Do you ever think of becoming a shoe designer and making your sneaker? Think of a custom Nike or Adidas sneaker. Can you imagine taking time to design your own sneaker from scratch? Yes, it’s possible if you commit to learning a few things involved. You can even get ideas from the well-known brands, which give a chance for interested people to try out their designs. A good example is the basketball brands. You’ll get their official websites providing online application through which designing is allowed as wished. Nobody will ask you for your personal information or credit card. Now, let’s discuss how you can design your own sneakers from scratch

Steps to designing your own sneakers from scratch

Get used to drawing shoes

Learning how to draw shoes is an important step in the shoe designing field. Embrace and make it a habit. It’s like your language that helps communicate your thoughts. Doing it continuously is important as it’ll grow your drawing skills. Let the drawings tell us about you, your creativity and passion in it. Art of drawing would involve mastering sketching skills. If you think pencil drawing is an old trend, then you’re wrong. It’s even easier and cheaper than using the computer. Get your pen and paper and draw things like the midsoles, outsoles, and bottoms.

Enroll in a shoe designing course

The world contains numerous shoe designing programs, whether physical or online schools. While you don’t have to go for a four-year shoe design course, but it offers more skills to give you an edge. Through a school, you’ll learn more about general shoe designing and that’s when you’ll know how to design your own sneakers from scratch. It’s the place you’ll get more other people with the same interest, thus challenge you to do more. Joining a shoe design school will offer a great step to making your own sneakers. 

Get a mentor

A shoe mentor is necessary to help guide through your design journey. You only need to be asking questions and be keen to listen whenever they need your ears. By doing so, be sure to learn a ton from a sneaker design pro and other great individuals you’ll meet.

Create a sneaker design portfolio

Many ways will help get started in sneaker designing, but building a portfolio is among the biggest and most important. With the modern world, you need an online portfolio. Through it, you’ll be able to demonstrate to various people about your potential in sneaker designs using your drawings. Show the world what you’re cable of and they’ll give their feedback, which might bring other better ideas in your sneaker designing line. Furthermore, you should have your mind set with greater designs all the time. You can easily do this by checking out various websites with brilliant modern sneaker designs. You just don’t know how wonderful this will inspire you to go on and on. 

Study old sneakers and cut them up

Learn how shoe parts are assembled. Understand how a shoe is put together to make it complete and ready for use. In other words, learn the whys and hows of sneaker assembly. The big and highly branded companies such as Nike and Adidas employ great shoemaking masterminds. That means you can acquire so much from looking at how their designs look like from inside and outside. Making a great drawing that can’t be implemented or manufactured is a waste of time. However, a new stunning design sneaker design that brings challenges to a certain team can win. 

Take chances

Did you know that only the bold get favored by fortune? Well, no you know. It means you should take chances to get the best. Try and pursue perfection no matter the circumstances surrounding your sneaker designing journey. Come up with a new, unique, and totally different idea. Input your efforts to knowing the challenges faced by sneaker designers, and after that, counter them using a different method. For instance, you can create a sneaker from an old shoe, but in a new way. You can also use a new material in making your sneaker design outstanding. Go to a sneaker factory, talk to the people involved in the manufacture and ask questions. Find out what they can do and that which they cannot. Another trick is never take a no for an answer. Everything is possible. 

Read more sneaker design books

Reading many different books concerning shoe designing will add flesh to your ideas. Various book categories including design history, packaging design, architecture branding, and dozens of design books among others are out there to challenge your brains. Become friendly to reading such great books. In case there’s any design issue that you don’t have a clue of solving, simply flip through the books and be sure to get an answer. There will always be an answer in the books, you just need to be smarter and find a way to get it out. Beginners will benefit the most from such books as their brains get expanded to greater heights than simply sneaker designing. You also don’t have to be limited to sneaker designing and that’s all. Thinking in the line of business is among the gains one gets in shoe designing. That’s why you should also read about how to start your own shoe line or company. More other books to read include the shoe material design guide and how shoes are made among others. 

The bottom line

Sneaker designing may involve a lot of things, which can be challenging especially for beginners. However, don’t be ready to get intimidation from any source. Simply follow the steps given in the article above and you’ll know more about how to design your own sneakers from scratch. In case you find yourself somewhere during the process, you can choose to take freelancing jobs as shoe designer. By doing that, your knowledge will definitely increase and you’ll meet great people that will push you to higher levels. Be ready to learn by going through multiple design books and interacting with people who’ve been in the field for longer to share their experience. 








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