Halloween is here, the only time in the year when adults begin to behave like children and dress themselves as favorite characters. Whether you love store or a hand-carried garment, there's always a piece of clothing that is always overlooked and its the shoes. We have compiled a list of popular costume ideas for Halloween 2018, with the perfect pair of shoes. So, if you don’t know, the perfect shoe to wear to complete the Black Panther costume, reading this article till the end is important.


Boss Ross

The man. The Myth. The legend. The painter Bob Ross has come back in recent years. Despite its inactivity for more than 20 years, "The Joy of Painting" has found its new home among fans of classic cult and occasional Netflix viewers.

To recreate the look of Bob's signature, you must have a little imagination. Like most videos, they are taken from the waist and there are few photos of his body online. However, a man who goes from blue to blue would certainly be a secret monster who would pay a resale for Jordan Levi to complete his full set of jeans.


Wonder woman

Wonder Woman is a staple of Halloween and is perfectly in at least one iteration at a Halloween party. But this year, you can stand out from the crowd with Jordan 8’s on Valentine's Day. The intense red is identical to the boots worn by Wonder Woman and the high-end look alludes to the shoe armor that she wears in every film.


Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty. Two names that have got millions of fans. The simply drawn cartoon characters have apparently grown to have a large fanbase overnight, and Rick becomes the perfect costume for Halloween 2018. The turquoise shirt, white coat, and khakis will make you look like the character almost immediately. So, have fun with your shoes and throw the annoying brown loafer by opting for a pair of New Balance 577 (brown). Always in the same tone, the New Balance shoes complete the look "nerdy" while remaining fashionable and stylish.



As long as Stranger Things continues to make more episodes, eleven will remain a common Halloween costume. With a simple pink dress, high socks and Eggo waffles, you're almost in the middle. To complete the look, you probably just need to get to the bottom of your wardrobe. It's time to rock this old pair of High Top Converse that you have since your first year at university. You can keep them dirty at the moment, but at the end of the night, when you remember the beauty of Converse, you may want to clean them and put them back in your weekly cycle.


Black Panther

Without Black Panther, this list would not be complete. With its elegant all-black outfit and the new Nike React Element 55 in black and white, it will be the pride of Wakanda. The black color will go perfectly with any skin-tight black pants you decide to wear, while the white midsole will surely catch a few eyes.



And finally, the movie that surprised us as kids came back in 2017 to scare a whole new generation, the computer, and the star: Pennywise. This is one of the most difficult costumes to make at home. All props to you if you try. You do not need clown shoes to scare your guests, but simply surprise them by entering with your Reebok Kamikaze 1 Mids pair of shoes. The black and white lines are parallel to the original costume ideas and are a shoe you will never want to take off.


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