Expert Tips and Tricks for Shoe Repair

Expert Tips and Tricks for Shoe Repair

Expert Tips and Tricks for Shoe Repair:

     Many of us believe that shoe repair can be done by professional cobblers only. But sometimes you may not be able to visit the specialists, and the worse looking shoes are not easy to wear for the occasions. For such situations, you should learn some DIY tips to fix broken, or worn-out shoes fast. Many teenagers also prefer to try instant makeover tricks to get a new look for their old sneakers.

If you own a pair of customised sports shoes, it is good to know a few additional ideas to maintain it for the long run. After all, you would love to wear your favorite shoes for all special occasions to create an impression. The shoe emergencies can arrive at any hour of the day. So, we need to stay prepared to repair our custom leather sneakers. Moreover, if you follow some expert tips to care for your shoes, you can limit the damage while ensuring that your shoes last for the long run.


Important Tips

Here we have listed a few important tips from Freaky Shoes to help you repair your custom sneakers Barcelona:

  • Repairing shoe heels:

One of the most common troubles we face with shoes is regarding their heels. In case of significant damage, you may even need to take your shoes to the specialists. But what can you do at home? Just clean the sole and heel of your shoes and then use heavy-duty sandpaper and glue to fix it back. Clean the dirt using sandpaper and then apply glue to hold the stuff back. Leave it for a few minutes, and your shoes with unique shoelaces are ready to wear.


  • Fixing worn-out heels:

Probably your shoe heels look distressed, and they are completely worn out now. Well, it is time to check an old pair of shoes in your wardrobe that you probably don’t like to wear anymore. Just grab the heel from those old shoes and put them on your favorite shoes. You may need a nail and hammer to secure the heal perfectly in the right position.


  • Removing stains from your shoes:

Another common trouble for sneaker lovers is to protect their favorite customizable sneaker from dirt and stains. Other common stains we can see on shoes are of coffee and wine. You need to wash them immediately after such kind of damage. Prefer to fill the inner portion of the shoe with newspaper and then wash the outer area with a damp cloth. Create a cleaning solution by mixing dish-washing detergent into two cups of warm water. Clean the affected area with sponge and rinse your shoes. Let them dry for a few hours, and you will be able to wear them again.


  • Repairing shoe sole:

You can also fix the worn out sole of your shoe at home. Simply mix one-half tablespoon of baking soda with some water and create a soft paste. Use a toothbrush to apply this paste between sole, and the upper part of the shoe. Now clean the area and apply glue. Press the shoe and the sole together. Leave your shoe overnight and they will be ready to wear by the morning.

Now you know the best tricks to protect your sports shoes brands logos. It is the right time to create your sneaker with custom designs online and get ready to wear them for a weekend party.

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