Guide for Tennis Shoes

Guide for Tennis Shoes

Guide for Tennis Shoes

Different types of people have different types of feet, and every person's feet are compatible with different types of shoes. The same is the case with the shoes used for tennis. No matter if your feet are flat, all one need is a pair of good support shoes.

Over pronated motion of the foot

When the foot, as well as the ankle of the athlete, fails to maintain the body balance properly, then it is referred to as overpronated motion. Pronation is a process in which the inside movement of the foot distributes the force on the surface. If this process is not done appropriately, then it becomes a reason for either overpronation or under pronation.

As a result of this, the balance of the body is not suitable, and it ends in average absorption by the ground. Arch is a part of the body that helps in absorbing the shock and also bears all the pressure on the toes. Therefore, the best sneakers for arch support must be used, which acquire minimal cushion and also helps in moving the foot in a normal way.

Foot pronation

While walking or moving we choose our foot to get in contact with the ground, the exterior portion of our foot is the first which comes across the ground, and then the foot rolls about 15 percent and then touches the ground fully. Moreover, this also distributes the mass of the body so that any shock can be absorbed when the foot touches the ground.

If an individual has a normal foot with an arch, then he is said to be a pronator being normal, which tells that a person does not need any footwear for balancing the body when walking and can wear any kind of shoes like shoes for kitchen workers too.

The major contrast between supination and pronation

Under pronation is also said to be supination. It is a condition when the foot starts rolling in the outward direction. While walking the foot naturally under pronates when the heel is lifted while running or walking. But it is not the way a person pronates. It can be felt while walking and also playing tennis. In this case, keeping the body stable is only possible by pronation. Supination is a completely different thing then pronation. If the foot rolls out instead of rolling in, then one must opt for good support shoes.

Can tennis be played in running shoes?

Tennis can be played in the shoes used for running but, one might not be comfortable as in the shoes designated for tennis. The running shoes are made for comforting the foot while walking or running from the front part and also does not have much balance at the heel area.

While the tennis shoes are made with supporting walls as a lot of balance and absorption properties are required in tennis shoes. While playing strong tennis grip is required to keep the foot tract. In other words, running shoes are a bit lighter in weight than tennis shoes. So, one might experience swollen foot after playing tennis in running shoes.


An appropriate pair of shoes is important for achievement. As the right shoes will always help the feet being comfortable and the best shoe deodorizers and shoe repair glue are always provided with tennis shoes. So, this means that there will be no hurdle in balancing the shoes and winning on the court.

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