Freaky Shoes Releases Betsy Ross Sneaker Collection to Support American Patriotism

Freaky Shoes Releases Betsy Ross Sneaker Collection to Support American Patriotism

Freaky Shoes Releases Betsy Ross Sneaker Collection to Support American Patriotism

Patriotism is one's love for his/her country. Everybody that loves his country wants to do everything for his country that is beneficial for it. Freaky Shoes also loves his country, and it is serving American by making and selling every kind of shoes for the people of America. Freaky Shoes also sell shoes to worldwide customers, and it is proud of the American Nation. These shoes are Betsy Ross Sneakers, which shows great love and patriotism for Americans. These shows also support the men and women in blue as well as in Law Enforcement. The blue color shows the love of Freaky Shows towards the police of America. The blue color is represented with a thin line on every shoe of Betsy Ross Sneaker Collection.
The reason was that there was a picture of the American flag on the heel of Nike Betsy Ross Shoe. On the day of 4th July, Nike shoes were going to release to sale. This day was the independence day of slavery. During this, a Nike spokesperson pulled Nike Betsy Ross Shoes off from the shelves saying that these shoes were not made to release on the day of independence. A few pairs were sold by the people online because others were pulled off.
Freaky Shoes made these shoes in the response of Nike Betsy Ross Shoes because these shoes were pulled from the shelves off and were not allowed to sell.

Freaky Shoes with American Flag Themes
Nike shoes were not allowed to sell, and many people of American became angry with this situation. In this response, Freaky Shoes made shoes with an American flag. These shoes have different designs with flag themes. These shoes show true love towards America, and it is selling all over the world. These Betsy Ross flag shoes show that it has been made in America when it will sell in other countries of the world. It is proud of America that their flag is representing in other countries. These shoes are in different colors for men and women.


Betsy Ross Shoes
These awesome shoes have been made by Freaky Shoes. Betsy Ross shoes have an American flag theme designed on its upper. These shoes are very soft, breathable, and light. You can feel your thoughts by wearing these shoes because these shoes are representing the same thing as Betsy Ross American flag shoes. You will be proud when you will wear these shoes. These shoes are available in every size. You can feel your love towards America by wearing these Betsy Ross shoes. There is a blue line designed at the sole of Betsy Ross shoes.


Betsy Ross Shoes Represent American Flag
There are red lines on the upfront of these shoes, and the upper of shoes are blue. A circle of white stars is designed on the blue color, which makes it look more beautiful. Same as front, red lines are also made on the back shoes. The other color between the red lines on upfront and back is white, which is looking attractive. This combination of colors and stars make a complete flag of America.


Flag Of United States
The flag of the United States has three different colors that represent different things and facts. These colors are blue, red, and white. All information about these colors is given below with details.
There are thirteen stripes on the American flag that are made up of thin lines red and blue colors. The red color symbolizes the hardiness and power of the nation, and the blue color represents protection and support.
The Thin Red Line is a term in which 93 Highland Regiment of Foot of the British Army was formed at the Battle of Balaclava in 1854, in which the Highlanders were stood against the Russian Cavalry charge. This action became famous for publicity made by the press, and it became the most famous action of the Crimean War. In this way, red thin was used by the American soldiers in their uniforms.
In 1911, the phrase Thin Line was used when it was found in the poem "The Thin Blue Line," written by Nels Dickmann Anderson. In this poem, the phrase 'The Thin Blue Line' symbolized the army of the United States.
There is a union type rectangle in the corner of the flag in which white stars are designed. The number of these small stars is fifty, which are designed six stars in each row.
This combination of fifty small stars with blue background symbolizes that America has fifty states and thirteen stripes show that there are thirteen colonies of British in the United States that were declared independence by the Kingdom of Great Britain, which were become the first states of the United States. There are different nicknames of the flag of the United States as Old Glory, Stars and Stripes, and the Star-Spangled Banner.

What Represent Red and Blue Lines in Betsy Ross Shoes?
The color of the uniform of American police is blue. The thin blue line of the police shows that this policy is very helpful, and it protects society against any problems. That's why this thin blue line is designed on the sole of Betsy Ross Shoes. In this way, Freaky Shoes also shows the presence of American police in these shoes.
In the same way, red lines also represent the power of the American Nation. It shows the hardness and power of soldiers of the army and policemen. These shoes are not limited only to police and army, everybody can feel that he has power, he is hard, and he can protect his country with power.

White Circle of Stars on Betsy Ross Shoes
There are not fifty stars on these shoes due to the lack of space and to make the shoes beautiful. The circle of stars also represents the states of America.
Betsy Ross Shoes actually shows the complete shape of the American flag. The Freaky Shoes made these shoes better than Betsy Ross American Flag Nike shoes.


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