Are Converse Shoes Good for Skateboarding? Yes, And No

Are Converse Shoes Good for Skateboarding? Yes, And No

Are Converse Shoes Good for Skateboarding:

Shoes will always be an essential outfit in human life, and this is because it serves in different areas. The existence of shoes has changed a lot since its invention, and this has been proven by the fact that it has continued to thrive in its production across the world. Converse shoes, this is just one of the many types of footwear produced by Freaky Shoes The good thing with this type of shoes is that it can be put on with any gender (men or women).


When shoes were first made, the main reason was to protect feet and keep them out of danger, which still applies today. However, the meaning of having shoes has upgraded, and unlike in the past, shoes are viewed from different angles in the present day. Moreover, you will find out that there are working shoes, basketball shoes, walking, and skateboarding shoes, just to name but a few. However, in this article, you will be taken through converse sneakers and can be the right choice for skateboarding.


Furthermore, when you are talking about skateboarding, you will need to have good shoes that will always keep you out of danger when you are skating. This is why you need to consider the type of footwear you are going for before buying them for skating. Most importantly, you should make sure that your shoes' choice will offer you the right services, especially skating. Therefore, the question remains if converse shoes are an excellent outfit to wear whenever you want to skate.


Most of the store's shoes might be good, yes, but to the right solid skate shoes someone can afford to have, and this is why you are advised to check thoroughly before you have one. You also need to know those converse sneakers are good shoes for skating, but it will depend on which one you will buy. With converse shoes, you will find several varieties out there, but the good thing is that they will easily differentiate skate shoes from other converses.


Moreover, most shoemaking companies and shoe brands in the world struggle to create shoes that can be used in skating, but with converse, they have never found themselves in that direction. Freaky Shoes is one of the companies that have managed to perform well in producing converses that can be used as skating shoes. They are also one of the best companies that provide footwear with the best quality globally.


In Freaky Shows, you will find Converse CONS. This type of converses is explicitly made for skating. They possess many characteristics that categorize them as the perfect shoes for skateboarding. For decades, converse sneakers have been the classic brand, and they have also been used by most of the skateboarders across the world, which indicates that they are genuinely the perfect shoes for the skaters.


What Makes Converse Shoes Good for Skateboarding?


For many years, it has been proven that most of the companies that produce converse CONS have greatly benefited from those buyers that are involved in skating. Most of them have appreciated the work of the shoemakers for having made something great for skating. Additionally, when you visit the Freaky Shoes store, you will find various models formed from CONS traction rubber that is long-lasting and perfect for skating. For example, rubber soles and rubber backing are modes that come from the CONS.


The rubber used in your converse is useful, for it increases the grip, flexibility, and durability of your converse sneakers. These properties are a good indication that unquestionably, this type of shoes is suitable for skating because it allows your skater to feel the board properly beneath your feet. These shoes have been made with a lot of cushioning inside that acts as a shock absorber whenever skateboarding. Unlike the old fashion brands like Chuck Taylor All-Stars, converses have the comfort needed inside the shoes, which helps protect the feet.


Moreover, CONS also produces shoes with rubber toe-cup and elasticated tongue that gives support and protection to your ankle. Are converses suitable for skating? This is a question that many people have come up with. They want to know if this type of shoes can give you the support you need when skateboarding. But the thing is, not all converses can be used in skateboarding; the only type under a converse brand that can serve this purpose is the CONS line. This is undoubtedly the right choice for the skateboarders.


Subsequently, if you need something good, you better go to the converse brand and keep away from brands like suede and canvas. With canvas, they will not serve you for long. It is only recommended for those that participate in cruiser ride and not skateboarding. When they are used in skateboarding, they are likely to be destroyed just in a day, and the same applies to suede shoes or even worse.


History of Converse Shoes in Skateboarding


Converse sneakers made their first appearance in basketball shoes. They were created of rubber and canvas. The use of this material made the shoes to be flexible and lighter, thus providing the traction and the grip needed by the basketball players whenever they were on the court. Unfortunately, the early days' skateboarders were forced to skate barefoot due to lack of proper shoes to put on; however, they seemed to enjoy this because they could feel the board with their bare feet. It was proven that with the barefoot, they were able to control the board without any challenges.


However, with time, it gained popularity, and this was how she shoemakers realized that something was missing in their stores. But before they had their type, they went to basketball players and borrowed the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars. They later found out that the converse fit them well, and they were undoubtedly perfect for skateboarding. The shoemakers used the same design in basketball sneakers to create skateboard boots that looked perfect.


The shoemakers are the people who made converse; however, in the 1980s, when the skateboarding boomed, they drove all their attention on skaters, and this made the converse type to fall out of fashion during that time. The most popular skate shoes were Airwalk and Vans; these two types of converse were the best because they produced durable skating shoes. It also led to the introduction of leather and other suitable material, which were quite perfect rather than canvas.


Skate-specific line was introduced in the market in 2009, and it went by the name CONS line. However, according to the sources, the first CONS line was first used in the 1980s; therefore, this meat was just a resurrection of the original CONS line. Moreover, there is a big difference between the new CONS and the older one; the style of the unique CONS style is considered the classic converse sneakers. They also have many characteristics that make them one of the best skate shoes.

What makes good skate shoes?


As a skateboarder, you will make sure that your shoes are comfortable enough and are made from the recommended materials to prevent your feet from being exposed to injuries. You need to make sure that they are of high quality that can make them qualify to be the best shoes for you. You need to consider their durability before you just pic on any sneaker that might only last for a day. The other things that you aught your shoes to have are flexibility, weight, and support.


Generally, you are not supposed to wear heavy shoes whenever you skate because this might rip you down or even contribute to fatigue. In most cases, the weight would make it harder for you to feel the board, which is not right. Also, when you have heavy shoes, it will be challenging to control your board. This means that you will barely have control over the board, which may lead to accidents or something more serious.


However, if you want to control your board with a lot of ease, you should consider having lighter and flexible shoes. Flexibility will always make your feet stay in contact with the board. You should choose on the converse sneakers with rubber soles to make sure that your shoes are prevented from scratches and scuffs. It should also provide you with enough stability. This is why you will find out that most of the shoemakers use rubber to improve the lifespan of the sole.


Rubber is also one of the lightest materials, and that is why it is used in making soles of skating shoes. The shock absorber level should be improved by introducing built to the sole, thus keeping the skater free from injuries. The insoles are supposed to be well cushioned to provide the support needed by the skater. However, it is also essential to consider the affordability of the skating shoes you want to have and what you can easily get.


Furthermore, you need to consider its durability whenever you are for skating shoes. Do not end up buying something that will only last for days, and then it wears out. Even if the boots you want are expensive and you know that they will last, better take them than choose the cheap ones with a short lifespan. However, it is also appropriate to go for those that you can afford even if you will have to replace them regularly. Lastly, check the prices first before you go to the store and pick what you did not intend to have.


Ankle Support: Low-Tops, Mid-Tops, Or High-Tops


Your ankle is essential when it comes to skating, and that is why you need you to need to put it in your consideration to ensure that it is protected from injuries. However, there are three things that you should look into when you want to protect your ankle, namely; the low-tops, mid-tops, and the high-tops. Besides, you will not need to cater to all of them; you may choose to pick one that suits you.


With low-tops, you will be able to get the right range of motion, but be sure of getting no protection from them since your ankle will be exposed with no support. Therefore, you are likely to be scratched while skating. You will never want to have the feeling of getting hurt just because you have a low-top. However, they might be the lightest option in case there are fewer converse sneakers. In most cases, the skaters prefer light shoes because they improve their motion when skating. But the only problem with them is that they never protect the ankle.


Moreover, you also have the high-tops; to be sincere, this might be the right choice because it can cover your ankle well and provide the protection needed. However, despite offering more protection, they cannot entirely prevent breaks and sprains. Additionally, those who are not used to them might find it different, and that can take some time to get used to them.


Comparable Brands


Apart from the converse brand, other brands have shown their interest in making skating shoes. For example, Lakai, DC, Emerica, Etnies, and many more, and just like the converse brand, they have the best skating shoes, which has made it quite challenging to choose what the best is. Vans is one of the skateboarding shoes that have been in the market for many decades because of their feature and compatibility.


The other brand that has been in the limelight for some time now is Adidas; it has managed to provide a wide range of athletic boots that have covered almost every sport that you know of. In the 1990s, Adidas became one of the most popular shoe brands involved in the production of skateboarding shoes. But somebody will ask how much converse shoe cost, this is great because you also need to be conversant with the prices of these shoes.


Bottom Line


With the information provided in this article, skateboarders indeed have their specific shoes that are quite different from other footwear types. They also vary according to how the skater's leg is or the height, and this why they are produced separately from the different sports. However, for you to skate well, you need to consider things like, weight, durability, and flexibility of the shoes before you buy them because you might be purchasing something that will only cause you damages.


Lastly, there are so many brands that produce this type of shoes; therefore, you need to be careful with the sellers you are dealing with to make sure that you are buying the right shoes. However, if you feel you are not contented, be free to visit Freaky Shoes and get all the services you need.


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