How Long Do Basketball Sneakers Last

How Long Do Basketball Sneakers Last

How Long Do Basketball Sneakers Last:

Basketball is a game played by nearly 450 million people around the world. It is a game that requires a lot of skill and dedication to play and, along with it, and agile movement and a fast-thinking mind.

However, besides these things, the Basketball kit matters a lot in which shoes play a crucial role. The sneakers are an essential wearable in Basketball; they protect the feet of the players from the surface beneath and give them the required agility and pace while playing the game.

If you are new to Basketball, then selecting the right shoes is a difficult task. In this guide, we'll be analyzing different shoes depending upon the role of the player, and we will also discuss the low top and high top shoes.


Sneakers By Role:

In Basketball, players have to move around the Basketball court in a fast and efficient manner, so there is a need for sneakers that are not only strong and tough but fast and efficient too!

So as a player! How to wear basketball sneakers? Generally, we divide basketball shoes into two categories.


High Top Shoes:

The high top shoes are well known for their durability, heaviness, and grip. These sturdy sneakers offer added protection for the ankle in trade for agility.

Players playing at forward, center, and power position stick with high top sneakers because their game is stressful.

They have to put a lot of stress on their feet; therefore, they need durable and robust shoes.

Every shoe has its pros and cons, and it depends on the position and role of the player that decides which sneakers to wear.


Pros of high-top shoes:


The durability of shoes depends upon the material used. These sneakers are designed not for swag but extended performance and protection.



The high-top Shoes are designed to adjust itself in a way that grips the feet of a player giving a perfect movement to its wearer.


Maximized Ankle Protection:

High top shoes are designed in a way that they have extra reinforcing material near the ankle part. That is for the protection of ankle if you compare it with a low top shoe, you will find the difference quickly.

They also have cushion-like extra padding that protects the back of the feet. During the game, it protects the feet of the player from jumping related injuries and blisters.


  • Old School Sneakers Look

  • Heavy Weight

Low Top Shoes:

The guard and wing players tend to perform cutting edge movements, and they have to be very agile because a small delay or a moment ahead can become a cause of missed shot. Such players often stick with low top shoes.

In contrast with High top shoes, the low top shoes are lightweight and don't offer protection as high-top shoes do.

These sneakers are designed in such a way that they offer the player to perform quickly without losing agility. So, it doesn't matter what size you are, the low top makes it easier for you to move around and perform high jumps.

It also results in less fatigue; Thanks to the lightweight, such fast-paced games fatigue can result in a loss.

Pros of low top shoes:

Agility, Performance & Less Exertion:

Due to lesser weight than high top shoes, the low top shoes make it easier for players to perform high jumps and running fast, which also results in less exertion.

Due to less weight, the players get a chance to deliver an excellent performance than their opponents, and even just a few seconds ahead can become a reason for winning the game.

Modern Looks:

The low top shoes give a stylish and beautiful look with quality performance.


  • No Protection for the ankle.

  • Not good at the grip.


If I'd be you, I would show the swag of my basketball sneakers to every friend. But the thing is how to wear basketball sneakers with jeans,

Follow the following points to make a bold appearance.

  • Always choose eye-catchy color when buying sneakers.

  • Go for what you like.

  • If you have a problem in deciding which color is best, choose beautiful and straightforward colors.

  • Avoid too flashy colors.

Why Basketball sneakers Nike?

Nike offers a large variety of sophisticated and beautiful and colorful shoes that you can wear with casual clothing. We advise that you should tuck in the jeans inside the sneakers to make it appear stylish. We also recommend not to wear sneakers with formal dressing as it looks terrible.



So, we have seen both the low and high-top shoes and done analysis. Let's talk about maintaining the sneakers and discuss some tips.

School and college students play Basketball a lot, and in fact, it is trendy in the US when we play Basketball how sneakers get slippery.


How to make basketball sneakers not slippery?

The basketball sneakers get slippery when the dust covers the sole of sneakers; thus, they become slick. Playing in the indoor courtroom makes it dangerous and increases the chance of injuries.


Follow the steps below not to make them slippery:

We advise not to play outside with the sneakers that are used for indoor games.


Clean with a damp cloth:

When playing indoor, due to dirty courtroom, the dust gets inside the sole of the sneakers, so take them off and clean the sole with a damp cloth.


Use Enhancers:

Enhancers like grip lotion and sticky mats should be used to add grip to the bottom part of the shoes. It will help in maintaining the hold.

But remember that using these enhancers will make shoes catch more dirt, so always clean the bottom of shoes after playing.

Since we are talking about the maintenance of our Basketball Sneakers, the common question that comes to mind is how long do basketball sneakers last?

If you use your basketball sneakers outdoors to run and play, they should be replaced after 500 miles of running, and if you only use them for playing the basketball game, then they should be replaced after six months.

But replacing them depends upon the usage of the sneakers as well and how you maintain them. Most people change their sneakers after nine months.

We advise that if you clean your sneakers regularly and use them carefully, it is possible to increase the lifespan of sneakers.

Is it Possible to craft sneakers?

We know replacing the shoes after every few months might be difficult. Some people asked us how to make basketball sneakers?

The answer is No! You cannot make basketball sneakers. If you make them, they will not be as powerful and enjoyable as we get from companies.

The standards and procedures followed by sneaker and shoe companies such as Adidas and Nike, where basketball sneakers are made, are impossible to follow at home.

Furthermore, it is not possible to craft a perfect design that is accepted by regulatory bodies. Instead of getting into so much trouble, why not buy them and take care of your sneakers!


In this article, we did an in-depth analysis of basketball sneakers and saw the differences between the high-top and low-top sneakers,

It is not possible to select the right sneakers in the first attempt, but you will have to test which sneakers suit you best. It depends upon the role and position you are playing.



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