Cowboy boots, who does not know this type of footwear? However, it may be true that you aware not aware of them if you are not a cowboy. They are a traditional, classic, practical, and fleshy type of shoes. They are mere than just being a bit eccentric for those who know them well. But how are you going to manage to pull them if you are mot an actual cowboy? Despite there long history, many people, if not all still have doubts if they can still put up with this type of boots. However, they might be easy for you to put them on, but the thing is will you manage to sustain with them on your feet.


It is however clear that this boot needs you to have a specific style for you to manage to pull them off the right way, and this is why a particular group of people only wears it. However, it is evident that these groups of people are the cowboys; they are mostly found in the western parts of the world. Typically, the researches show that these cowboy boots can not only be used by the cowboy but also anybody who would want to find comfort in them. They are produced in different varieties depending on the design you would want to have.


Also, most of them are created from leather, a material that is considered to be very strong and long-lasting. They are made depending on the duty it is likely to perform. You will probably not choose to have a boot that is made from fragile materials, because you will only be risking your feet or even something worse. This article will be discussing all the information about all you need to know about this type of footwear. Probably from its origin, history, to how you can easily pull them off. You will also be able to know all the styles of cowboy boots that are found in Freaky Shoes


It is in this article that you will understand how you can put on this boot and get away with it without any challenges what so ever, and at the same time look attractive in them. With the help of this article and Freaky Shoes, you will be able to know the different designs of cowboy and how you can put up with them in the most natural way. Finally, you will also understand how to pull different types of cowboy boots when wearing them.


Moreover, Freaky Shoes allows you to make sure that you design your own custom boots which will also make you feel appreciated for your excellent work. This type of shoes is not only worn by full-grown men and women but also the children. This is because they are highly protective, and this makes you go to some places where sandals cannot apply.

What Are Cowboy Boots?


If you are not from upcountry, you might find yourself asking what cowboy boots are. This is not a crime because it is also essential to know what they are to understand how they work and their significance in humans' feet. If you are fond of western movies or country music videos, then it is true that you have ever seen this type of footwear. Moreover, cowboy boots are associated with ranches, classic cowboy movies and the southwestern part of the USA. They are also considered to be eye-catching, flashy with its unique kind of taste.


Furthermore, they are said to have their distinctive characteristics; a high shaft, high Cuban heel have a more pointed front that the other designs of riding boots. This makes them appear very different from the other cowboy boots. Additional, the renowned material that is used in the creation of boots are the leather from cowhide.


However, there are other popular skins from different animals that can also be used to do the same; the alligator, buffalo and snake can be very useful too in the production of the boots. Although, with how time has changed the use of animal skin in making boots have reduced due to the agent need in the protection of both domesticated and wild animals. It has resulted in the use of faux leather. This is the material that is used by modern shoemakers to create boots.


The Cuban heel is an essential part of this type of footwear and the unique characteristics that separate it from the other kinds of cowboy boots. The Cuban heel has an angled underslung that has a total height of about a half-inch. However, the most comfortable and commonly worn cowboy boots are those with very short heels. You can even walk with them for a long mile without getting tired, unlike those with high heels. Those with more substantial heels are also vital in their way as they are known for their production of security, especially when you are riding. They hold your feet very tight in place and high, thus reducing the dangers that might harm your feet while riding. They are generally the most practical footwear. With the type of material used to create them, you can wear them for as long as you want, because they do not wear out easily.


Besides, you can find a boot with a heel that has a maximum height of about two inches, but their height mostly ranges between 1 and 1.5 inches. Boots with this size are commonly used and found in the stores of Freaky Shoes However, you are free to make the order of any height you would want to have, and you will be delivered at your home. It is also vital for you to know that like the other types of footwear, cowboy boots can also be found in different designs that will probably suit your need.


Generally, you can never find a cowboy boot that is laced up, because you can simply pull them on and off. Therefore, unlike leather shoes, cowboy boots have the bootstraps instead of the leather loops. They do not require a lot of energy when you are wearing or taking them off, thus making it even easier to work with them. This is essential because you will not have to go looking for laces or also tying them when you want to wear them.


However, it is practical that when cowboy boots are created to lace them, they will tend to cause problems, especially when you accidentally fall from the horse. You will also get injuries when you trap or probably dragged behind your horse. Therefore, you must consider purchasing boots that do not have laces to be able to prevent unplanned injuries from happening. You will probably be able to find the right boots when you visit Freaky Shoes They have the best boots, and you will only be required to click on their website and order for any type of boot that will surely satisfy your need.

The History of Cowboy Boots


As many people know, the history of cowboy boots is generally full of lore and legends that have ensured that this type of shoes is here to stay. However, it is unclear to date of the person that initially invented these boots. But it evident that shoemaker created the first pair of boots from Texas in the United States of American then it spread to other parts of the world. Regardless of peoples stories, it is confirmed that this was the actual place where it was invented.


It is however confirmed that the history of cowboy boots began at the end of the Civil War in 1865, whether in Kansas or Texas. Initially, there was a cowboys’ military boot, but it becomes worthless when it was not able to fit in certain conditions when the cowboys were driving their cattle across the country. This made them look for other option to make sure that they are safe while driving their cattle. It was also clear that the boots that were given to them during the civil war were never cut out well for riding horses for a long time through the creeks, bushes and shrubs. This was the reason why they decided to make something that would sustain them.


In the1870, one of the cowboys then was spotted by a shoemaker and got the opportunity to tell shoemaker to create a different pair of boot. The cowboy demanded the boot that was to be made to be higher in that it will be able to protect the feet from thorns, snakes and other dangerous animals in the trail. Additionally, the boots were to be scalloped in the back and front to make it easy to put them on and off without struggling. They were also supposed to be loose enough on the top so that they can be easily put on when in a hurry. It was to have a pointed front for easily sliding in the stirrups with an extended heel.


However, the researchers reported that the shoemaker managed to make a new cowboy boot with a durable material (leather) from animal hide. This was to protect the ankles from being exposed to the wooden stirrups. It was also meant to protect the feet from getting injuries from thorns and dangerous animals in the bushes. The stitching of the boot remained outside to prevent it from rubbing the legs from inside. This was indeed the best boot because the shoemaker did consider not only the comfort but also the protection it would give your feet.


Moreover, it was clear that the first boots had a very low on both quality and style, but was very high on its function. It indicates that the shoemaker concentrated more on the features more than the design of the boot. They, however, performed very well, and within a short time, they were already spread in different parts. Since there was no technology during those time, the only possible way that was used to make these boots was by use of hands, and for your information, they ended up to be very significant. The absence of the machine did not limit them from making something that was very efficient.


Originally, ranchers and the cowboys were to visit the repairmen to make sure that their boots were in total fitness. But with time, things started to change as mail-orders eventually emerged, and companies like Freaky Shoes which simplified everything. However, most of the custom fit boots remained in the stores to be a preference to those who were able to afford them. Freaky Shoes came to the aid of many people as it allowed them to design their custom shoes which made the production of different type of cowboy boots to resurface.


Furthermore, the history of these boots took another turn in the 1930s and 1940s when there were high growth and popularity of the western movies (cowboy films). The film changed the cowboy life in different dimensions. The cowboy boots rose to a trendy type of footwear as many people wanted to taste their comfort. Many shoemakers decided to look for a way to ensure that they colourfully design the boots to maintain their supply and the demand that was inspired by its rising fashion.


Today, you can find all styles of these boots in the store that are made from a different type of leather such as snakeskin, alligator, buffalo, ostrich, and bison just to name but a few. Despite their long history, the boots have managed to remain very practical. You will enjoy not only their exceptional protection but also the comfort they have from inside to outside, which makes you go ever want to go and shop them. However, when you visit Freaky Shoes, you will be able to buy any design so long as it suits your need. They are also pocket friendly; as you do not need to spend much on them.

Types of Cowboy Boots


Nowadays, you can be able to find different varieties of cowboy boots. They have become part of humans wear like any other footwear worldwide. However, it is mostly worn with people from the western part of the United States, thus becoming a symbol of status globally. If you find it very intimidating, then you are free to choose any type that will best suit you because there are many types which will make it easy for you to make your decision. Below are some of the types that are in Freaky Shoe stores;


Western Boots


They are the most common cowboy boots that were worn with the cowboys from the western part of the USA. They have an iconic and standard design which makes them very unique from the others. Also, it has an average height that ranges between 1 and 1.5 inches. It has stability and balancing grip that gives you comfort while walking.


Additionally, its upper has a height of about 12 inches that can be compared to a mid-calf. Its front is strong and stable enough to protect your toes from any damage if an accident occurs. Their height is meant to protect their shins from adverse conditions. From their name western, they originated from the west, and it was a style that the western cowboys used. Their ability to protect the cowboys from danger is the main reason why many cowboys went for it because they knew their feet would be safe and comfortable even when they are in the bushes full of thorns.


Work Boots


They are usually created from cowhides. This is what makes them more efficient with a practical choice. They are boots that are only meant for work purposes. They have very short heels with a durable rubber on its bottom that provides extra protection and strength. Moreover, they are the boots with the pragmatic than the most boots; therefore, having a lower price. Unlike the western boots, this boot has an upper that rises to about 14 inches above. They often tend to reach the knees. Its heel has an average height of 2 inches, and it is raised to prevent your feet for damages.


However, they are mostly used for riding and not walking. The suspension of the height is meant to allow you to work even if it's all day. It has a sole that is made from rubber with considerable traction which will possibly increase its stability. Moreover, most of these boots have a mid-sole that is cushioned to absorb shock effectively. Their comfortable design and heavy-duty prove that these are surely working boots. They can be bought in any store, including Freaky Shoes, where there are different sizes for you.


Riding Boots


From the name riding, these boots are meant for horseback riding. Every part of it is designed to keep the cowgirl or the cowboy comfortable and safe when they are riding the horse. This is why many horse riders and rodeos go after them. It is created with soft leather sole to allow the boots to slide in and out of the stirrups easily without any injuries. The smooth bottom also prevents your feet from snugging when you fall from the horse. It has a high angled heel which helps the boots to hold well onto the stirrups.


Walking Boots


They are created to walk only. Unlike work or riding boots, these boots have does not have a substantial duty feature or high heels. A right walking boot should be made with a very short heel for you to walk comfortably, and it should also be light for your feet to be able to sustain the weigh for a long distance. A comfortable boot should be created with a fair amount of traction on the sole.


However, when they are made with a broader front with a square heel, it will probably make them better for standing rather than just sitting. Lastly, they are perfect boots for strolling or even walking about in town because of their comfort and functionality.


Roper Boots


This is the style of boot that emerged after the western boots. They are designed for use in calf roping competitions. They have a very short heel of about 1 inch making it one of the most comfortable boots used in walking. With this boot, unlike the others, it has a squared heel with a short upper that barely reaches the ankle.


The main reason why the boots were formed was to make it easier for cowboys to chase after the calves. Unlike the western boot these boots have a round toe front with a short heel, this reduces the risk of breaking your feet when you are running. They are also made with a short shaft and tight fit around the ankle to enable you to move faster and to give you the support that is required when you are roping a steer.


Exotic Boots


These are working boots that are worn on ranches and are usually created from cowhides to make them reliable and sustainable. Additionally, as boots continue to grow in the fashion globally, the more the material used to make the increase. Exotic boots can be created from a snake, eel, lizard, ostrich, deer, alligator, and many more that are not mentioned.


However, it comes with a price tag, and they are mostly artwork which makes then very attractive. In the history of boots, this is the only one that has been given to people as a gift for appreciation. They also come with unique and different styles that are typically cushioned to the buyer. Therefore, if you want to have the best exotic boots, then do not shy away; feel free to visit Freaky Shoes and order for your pair.


Fashion Cowgirl Boots


This type of boot evolved very first in the fashion realm due to its wide acceptance worldwide. However, it is mostly designed for women only; they are more about style and less about functionality. Besides, they are also made to set the person wearing with unique handmade designs. Since these boots are meant for breaking the rule, therefore, they have no particular pattern or mould to these fashion boots. On the hand, these boots are unlike the other boots because, with them, they have understated ankle booties to bedazzled, knee-high riding boots.




Who Can Wear Cowboy Boots


The good thing here is that these boots can be worn with anyone; gender or age does not matter at all. It can be worn from young to old, men to women; this is what makes it overall footwear. However, it is very unfortunate that not everybody knows how to put them on leave alone, taking them off, which is very challenging for some people to date. Meanwhile, if you have total confidence here, then you can manage to survive with these boots. When you have them on, they are the type of footwear that attracts people's attention very first because of their boldness and confidence.


How to Wear Cowboy Boots


The most crucial thing understand that the cowboy boots have to be worn in the end; you simply cannot buy something that you know well that you are only going to keep and not wearing them. In the end, you will have to embrace the attention that these boots can be able to attract. You will only be able to own and look great in them when you decide to put them on. You will probably feel worse if people get to know that you are self-conscious about your boots. However, you can choose to look great when you decide to be confident and bold about them. Therefore, this article is going to take you through on how you are supposed to put on these boots. Below are some of the discussed ways;


Embrace the boot: - embrace your boot by making sure that you properly wear them, and this should apply in both men and women. Moreover, they can only be stylish for women, manly for men, and also a great addition to your closet.


  • The height and the decorations on your boots will always be distinctive, thus making them attractive.

  • The cowboy boots with tapered toes will be a fun contrast compared to your usual pair of shoes.

  • However, those with the plain bottom will be a rarity; most of them stand well with finishes and colours.


Know the different styles of cowboy boots: - there are many types of boots with each having various features. Therefore, there is undoubtedly a style for everyone and the best designs, of course. However, you should make sure you learn more about them first to help you make the right choice;


  • Classic boots have an average of about 12 inches; this also means that the boot is angled inward. It shares the same features with the Cuban-style heel.

  • The stockman has features that nearly the same with the classic boot, but unlike the classic, it has a wider and very short heel.

  • Buckaroos are the flashiest boot compared to the others. They are tall with a height of about 14 inches. With this height it evident that it’s the tallest boot of all. They are, however long to protect your feet and legs.

  • Western work boots are not that different from the roper boots, but western work boots have a more significant toe, unlike the roper boot.


Choose the right size: - you must ensure that you choose on the right size that will probably fit your feet. Also, besides size, you should make sure the boo matches with the width of your feet for it to provide you accurately. You cannot buy something small for your feet or vice versa. Therefore it calls for you to take measurement first before you order any.


Be confident: - there is no way you will be able to wear a boot when you don’t have confidence. Cowboy boots may not be found in some part; therefore, you will probably attract the attention of people when you wear them. You should also remember to mind your body language whenever you are walking. Your self-conscious will be shown with how you carry yourself.


Try to avoid camp: - when you are wearing boots, you should avoid once in loud colours or too much decoration that might attract unnecessary attention. You should also avoid putting on ties whenever you have your boots on, and this will prevent drawing extra attention.


Wear cowboy boots over tapered jeans: - this kind of look will only work properly with those who have skinny jeans and the boot balanced out well.


Stick with classic washes: - the best jeans to wear with cowboy boots are the medium and dark wash jeans. However, when you put on a bright coloured wash, you will look confused on your wear because the bright coloured washes look outdated and they are not appropriate when you wear them with boots.


Do not tuck your jeans into the boot:- Some boots like the buckaroos have decoration all over; therefore, you may decide to tuck your jeans to make them visible, but this should not apply to guys because it will make you look awkward or even attract unnecessary attraction. The best style to be used by men is wearing your jeans over the jeans.


Be sure that your pants are sufficiently long: - make sure that your pants are long enough that can drag on the flow to cover your boots properly.


Bottom Line


Cowboy boots are footwear that can be worn by anyone and in the end, look great. However, you can never put on a cowboy boot when you do not the confidence required for you to manage to stay with them in public. As discussed in the above article, you need to make your choices well when dealing with these boots, and remember to visit Freaky Shoes to be able to find more about cowboy boots, from how you are required to put them on, who to wear them, the types to their history. This will help you to get conversant with this type of footwear.



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