Different Types Of Wrestling Shoes

Different Types Of Wrestling Shoes

Different Types Of Wrestling Shoes:

     Wrestling shoes means a lot of variety in colors, uniqueness, sole, shape, and size. It all depends on the brands which introduce various aspect of wrestling shoes to their clients. Some of them get success in introducing funky and vibrant colors while some remain on a serious or muted side.

When you come across choosing the best shoe deodorizer for yourself you will find yourself at a confusing stage where you can't decide due to versatility in the market.

Types of wrestling shoes

Wrestling shoes are mean to serve for a slit or non-split soles. Although there are various aspects to talk about the sole is the core feature that is prioritized at top. This feature differentiates the good wrestling shoe from the best bowling shoes.

A wrestler doesn't need a slippery or sliding shoe but a strong and soft sole which makes his grip on the mat. Apart from inner features a wrestler also takes care of its outer look.

Usually, professionally opt for good shoes for flat feet which includes split-sole wrestling shoes. The specialty behind choosing it is its soft and more flexible sole that compose of thin rubber material. An athlete's foot has much freedom to move and wiggle the toes. This suits best for high-speed wrestlers!

Another type of wrestling shoe is non-split soles that have a toe-to-heel rubber covering the entire foot. It allows flexibility less than split soles but non-split has more grip due to large surface area.

The specialty of wrestling shoes

Wrestling shoes provide traction power to the athletes during the match. Major pushing power comes from wrestler's feet while pushing opponents. Feet are pushed backward on the mat to gain leverage. Greeks in ancient times believe that strong grip and good appearance of spartan race best shoes provide confidence to wrestlers during match time.

Wrestling shoes act as an outer skin to cover your inner foot and protect the ankles. Due to this, ankles get a stronger grip on the mat and ground. Above all, wrestling shoes provide more attraction to the audience due to the appealing canvas material used over it.

Tennis shoe arch support protects wrestler from toenail lacerations as well as fungal infections.

Split vs non-split sole

Split and non-split soles are readily available in the market and split soles are most favored by experts because of the way they wear it and perform it. It's a lightweight, flexible, and fully soled shoe. Fully soled doesn't mean a heavy or bulky in weight but more comfort. A wrestler can move his feet according to his own will in any direction. These shoes do not last for long because of thin material.

While on the other hand non-split shoes are fully covered with rubber but light in weight. These shoes last longer due to durability and ultimately it saves your money so often spend over its purchase.

How long wrestling shoes last?

Wrestling shoes last longer if treated with caution. Quality of shoes will be maintained if you wear socks with wrestling shoes because it will lower the tear of the sole inside it. Cut your toenails to avoid the damage.

It also depends on the brand's reputation and quality that they sell.


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