Bowling Shoes For Women Guide

Bowling Shoes For Women Guide

Bowling Shoes For Women Guide:

Are you here to understand the difference between bowling shoes and the regular ones? If so, then you are in the right place! Today, we will see the main difference between regular shoes and bowling shoes. So, continue reading this article without further ado!

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Bowling Shoes for women

The difference between the shoe size of a man and a woman can really affect your feet as well as your game. Yes, there is a huge difference in the manufacturing of men and women's shoes. Both are manufactured according to the requirements of a specific gender. Your bowling game doesn’t only depend on your skills, but on your gears, like sizing and style.

However, the main difference is bowling shoes are designed for the bowling alley, and so come with flat sole with no heel. Similarly, these shoes have leather soles and designed to be super slippery to ensure a perfect side, unlike the regular one sneakers, which come with heavy traction rubber soles.

The regular sneakers have chances for picking up debris and thus can make bowling super difficult. Another big difference is bowling shoes have the left and right shoe soles different. The reason is simple, one is for the slide, and the second foot is for the break.

So if you want to release the bowling ball super smoothly toward the pins down, then you need to slide into release. Yes, and so, if you are right-footed, then you need to have a sliding sole should be on the left shoe.

Moreover, the sliding shoe has a super smooth sole, which slippers to get the smooth slide. So this is the main reason when you get the rented shoes, you will get the bowling alley smooth on both sides, the main reason is hundreds of people have worn those shoes.

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Are Bowling Shoes Really True To Size?

The size of the shoe really matters in the bowling. Also, it differs in the sizing system from one country to another. So it’s essential to get the right size for you to avoid unwanted injuries. But it would help if you keep in mind that the 7 sizes in the US would be different than the one in British.

Why Do We Need To Wear Special Bowling Shoes?

It’s necessary to get the special bowling shoes when you are going for bowling because it’s not about the game but for your foot’s safety. Regular sneakers can damage the floor as well as damage your foot, so you need to keep that in mind.

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