How to Remove an iPhone case Without Breaking It

How to Remove an iPhone case Without Breaking It

Are you worried about taking off your iPhone case? Well, it's hard to remove hard iPhone cases because it can break your case or your iPhone by dropping it unconsciously. On the other hand, it's a good source of protection for your iPhone. Just don’t worry if you’re searching for ways to remove your case.

How to Remove an iPhone case Without Breaking It

For removing an iPhone cover, put soft foam or a cushion beneath your phone while removing its cause. Sometimes it slips out of your hands and can lead to severe damages to your iPhone. So you’ve to place a soft towel and a pillowcase for extra protection of your phone while removing it.

Ensure that you are removing your case from a table so it couldn’t fall on the ground. That's how your phone will be safe, so, then you can remove it gently. Read the whole guide below.

METHOD1: Start With the Side Of Fewer Buttons

Look for those sides with fewer buttons, so it will be easier to remove the case from that side. Usually, it's the side that doesn't have volume buttons. It can be easily removed from that side as it has less buttons and will not cause any trouble.

Remove Your Case With the Help of Your Thumb

We try our ways to remove our phone case. It's Wrong. You should have a useful guide to remove it without breaking it. Carefully poke your thumb-nail between the case and your phone. Don’t try to bend it too much. And then wiggle your thumb between the case and your phone if you are having any trouble. 

Pull the Case Down Gently With Your Thumb

Now gently try to pull your case down and move it away from your phone. Try not to bend your case. It can damage your iPhone screen.The bottom corner is where you can easily remove it as it is far away from side buttons. Don't hurry while removing your case.

Try to Pull the Top Corner Of the Case

Put your thumb nail on the top corner of your phone case and pull it down gently. You should keep a good grip on your phone while you remove it; it might fall on your iPhone while pulling it from the top corner of the iPhone.

If your phone case starts bending, don't push more pressure on it; leave this corner and remove it from any other angle.

Pop the Whole Side of the Case Off

Now slide your thumb with the case as the entire case comes out with it. Your case may have taken off from another side of your phone already. And it works too. Be ready to hold your case and as if it also falls with the case.

Now Easily Remove Your Case 

Put your phone screen on the pillowcase and remove it from the back of your phone. If one side is already off, you should be care full and be ready to catch your phone as it's out of the case. 

Method 2: Prying Tool to Remove Your Case

Not easy to remove it by hand? Don't worry; we care about you. Some cases are made up of two parts of plastic and are hard to remove with a needle. NowLook for the seam on the outside edges of your phone. So you know from where to start to take off the case. 

If you had to put your phone case into two pieces, it mostly has a seam on the edges.

Put the Prying Tool in Between the Lower and Upper Case

Prying tools are small tools as they have a flat tip on the end of it. Now put the prying tool's flat end in between both upper and lower parts and try to remove it gently. You should take care as it can cause scratches on your phone screen.

You can purchase prying tools from the supply stores in the market.


If you don’t have any prying tool, you can also use a coin instead of a prying tool.

Slide the Tool Down to Remove the Case

Ensure that the prying tool is between the seam of the case as it remains constant that it can be pushed downward gently. Now push the device all the way down to separate both cases apart. Don't try to push the tool so hard that it can also break your case. Do it gently all the way down.

How to Remove an iPhone case Without Breaking It

Pop the Upper Part of the Case With the Help of a Tool

Once you reach the bottom of the case, use the tool for popping the top of the case off. This will remove the majority of the case from the back of your phone. And then it will be easy to remove the case from your phone.

Think as your prying tool is a tinny crowbar to remove the pieces of your case apart.

Use the Prying Tool on the Other Side of Your Phone Case

If your case edges are still attached, put the prying tool on that side and try to pop that side of the case. The easy way is to put the tool in the seam of the case and push it down so that the case pops up and could be easily pulled. It’s much easier to remove a case with the help of the prying tool.

Types of cases you could experience-which cause trouble while removing it.

Hard Case Tough to Remove

Removing a hard case is much more comfortable than when we apply it on our phone. Sometimes, it's hard because it is wrapped with plastic and tightened further according to the device if you cannot remove the case off from your phone, then prying gently with your fingers to remove your phone case. 

Wallet Phone Case-Gives Tough Time

Sometimes like hard cases, "wallet cases" also give a hard time removing it from your phone. It Looks so simple to remove it but sometimes it could be quite tricky. Before removing the wallet case, make sure that your cases have no straps and fasteners. Please don't force your chance to take it off as it can cause severe damage to your screen or may cause scratches on the screen.

Get Rid of Your Case Now!

We care about you, that’s why we have discussed two types of guides to remove your phone's case. So do give a read to this guide to remove your phone case gently and humbly.

How to Remove an iPhone case Without Breaking It
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