History of Basketball Shoes

History of Basketball Shoes

Fashionable and eye-catching shoes have now become the basic necessity of life. Whether we need shoes for daily wear or special purpose shoes, we will verify all aspects before buying it. When it comes to sportswear shoes, athletes Professional players don’t compromise on quality. Basketball shoes are one of them. 

History of Basketball Shoes

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Most of the basketball shoes can be used in games and daily life as well. Their history goes back to 1917 when 1st official basketball shoes came into the market as All-Star shoes by converse. Right after converse, Chuck Taylor came into the market in 1920 with his name as the new basketball shoe brand “Chucks.” Within no time, these sneakers/chucks got enough fame to become a fashion statement.

After a long span of fame with the title of being the first player with his name attached to a shoe brand, in 1973, Puma offered New York Knicks star and presented him the signature shoes “The Puma Clyde.”

When Was The First Basketball Shoe Made?

The Comfy, alternatively known as “The Chucks” today, has its history back in 1917 when sneakers are not that colorful with just 02 colors; black and white compared to today with a wide and eye-catching variety of colors.

Snicker shoe history has mainly 02 renowned names, one mentioned earlier, “the Chucks,” and the second being Puma Clyde. Puma Clyde makes a difference in quality by replacing upper material with suede and sole to be wider for better grip. Puma not only takes over the game but also got its fame as street shoes. This trend of NBA stars shoe brands keeps its pace with recent being Jordans named after renowned star Michael Jordan.

When Did Nike Basketball Shoes First Come Out?

In 1972, Nike introduced its first shoe pair. Starting from Bruin and the blazer, Nike strives for the best in their products with modifications in sued. In 1982, Nike introduced the first Air Force series shoes, which gain a lot of fame in the sneakers world and become one of the leading competitors in the shoe market all over the 90s.

When Did Converse All-Stars Come Out?

In 1908, Converse Rubber Shoes Company came into being. They produce high-quality rubber sole shoes called “Non-skids” with an upper portion made of canvas. Later, this company had a remarkable milestone of sponsoring a basketball team for their shoe branding with its leading player, Chuck Taylor. 

This team, Converses All Stars, sells shoes by themselves and plays an important role in improving the comfort and grip. These efforts introduce this product as street fashion and become the no.1 choice of famous artists within no time. The 1970s was the last decade of these shoes, which were then replaced by suede and leather variety.

History of Basketball Shoes

What is a Basketball Shoe made of?

Different types of shoes are available for different aspects of life, mainly differencing from making them. One of the types is leather Basketball shoes, which have high endurance and stability. The sole of these shoes is usually made of rubber material that provides a flawless grip. These are long-lasting shoes with the main drawback of being heavy and non-breathable

New material shoes that are now taking the floor is Synthetic mesh material. It also has the same endurance and grip as leather shoes. The only difference is they are quite lightweight as compared to leather shoes. Mixing of leather and mesh material is also trending nowadays.


Chuck Taylor and Puma Clyde’s were the two tycoons of the Basketball shoe industry. Improvements are made in quality, but the main forms remained the same. The quality of good shoes is that they should feel like a part of your feet.

History of Basketball Shoes

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