DIY For Bronzing Baby Shoes

DIY For Bronzing Baby Shoes

DIY For Bronzing Baby Shoes:

    Have your baby recently outgrown their first shoe pair? Do you have any sentimental value which you want to preserve forever? Let’s have a look at bronzing baby shoes so that you can keep them safe for years.

    When it comes to designed shoes like bronzing baby shoes, you get only a few options. You can give this task either to an expert company and pay them for doing it for you, or you can yourself add a bronzing effect to their shoes on your own.

    Here you can also have a look at the DIY option to convert them in a unique shoe.


Steps involved in the process of bronzing baby shoes

   You can first prepare your shoes by application of the lacquer to the surface of your shoes. The conductive metal, commonly copper is used for coating them.  Additionally, they get placed in an electroplating bath.

   This process is time-consuming; it takes few weeks in completion. The finished products turn into cool design shoes which can be preserved for eternity in the dazzling bronze. This method is not that easy to be performed at home.

   There is an expert way through which you can bronze your kid's shoes with designs yourself.


Expert companies known for bronzing baby shoes

The top-notch companies engaged in bronzing baby shoes are,

  • Bronzery

  • Chicks and cubs

  • Memories in bronze

  • Bronze shoes

  • Corporate bronze and more

How to bronze baby shoes at home?

    One can achieve finish which is similar to the electroplating at home. However, it will not be as durable and holds restrictions in terms of material that one can use. For example shoes or crocheted booties made from the absorbent materials that might not dry off.

The synthetic or leather shoes like bucket feet, sneakers, hard-soled shoes, ballet pump shoes, and sneakers are good candidates.

Things you need

  • Baby shoes

  • Denatured alcohol

  • Clean rags

  • Fishing or wireline

  • Superglue or rubber cement

  • Sharp needle or any pointed tool

  • Bronze metallic powder

  • Fast drying spar varnish

  • Small container for mixing paint in

  • Black oil paint

  • Camel hair paintbrush

  • Good quality of paintbrush


  • Clean your shoes properly with a damp rag. Make sure all the dirt is removed.

  • Take denatured alcohol like Klean strip green & soap another rag

  • Rub your shoes with alcohol like the one from Klean-strip Green & soak the rag with it.

  • Rub your shoes with alcohol that is soaked rag for removing any dirt or polish which might remain.

  • Let the shoes dry completely

  • Arrange laces & shoe tongue in a final position that you want them (The tongue should touch the upper side of the shoes).

  • Use super glue or rubber cement-like from Gorilla glue to fix tongue & laces in its place.

  • Take a sharp needle or awl and make 2 holes in the shoe sole. They should be large enough to thread the wire or the fishing line, for hanging shoes as you work on them.

  • Put the wire or line through holes and create a loop that shoes can be hung from for drying

  • Use the small container, mix the bronze powder with fast-drying spar varnish.

  • Use a camel hair brush and paint the whole outside of the shoe.

  • And, let them dry and your bucketfeet shoes are ready.

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