product.

The first step is tracing the size of feet because you cannot make shoes that do not fit in your feet. You should trace the size of leather to use in stitching the boot together therefore, you may use professional measuring instruments. If a client has high arch feet, you should make a sole that will fit in their walking style and provide constant support. 

The second move is to hand cut the patterns of the material to make the rough map of your desired end product. If you are making a loafer, the surface needs to be flat and consistent with the structure of the upper foot. You may hurt clients if you do not consider the shape of their feet since people with huge feet require inner sole that can accommodate big size. You can devise creative ways of forming designs since it could be in form of milk packets shape or a pie if it is anything that pleases you. 

However, the process needs three machines that play various roles. The first machine cuts the upper channel, the second one cuts the lower channel and the last punches the material for stitching. After the stitching happens, the shoe gains lifelong beauty. 

The next step is to stitch the upper sole and the sole together, since it is the completion point. However, there are different methods of making shoes. Common strategies like the blake’s process get used in many companies because it produces high standard footwear. In the past, people could use hands to construct footwear and color it using ancient paints but today, the method is more complex because a lot of steps are taken before the end product.

A factory involves different departments before completing a shoe therefore, the progress is gradual in the sectors. Different people have specialized differently according to skills since some apply technical knowledge while others use theory.

The design team

It is the squad that figures how the footwear will look after production since it involves professionals who have drawing abilities. Designers determine the size of feet and measure enough material to cover it to avoid complications during dressing. The department knows how a good shoe should look like and advise other professionals to follow the standards because a client accesses designers first and provide initial sketches. 

The shoe last department 

The last department does actual measurements of feet and gives shape to the boots. If it doesn’t pass through this department, you will not have the best experience with the footwear. However, ancient people could use wood but currently, factories use metal and plastic to do the carving.

It is interesting because it is the physical aspect of production and people show skills in compressing material. Every pair has a right and left shoe and it needs to experience the last department for effective size to be determined and the client feels good about the service. It is the moment that determines the amount of sales to be made since it provides the last image of a shoe.

You should determine how feet rolls and how the height of the heel will be affected because people have different walking styles depending on arch of feet and its shape. People with bunions and metatarsalgia require footwear with wide toe box to accommodate their problems while normal people need equal space to encourage aeration in the toes. The last is used at the end to determine whether the end product matches the intended design.

Stamping and sewing 

The method of combining pieces of leather together is hard and requires true craft. You should be highly trained to achieve qualified results. The raw shoe is called a shaft and the way of completing it is called stamping since it involves doing the dirty work.

Pieces of leather that make the shoes get marked to avoid confusion while stitching because every material is designated to fit in a special shoe. If a manufacturer confuses a step, the footwear may end up being awkward thus poor sales. After the pieces are put together, marks are made on where eyelets will be inserted to complete the shoe. Eyelets are the spaces that allow laces to pass through to close up the footwear.

The parts of material to be sewn get thinned to indicate the points of intersection in the sewing department. However, if the shoe should have perforated accents, the points are marked too to spell out effective stitching. 

Assembling the shoe 

After the shoe is stitched, it is sent to the die assembly department that applies color. It assembles the shoe and gives it a complete look. It is the department that gets credit for the end product since it gives the shoe a color of your desire. Many people mess up in this department and end up costing the firm millions of money. It is a sector that requires sober minds because it involves the last part of the construction journey. 


Design your own shoes online for free


Types of shoe construction 

Factories have different approaches in making shoes. It depends on the type of machines used and the standard of workers building the brand. If you want to start a private brand, consider using the simplest method to save time and money therefore the company will have a good start. The most common way of making footwear is the Goodyear welting that uses three nails to attach the outer sole to the sole.

The process dates back to 1872 and makes stitching the shaft much easier since it incorporates the last to complete the shoe design. It is a way used by many industries in the past to construct effective footwear and people like the end products of the process. Ensuring the shaft to take the shape of the last could take anything from thirty minutes to a fortnight after which the shoe assumes perfect shape.

Stitching takes little time and its beauty is that it is located on the inside of the shoe and perfectly invisible. Shoes made using the Goodyear system don’t have a welt running across the insole since the shaft and insole are fitted together through piping. You should learn how shoes are created to understand the beauty of wearing them since it involves an interesting procedure. 

However, the Goodyear procedure and Blake’s method use different criteria in forming shoes. The Blake’s system is common in Italy while the other one is liked in Britain. However, Blake method dates back in 1856 and is older than the Goodyear welt therefore proves to be more effective with the Italian people. Blake states that sewing cannot be effective by hand but a langhorn machine that stitches together parts of the footwear without using the welt and it becomes nice.

It is about directness since the method seeks to complete many shoes in short periods. Such shoes need to be protected well so they cannot tear while walking long distances or people with poor walking skills. If you have wide feet, shoes made using Blake method are not good for you because the stitches may tear upon every step.

Huge people apply a lot of pressure on the edges of the footwear therefore destroying the welt because they have poor walking styles. It could be a medical issue but it will not help in keeping the shoe in good shape. However people who side with Blake way will testify that footwear is less rigid and comfortable to wear because the structure of making it allows room for destruction.  

What paint is used for shoes? it must be one that appeals to the client. Remember, the client is always correct if you need the business to flourish. Firms that do not consider client needs fail in the market. 

Final thoughts

Painting shoes requires you to have shoes. Footwear is made using different methods that accrue to the eyes of clients therefore you should apply good paint. You can use standard paint for your footwear if it pleases you. 


Design your own shoes online for free


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