Best Way To Clean White Shoes And Why Shoes Turn Yellow?

Best Way To Clean White Shoes And Why Shoes Turn Yellow?

Best Way To Clean White Shoes And Why Shoes Turn Yellow?

There are many reasons why after some time white shoes turn yellow. It is true as the white shoes turn wet after they are washed and then they trigger chemical reactions under the sun. They also get oxidized for turning yellow when they are exposed in air for a longer time.

The white shoes turn yellow due to sweat stains, and dirt as well. The shoes still have some soap which doesn’t get totally rinsed and creates a chemical reaction under the sun. In such a situation, the shoes start turning yellow once washed.

Steps to clean white shoes

  • First, you need to soak your shoes in water and clean the whole sole with a mild brush.

  • Secondly, apply some toothpaste on the brush and start brushing your shoes. You will see that shoes turn whiter by brushing.

  • Thirdly, wash out your shoes after brushing. Soak your shoes in water for some time and then soak its toothpaste out.

Let your shoes drain after getting soaked for some time. Further, cover your shoes with white tissue and don’t leave any gap in between. Once your shoes are dry, you will find that your tissue paper has turned yellow. This makes the shoes whiter once you take off the tissue.

How you can maintain white shoes?

Make good use of a cleanser

The shoe edges turn yellow due to a chemical residue, called enzymes in the detergent. It is responsible for triggering a chemical reaction and gives rise to the yellow substance under the sun, that makes the surface of the shoe turn yellow.

Hence, you can select whitening soap for washing your white shoes. This way, no residue will remain and shoes will turn much whiter.

Make use of pure blue ink

The ferrous ion present in the pure blue ink & stains produces a chemical reaction in the water. So, one can easily pour around 5 drops of blue ink in clean water for turning the water in light blue when washing white shoes.

Put your white shoes in water and let them soak for around 10 minutes. In the end, wash your white shoes with the best help of clean water. Additionally, let your white shoes air dry in dry, cool and ventilated place, instead of keeping them under the sun.

Best use of white tissue

As mentioned above, cover your white shoes with white tissue after washing them. You can wrap them with more layers. It helps in blocking the direct sunlight for basking white shoes. Moreover, it also makes use of the fluorescent for increasing the white shoe whiteness.

Using lead powder

You can make the best use of lead powder as well if your white shoes have turned yellowish. One can smear a small amount of lead powder on your white shoes after washing them, and simply cover them with white tissue for drying it off. This will surely help in making your white shoes look alluring for a new look.

For more details on how to make your shoes whiter and tidier, follow freaky shoes today.

Best Way To Clean White Shoes And Why Shoes Turn Yellow?

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