Shoe Guide for Nurses on Feet All Day

Shoe Guide for Nurses on Feet All Day

We understand how stressful it could be on your feet all day. It can lead to several issues. Nurses and healthcare workers mostly face most feet issues, and one of such is plantar fasciitis, knee pain, lower back pain, etc. That’s why selecting the right pair of shoes is of utmost importance. 


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Shoe Guide for Nurses on Feet All Day

Nursing Shoes for Back Pain

Typically nurses are the ones who experience lower back pain. But there’re a few things that could definitely be done to deal with such issues and maintain comfort during the long shifts on your feet. Although posture is of great importance to prevent lower back pain, you need to choose the best nursing shoes. 

Sitting for a longer period could result in permanent back pain. Although posture exercises are the best, we can’t deny the importance of nursing shoes to cease back pains. These may not be cheap but could help you in the long run. 

Those shoes are specially designed to provide comfort during the day, and that comfort is not limited to the feet, but your legs and knees also. Nursing shoes are quite lighter than other types of shoes. The material which is used in the manufacturing offer protection to your feet from spills and unstable working surfaces. 

Several companies have deeply studied the nurses’ requirements and about shoes to address the number of pains. 

Nurses Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Nurses could face a problem— plantar fasciitis. It’s described as an inflammation of the tissues which connects the heel to the toes. However, when this problem gets inflamed, it can cause severe pain and discomfort in and around the heels. However, many nursing shoes are specially designed to be flat, which increases the possibilities of plantar fasciitis. But the good news is you can choose the one according to your foot arch. 

Nurses Shoes For Flat Feet   

We understand standing on your feet for an extended period could put extreme pressure on them, and that’s why there are special shoes for low arches or flat feet. These will be the most comfortable shoes you could have. 

Those shoes which offer your arches with a slight lift, one that bends in the toes area, and specially designed to provide arch support you need, are the best you could have. Moreover, having a sole outer firm will help to prevent your feet from rolling inward. While the addition of extra support in the midsole will significantly support the arch and lessen the pressure put on your heels. 


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In simple words, if you’ve any specific foot issues, then the better solution is to look for the best shoes which are designed to help you get through the extended long day’s shift on your feet. The right and perfect size shoe can provide support and give comfort to your arch. 

Shoe Guide for Nurses on Feet All Day

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