Best DIY For Darkening The Leather Boots

Best DIY For Darkening The Leather Boots

Best DIY For Darkening The Leather Boots:

      There are many products for leather darkening in the market and many of them come with overlapping uses. If you are the one who is looking out for the best DIY for darkening the leather boots, have a look at the actionable tips that can best help.


Preparing the shoes with graphics for leather darkening

Clean boots gently with a rag and water as dirt can scar into the leather if you layer the darkener on it. Let your boots dry for some time before darkening them. Drying can also take a couple of hours even.


Best DIY method

    If you have your favorite sneakers flowers and you want to darken them to make them new, then get your hands on the vegetable oil.

Yes, vegetable oils like canola oils, olive, or coconut oil can be used for darkening and conditioning the boots. These tricks work well for many as vegetable oils are easy to use, quick and convenient for patterned shoes darkening.

Many experts have used these oils for darkening their leather boots and had amazing results. Make sure the vegetable oil that you are using for this method should not be rancid.

Don’t apply too much even as it can stain your world map shoes. Starts gently by applying a light coating of oil and then stop when the boots don’t accommodate any more. Remember removing the excessive oils before letting it dry finally.


Things you need

       A rag and any vegetable oil



  • Take three caps of any vegetable oil into a small rag

  • Brush your rag along the leather surface of pattern canvas shoes for coating it with oil

  • Let this oil work into the leather and massage it easily with the hands

  • Make sure the oil melt completely when it is massaged

  • Remove all the drops of oil or visible clumps on the boot

  • Let your boot rest for around 24 hours for letting this oil seep in

  • Apply another coating of oil on your patterned tennis shoes if needed and let it dry for another 24 hours


Merits of using this DIY method

  • The price is low

  • You can find any vegetable oil in your home so you don’t have to buy any expensive synthetic or darkening product

  • Can be applied easily

  • Helps in nourishing the leather and makes the same more supple

  • Offers a beautiful sheen


This method of using vegetable oil is the cheapest, safest and easiest. If you don’t want to go for the expensive creams and finishers, then this is the ultimate choice. You must also remember that it is much easier to darken your leather shoes, but it is very difficult to lighten them.

Make sure you select the best shoe darkening method which can offer you high-end results. For more ideas and details on how to darken your leather boots, visit the official website of and get your hands on expert tips as to how to waterproof and darken your unique shoes online.



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