Can Flat Feet Be Fixed?

Can Flat Feet Be Fixed?

Can Flat Feet Be Fixed:

Pes planus is more commonly known as flat feet; it is a condition that may be developed at the time of birth or by an injury. People who have flat feet have reduced arches of their feet; it is believed that around 8 million US adults suffer from flat feet, but the number may be higher than that as it is suspected that people may not even be aware of their flat feet.


Flat feet can also be caused by excessive wear and tear of the muscles in your feet, so if your job requires standing all day, try to search for best athletic shoes for standing all day or best shoes back pain. You can also search for shoes for flat feet or best shoes for wide feet to make sure you get the perfect pair for yourself.


Is Fixing Flat Feet Possible?

If you are noticing symptoms of flat feet developing in your feet, then the first thing to do is seek a doctor and get a professional to examine you and give you their medical advice. Flat feet can cause much pain, especially in the balls of your heels, if you notice your feet hurting all the time or shoes that fit you perfectly, becoming unwearable, then see a doctor.


In serious cases, the doctors might have to perform a surgery to revert the shape of your deformed foot, but that is only if the foot has become too flat and deformed. To avoid infections, make sure to get your shoes cleaned by the best sneakers cleaner.


How To Revert Flatness In Arches Of Your Feet?

     Restoring or rebuilding the arches of your feet is not an easy task, and your feet obviously won’t just regain their arches on their own; in some cases, rebuilding arches become impossible, but that is a rare case. The arch of your foot takes a lot of pressure and distributes the stress evenly throughout your feet, by becoming flat the arches sometimes disappear completely and cause pain.

If your job or workplace requires you to stand all day long, it's highly recommended that you get shoes manufactured explicitly for that, for example; if you work as a chef, look up the best shoes for chefs instead of going for some regular shoes.

Why Won’t The Military Accept Flatfooted People?


In the past, people with flat feet were not eligible to apply as a cadet for the Canadian or US army; military counted flat-footedness as a physical defect, but the rules have been changed, and now flat-footedness does no longer hamper in enrolling as a cadet.


After seeing a doctor and getting to know the condition of your flat feet, you can easily rebuild your arches using shoes that support your feet nicely.

Can Flat Feet Be Fixed?

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