How To Know When To Replace Your Footwear

How To Know When To Replace Your Footwear

Every person should have a strategy for replacing shoes. It means that the budget should be properly executed and you should consider purchasing shoes that fit in properly. People with feet problems require to change shoes regularly to adjust to various needs concerning health. If you stay with the same footwear for long, it will destroy your skin and you may never avoid smelly feet. It is embarrassing to remove your pair in a crowded room and people back off because of poor smell.

Sometimes, staying with shoes for long prompts one to relax and clean them, causing the innersole to harbor bacteria that will attack the feet. It is perfect for rotating the chain of shoes to encourage proper circulation of comfort and foot structure protection. People who have poor feet structure suffer a lot while rocking on the incorrect sneakers since it aggravates the chances of developing chronic leg illnesses and it may result to conditions that require surgery.

How To Know When To Replace Your Footwear

However, sneaker game began back in the 19th century. The regime provided opportunities for creating effective footwear and encouraged people to use the chance to achieve aesthetic levels. The sneaker culture back then made many people look like stars since it created the opportunity for fashion and gave the freedom of expression through dressing. The initial sneaker in the market was invented by Wait Webster and it looked different from the current sneakers because the footwear was still under development. You know that any new thing in the market needs to go through a phase of design that looks awkward at first experience. The first sneaker had an equal journey that depicts creativity, but it grew in popularity with time. 


It was a period of redefining the shoe industry. The sneaker was known as plimsoll since it possessed thin soles and did not give standard support to the foot therefore causing walking imbalance. However, a footwear designer known as Goodyear made a separate mode of the shoe called keds, because it could provide candid support to the whole foot and qualify effective walking. The wearer could achieve quality support while walking making the shoe to gain popularity and market. Today, the biggest market outlet for sneakers is the youth and it was the same for the beginner times. The youth of 1892 enjoyed the classy shoes and it became favorable footwear of expressing fashion and style. 

The early 1900s 

The 1900 era presented as a period of revolution in the sports world. Boxing became a popular game that people could express themselves through, and the need for the sneaker developed. Young people could embrace the trend and use the quality boots to proceed with the game. However, the shoe was more cushioned and the toe box was spacious to provide room for the toes to operate effectively. Sneakers became popular as good fashion wear and also served right in implementing sports activities that enhanced social networks. 


In 1914, Olympic championships had begun and talented youth could come out to show prowess in playing the game. Young champions like Alvin Kraenzlein trained in the footwear for sprinting games, since the shoes provide popular support to the feet. Many people succeeded in the playing career because of using the proper footwear and training hard. Training requires you to apply quality gear which includes the best sneakers which accord the feet proper support. It was the 1914 period that made Olympics a sweet place to be.


In 1917, the keds became extremely popular which made elderly people use the footwear. An old man was spotted enjoying time across the lake wearing the keds. It motivated the manufacturers to produce more footwear to satisfy the need of the market and the production units developed to heights of national fame. You know that the times were favorable to achieve maximum growth due to talent that existed in the shoemaking field. 


The 1930 era caused the keds to be renamed as the sneakers. It was the period that the footwear developed rubber soles that could provide comfort to the ankle. Cushioning is an essential characteristic that should be considered while making proper footwear since it protects the ankle from experiencing injury and poor support. Running in the field without proper shoes can make you vulnerable to injuries that will cost your health and wealth. Doing therapy for broken ankles and dealing with bunions costs a lot and consumes time. It can be a draw back to the development of your gaming skills and you may lose the sporting credit. Great players look out for their bodies first because it is the greatest asset therefore the sneaker developed to accompany players to their journey of creating legacy. 


In 1935, the sneaker received extra grip on the outer sole that produced outstanding performance for the shoe. Marathon runners could use the footwear and run long distance without feeling a pinch because it is about the cushioning. You should ensure that the type of sneaker you purchase corresponds to how you will use it. The outer material needs to be strong to maintain constant grip to the feet and protect it from suffering gross injuries. As a marathon runner, you may encounter periods where the feet receives injuries from the activity making it necessary to have candid shoes for your career. It is more costly and expensive to treat the leg than acquiring proper footwear for the career. However, in 1936, Adidas flooded the market as the outstanding running shoe and all runners found solace for their racing troubles. In the late 1930s, the effective sneakers for children sprouted and proved standard service. Sneakers are the best shoes to own. 


In the 1940 era, the world war 2 rose to the verge of consuming sanity in the world. Men and women had to experience the harshness of the battle since it affected them. Children and animals were in the equation and the only activity in the period was saving the world therefore people who owned a pair of sneakers had the advantage of running effectively. Industries that made the shoes got dissolved and people could steal footwear and use it for their advantage. In the late 1940s, the converse sneaker was invented and it stocked the market to invalidate the previous shoes. Basketball players use the shoe to make dunk moves and acquire success that provides glory since the sneakers have a high rating in providing comfortable space for jumping in the court. Converse sneakers are also effective for outdoor training experiences. The footwear is a non-stick shoe that confirms flexibility of the foot and you can slide in the field as you want. You should acquire a pair for your shoe rack and you will never regret. 


In the 1950s, shoe makers added an extra advantage to the sneakers by putting spikes on the outersole to enhance grip while running. It developed to being a good shoe for sporting activities since baseball and basketball was the correct sport to show the glory of the footwear. By 1957, keds implemented a method of marketing by directly involving families to improve the scope of their sales. Businessmen have various methods of marketing their products and it depends on the type of entrepreneur. Door to door marketing in 1959 was effective because individuals were cool and relatable. No one could fight against the other person or consider a neighbor as a bad person. However, the effort required great talking skills to convince people to purchase products and live with them. 


In the 1960 regime, tennis grew to become a big sport among people who liked it. The greatest gear for the sport was the sneaker used in playing the game since the treading effect characterized a lot of arch support. You cannot slide while running across the tennis court with correct footwear because the feet will experience stability. In 1970, the iconic runner Tonny Simmons showed off his Adidas sneaker before a race making it achieve an iconic traction. Anyone who did not like Simmons did not love Adidas. You know the best sports brands are made by the footwear company, and recently during the INEOS 159 challenge, Eliud Kipchoge the world’s fastest runner rocked on Adidas sneakers during practice. In 1975, the star of the six million dollar man wore the brand to create his legacy. It is undisputable that during the 1970 era, Adidas was the go for sports shoes especially for running. Another example is when Caitlyn Jenner wore the Adidas brand to lead the United States to victory in the 1976 Olympic decathlon.  


In the early 1980s, runner Sebastian Coe opted for his running shoes and he completed a 800-1500 meter race at the Heinz games in 1982. In 1984, the basketball arena brought change to the sneaker sector by collaborating with the basketball mogul Michael Jordan to create the air Jordan sneakers. The footwear became popular to most people and it became a common shoe for all aspiring runners at the time. However, in 1985, Adidas began advocating for non-sports usage to accommodate a broader market as a way of adapting to market changes. People could now use the brand for fashion rather than sports alone. In the late 1980s, Nike produced the iconic Air force shoe with its iconic swoosh logo that is said to connect the footwear to the iconic Greek mythology of having a fluid movement that represents speed. However, sneakers became a fashion shoe than sports as it thought, the chunkier the better. 

Sometimes, short people may like to look taller and use footwear that will achieve the purpose. Being tall in public makes you look attractive and authoritative. However, there are shoes that you can wear and acquire an elevator status since some of these shoes are official. You may prefer elevator sneakers and the perfect question is which sneakers make you taller? It involves having an extra height on the innersole which implies added height.

There are brands that specialize in manufacturing height adding footwear. The likes of chamaripa, calto and Toto signatures provide effective shoe making experience. Let us look at the famous footwear that will make you feel better about yourself.

Jota shoes Elevator dress shoe 

If you desire to grow a few inches taller within less time, try out the jota elevator dress shoe. It consists of a hidden heel that is built an extra inch higher and it satisfies your desire for having a great look. The quality cushioning in the footwear is amazing to protect the feet from any danger. The outer sole is light to improve ability to walk therefore effective for people who have ankle issues. Having a flexible footwear ensures that you walk for long distances without feeling a pinch on the heels. Try a pair of the jota shoes for a better experience. 

Calden elevator shoes 

The interesting aspect about the calden elevator shoe is it a slip-on kind that saves your time on the dressing table. You don’t need to lace up the footwear since the outer sole provides splendid support to the feet therefore achieving good quality footwear. You will feel perfectly different in the footwear and because it elevates your height to some extra inches and the shoe comes in different colors. You may prefer color brown since it appears to possess quality image or black that assures authority. Color depends on your preferred choice. The square toe box makes the footwear have enough space for toes to operate and manage injury when tripped. 

Calto dress boot elevator shoes  

The calto dress boot has the appearance of army footwear. The most outstanding feature of the shoe is its lace-up style that constricts the foot to look taller than usual. Its inner sole design is magnificent because it adds 3.6 inches of height to a person since it is manufactured in the Goodyear welt mode. Its design allows quality space for the feet to function since aeration is key for its operation. Short people have found solace in the footwear since it boosts their image, we can say it is the short man’s tool. It possesses a shock absorbing quality that makes it easy for the feet to endure in harsh conditions. 

Calto Chelsea boots elevator shoes

As the name of the footwear suggests, Chelsea boots can manage to achieve proper height for its client. It has functioning cushioning that enables the feet to feel comfortable while walking and going through stringent conditions. People who suffer from aggravated leg illnesses should take in the footwear to have a therapeutic journey in healing. Recovery requires that the leg should be positioned to get well through the environment which it is subjected. A great atmosphere favoring the status of feet amasses enough pressure for recovery. The shoe is 2.6 inches high a standard that provides required cushioning for the foot to function well. 

The United States produces quality sneakers to encourage good sports life. You need comfortable, stylish and colorful sneakers to fill your rack, but how do you get there? Which sneakers are made in the USA that can help you maintain a magnificent style? First you need to be interested in getting supportive footwear and you graduate to creating a budget that will accommodate all the options you desire. There are big shoe stores that stock stylish sneakers that can sustain you for the next five years. If you are not educated on the things to look at while shopping, you should get a shoe expert who will advise you on the steps to follow while purchasing your aesthetic material. However, you may categorize the shopping list into segments that matter most, including walking shoes, running shoes, casual daily wear and gym shoes. Having a list of potential items you want to purchase will state the budget properly without allocating excess or less funds. 

Foundations that make footwear have flooded the market with quality shoes which provide comfort and stability to customers. Familiar examples include the San Antonio shoes, Carson footwear and Softstar birth popular sporting shoes.  San Antonio footwear are classified for molding casual wear, opie way Riverside Lo sneakers perform effectively in making stylish sneakers that blend correctly with fashion. Other brands have proved to be useful in the shoe game. The PW minor company sells maximum orthopedic footwear that is useful in hospitals and other medical institutions. The exciting thing is enterprises know how to deliver their products well according to their purpose. Let us look at the best footwear in the American market. 

San Antonio shoes 

It is no doubt that the San Antonio brand has achieved the American dream. It is the don of stylish shoes across most states because of the passion they chip into the market. The brand maximizes on comfort to the level you desire because shoes that are not comfortable don’t matter even if they are stylish. The company offers its products in different types of sizes to fit a wide scope of the market. There are people with broad feet and wide-soled sneakers are recommended to them. The choice of shoes also depends a person’s walking style because if you make large steps, you will destroy the innersole of the footwear thus becoming a friend of the cobbler. The brand provides footwear made from leather and other qualified material. The process of manufacturing the footwear is decent since it goes through the hands of many people therefore the end product is glorious. The footwear is not cheap, because it provides expensive quality.

The interesting facts about the san Antonio sneakers is it is hand crafted in Texas and effected to comply to diverse feet sizes. It also accommodates attractive style and honors comfort of your legs since you feel like walking in the clouds in the footwear.  It also manifests in a lot of styles that will get you confused on choices in front of a shoe stall therefore achieving many customers. 

Opie way riverside Lo sneakers 

The riverside Lo sneakers have a low top dispensation which embraces quality leather tanning approving basic standards of fashion. The company uses vegetable tanning to maintain the life of leather thus ensuring proper flow of impressing products. However, every shoe is produced according to client orders explaining why shipping takes too long about four to five weeks. The Opie company produces other leather products like belts, hand bags e.t.c. The firm is a newly incorporated establishment that ensures perfect design of the toecap. 

However, you may want to understand the specifications of the firm. Let us look at the outstanding factors of the opie riverside shoes. The footwear produced is comfortable and durable since you can last twelve months using it for diverse purposes without suffering destructions. Shoemakers ensure that color and great style are the core of manufacturing therefore fulfilling your desire for good shoes. However, the brand is expensive making it impossible to afford. 

Carson footwear 

Carson footwear is amongst the most experienced shoe suppliers in the United States. It provides a wide variety of running shoes that have perfect treads to enhance stability while running, you will not want to fall on your forehead while having morning jogs. It supplies shoes across the United States to people who like games. Most college players get supplies from the brand because it avails a huge variety of practice shoes, while each Carson product entails an in-built 5mm liner that assures high comfort levels. It is why high school enthusiasts get their supply of confidence since you will desire a product that works well for your career. 

Poor brands suffer less sales due to low levels of leather tanning. You need to consider objects that stand out to fashion your shoe since many people like a happy ending. If you are a cobbler, think of creative methods to make your work stand out against other players in the field. The better the quality, the more the quantity supplied. Never underestimate the power of being different because it defines you separately and increases your client base. Every firm that makes shoes desires to have massive sales therefore sale strategies need to be okay. However, the footwear features a lightweight material that confirms the effectiveness of walking swiftly. You enjoy most while you experience no trouble trekking therefore Carson footwear firm commits to providing extensive shoes that give a better walking experience. The production department ensures that flexibility of the outer sole can stand any difficulty therefore assuring clients that feet protection is the vision of their activities. 

Carson group has excelled in proving that it makes shoes in diverse styles and colors that you can choose from since it applies tough polyurethane midsole and outsole. Compounds that consists the footwear ensure that it is strong to counter any poor adventure. People seek to walk a lot while purchasing shoes, the need to fulfill inner desire of maintaining perfect shape being a motivation. Demerits include slow production and delayed shipping. 

P.W Minor strap 2 shoe  

If comfort and luxury is your reason for procuring shoes, the P.W Minor strap 2 footwear is the choice to make. It is an orthopedic shoe that is manufactured in high standards to serve you for long and increase market scope. The plan of every huge enterprise is making loveable products that sell and capture the commitment of customers. A shoe industry that doesn’t achieve good standards of product management, suffers wide strokes of failure. It implies a simple and casual look that fits successfully with any type of fashion therefore causing to appear less than the traditional orthopedic footwear. Its ability to serve both genders is amazing because the company began as a women’s shoe production unit. Simplicity is core to capture the attraction of many individuals since people prefer reasonable products. 

If you rock on complex shoes, you will look like a fool before people who matter and the situation may cause you to loose many opportunities. You may know many people who ignored the rule of simplicity that states “ your image is your focus” and they ended up in embarrassing situations. Foot size is considered while making the footwear because clients need stuff that will fit in well. The price is favorable and any individual can manage if you have a proper budget. Budgeting is a key feature while choosing the number of pairs to buy because you need to accomplish a reasonable number of shoes. 

Planning assures that everything will run as envisioned. Outstanding features include size designed for comfort, and orthopedic feature that accommodates inserts. Disadvantages include costly shipping and price can be too high.


The name suggests that material used in constructing it is great. It entails perfect cushioning to suit your ankle support.

However, there are sneakers that qualify to get in your shoe rack. Let us look at some of them.

Under Armor 

Under Armor firm is located in Baltimore, Maryland where it has its headquarters across the globe. The shoe is constructed with a breathable material that is lightweight and enhances proper use. The important quality about under armor is it makes shoes suitable for athletes since it focuses on providing candid experience in your career. It is perfect for running through pavements and protects against injuries. 


Nike brand is most famous for its standard products and its long existence in the market. It is liked because of the key sport wear it produces and a lot of athletes have made huge moves while rocking them. Eliud Kipchoge is the current world record holder being the fastest runner to record an action time of one hour and fifty nine minutes for long kilometers. He rocked on the Nike Zoom footwear while practicing with his pace makers. The Nike headquarters are situated in Beaverton, Oregon and has branches across the globe. It majors on modern designs and comfortable footwear that fits with the desire of many athletes.

DC Shoes 

DC shoes is a firm that makes shoes for sports like skateboarding and snowboarding. They also make accessories like bags, belts, hats and beauty material which improve its market base. Its headquarters are in Huntington beach Carlifonia and have operated since 1994, and many people say it produces quality footwear that comes in diverse color designs. Beautiful color appeals to the eyes since it is the first attraction that anybody sees while shopping. Fashion experts would advise that color black is the best color because it can match with any outfit. Sometimes, sneakers are not about sports only but fashion too since it possesses a high sole base that gives a good fashion sense. Durability of the footwear makes it sell and clients prefer the brand due to its durable nature. You can last a decade with the footwear if you maintain it effectively. 


This brand maximizes on consumer satisfaction and quality. It is a brand that reviews customer options and feedback to actualize the dream of being the biggest shoe processors in the United States. The manufacturers have been in existence since 1992, and they fulfill client desires. It is recognized as the best shoes for standing and walking all day due to its efficient cushioning. Everybody has an athletic background since jogging and walking is part of home based exercise therefore you should purchase a pair from the sketchers brand for a good experience. 


If you talk about American shoes, converse has to be on top of the list. It is an old brand that has caused a revolution in how sports operate and has magnified the importance of protecting feet while playing. Converse has a long outer sole that covers the ankle protecting it from injuries. People who play basketball are prone to twisting their feet thus the need for rocking on effective converse shoes. The firm is established in Boston Massachusetts and has operated for a century. It focuses on establishing consumer trust. Most of their products are tagged under the converse label such as the Chuck-Taylor All-star, one star and others. It comes in separate and mixed colors because it seeks to capture people. Physiologists say that if you can capture someone’s attention, you can make them follow your wish and it is the same strategy that the firm implements. 

The footwear is comfortable and the outer sole ensures stability therefore causing confidence in the shoe. It is a must have shoe in your shoe rack. 


This brand is common with runners since it feeds them with stylish sneakers that are comfortable in the field. You can run a whole day in the footwear since it provides standard cushioning that protects the feet. However, you should consider feet structure before securing a pair because the better the shape the fancier the shoe. It possesses breathable characteristics that assure proper aeration of the feet.

The cushioning and color ensures that you can race for a lifetime without experiencing poor adventures. People like events that create good memories and grace their timelines with admirable comments. You can practice in the gym with the shoes since it has a lightweight nature that favors feet by causing less strain. Nerves can be affected by illnesses that occur due to unnecessary pressure on the feet therefore causing the victim to spend a lifetime of pain and destruction. An athletes’ greatest asset is the body which he should take care of by feeding it with necessary things. The footwear comes in different designs and sizes that fit in the streets and will look awesome on your feet. 

New balance 

New balance is a firm that majors in making sneakers similar to other brands. However, every brand should possess its unique feature that makes it stand out. The brand is rated as a high performance sneaker by reviewers who have used it since they suggest it is good for the run, therefore the price is quite higher than other brands. The sneakers make you feel like you are strolling on air due to its effective cushioning and stability realms. The company constructs shoes of every size and solves problems for people with foot size issues. It is natural to have weird feet but you need an artificial method of solving the quiz. With the new balance sneakers, you will find a perfect match for your feet. 


Vans is a common name to many Americans. It is among the greatest shoe producers since the design they make is magnificent to fit in every person’s feet. You should try out the low leveled footwear and experience quality and comfort because you can walk long distance in the shoe. It showers your legs with maximum fashion and stability therefore making it to be the ultimate solution to your dressing desire. Skateboarders like the shoe because of its grip on the skateboards therefore effecting proper performance. The prices are budget friendly and will suit everybody who desires comfort and pleasure since it gives one a good heavenly feeling while walking. The United States is the leading continent in shoe production and affordable shipping services. 

Are sneakers a good investment?  Of course they are because they focus on solving your workout problems and offer quality performance in the process. What you should know is the correct type of footwear for your problems. However, it is not about the price, but the substance you are procuring since some sneakers are hard to find in the market. Proper investment relies on candid choices which accrue to your needs. If you are under a therapist, they will refer sneakers that help in therapeutic performance that will improve the functioning of the leg. Investing in sneakers can be viewed in different ways depending on how you want to use it. You may want to sell, or buy for personal use either way it is a considerable investment to pursue. 

If you are concerned to chase the opportunity as a sales person, you should understand different scope of the products. There are the Nike SB Dunk Low Reese Forbes Denim that initially sold for $65 in 2002 and magnified to $4,000 over the years. Looking at the probability of appreciation should guide you towards making a bold decision on the type of sneakers worth your money. The yeezy red 2 octobers retailed for $ 250 in 2014 and are worth $5,655 in 2020, enough testimony that sneakers have financial value.

The greatest factor that affects the sales cycle is the quality of material used to make it. Studies have shown that the value of sneakers increase magically after their first release in the market. It is why sneakers are a great investment because they can be worn by any gender. 

People can use sneakers for long without thinking about replacing them. However, it is essential to replace your sneakers once in a while to protect your feet and enable them to last. Experienced athletes know when it is best to replace sneakers since they are qualified to understand the terms of exchanging footwear. However, for casuals like us, we may not understand the rules of replacing sneakers but we can figure out how to maintain them. You may wear shoes until you lose track of the number of days you have had them. It is a good thing to consult with experts to learn how to control the existence of sneakers. 

It depends on how you use your footwear. For athletic shoes, you should replace more often since they suffer endless amounts of sweat and they wear out a lot. Some shoes last long due to the material used to manufacture them and replacing them would be a waste of resources. However, you should look for signs that your pair needs to be replaced. The most obvious fact is when the footwear begins to tear off, you may visit a cobbler or purchase new shoes. Someone who runs ten miles in a day will need to replace sneakers twice in a month, because the tread effect wears out. You may buy a lot of pairs in your first shopping spree that will last for the period you will use it. If you walk a lot, you will end up destroying your footwear therefore spending more cash replacing and repairing the shoes. let us look at the signs of replacing your footwear.

Your heel is breaking down 

Have you ever felt pain on your heels to the point of visiting a therapist? It could be because of the shoe you wear or your walking style. Sometimes, people’s style of strolling makes them vulnerable to destroy their shoes and spend unnecessary money in replacements. If the heel is worn out, you cannot proceed rocking on the footwear because it will attract more damage. You should focus on the wellbeing of the legs and feet.

You are experiencing frequent foot pain 

Foot pain can be a result of medical situations, but shoes could be a factor causing the effect. You could be wearing tight shoes that compress the toes therefore the need to replace the footwear to a more effective shoe. However, the shoe could be in good condition but feet feel pain meaning that you should check the position of your footwear. It may graduate problems from bad to worse.

You suffer from foot diseases like plantar fasciitis and bunions 

If you experience arch pain in the foot, you should check the state of your shoe. Suffering from illnesses like bunions should prompt you to choose special shoes that accommodate the condition without aggravating pain. The footwear should have special cushioning. The inner sole should be thick to welcome the issues of the feet and cause proper walking mode. Make sure you secure shoes fit for your arch condition. 

The shoe looses its “pop” effect or feels less supportive 

For workout and running shoes, you can feel when the footwear has lost its cushioning effect. The shoe becomes less stable and you can almost step on the ground barefooted but you have shoes on. It looses the bouncing effect while stepping therefore reducing its comfort level. However, the sole can wear out long before the upper part of the shoe shows signs of poor quality therefore prudent for you to check your footwear regularly. 

You feel more tired than usual and you are in pain after a workout 

Sometimes, you may lay in bed for long after a workout to cool the pain in your legs. It could be because of your shoes or medical situations. When a shoe looses its cushioning, realms of comfort reduce while practicing therefore the need to procure a new pair. Staying with an old pair will reduce the efficiency of doing exercise and you will experience poor events. However, you should learn to get feedback from suppliers to make a good decision of the type of footwear to buy. 

You should learn simple ways of prolonging the life of your shoe. Let us delve into details of how to preserve shoes for a long time. Great sneakers cost a fortune to get therefore you will want to prolong its life to use it for long. 

Rotate your shoes. It is better to own many shoes that you can use over time, since maintaining a healthy structure for your sneakers is important. Sometimes, using one shoe constantly adds wear to it therefore causing increased chances of injury while practicing. Shoes need aeration so that it doesn’t breed bacteria and fungus to the feet. It also encourages durability of the footwear thus maintaining funds. Having an imperfect shoe causes one to have stress and imbalanced budget, because you need shoes in good shape. 

Use disinfectant spray. How often should sneakers be replaced? It is a question that many have found the answer in disinfecting shoes.  You may not need to replace footwear if you apply the correct amount of spray to kill germs and infections that attack shoes. It is about maintaining proper hygiene because infectious attacks cause shoes to wear off. Lysol is a chemical that is effective in destroying bacteria trapped on the edges of footwear, therefore causing favorable usage of shoes.  You should sanitize your shoes at least twice a week to maintain an effective shoe. 

Don’t put your shoes in the dryer. Material used to make shoes can wear out if subjected to dryers. It could be sensitive material that will not last long if it corrodes with the drying machine. However, heat from the machine melts down glue that holds the shoe in place, therefore you should place the footwear out in the sun to dry. Using natural methods for drying your shoe makes it durable. 

Consider painting shoes more often to achieve maximum aesthetic value. You can use the following types of paint. 

Leather paint. If your shoe is crafted in leather material, you will use leather paint to add value. You should have more control over the footwear as you spray it gently leaving no streaks behind. If you paint shoes irrationally, it will end up having a weird color and people will scorn you. However, you should use a recommended amount of paint if you want to color the whole shoe. Sometimes, it is effective to use an expert who will guide you through the simple process of coloration. You may paint shoes to cover scratches on it to give it a new look or for fun. People paint shoes as a hobby and a way of spending time. However, the trend is not for everybody but for those who have specialized in shoe decoration and know what they are doing. Do not try the process if you are not certain because you will destroy the nature of the footwear. In a world where people care about looks, you should make sure your shoes suggest the same. Do not go out in weird shoes and embarrass yourself because you don’t know how to paint shoes. 

Final thoughts

Knowing when to replace shoes depends on the type of footwear and the person owning it. If a fool owns shoes, replacing them after damage may not be in the radar. However, how you use it determines a lot in replacement. 

How To Know When To Replace Your Footwear

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