How To Keep Your White Kicks Fresh And Clean

How To Keep Your White Kicks Fresh And Clean

How To Keep Your White Kicks Fresh And Clean

The white sneakers are the best shoes that every shoe lover has in their shoe wardrobe. If you are like them, then you must be having at least more than one pair. Chances are that they have seen whiter and brighter days.

Now some might be having sole streaks, scuff marks, grimy laces, discoloring, you know how they turn out. But this doesn’t mean your white sneakers are of no use anymore, it is just they have lost their charm but you can get that back.

For some of the serious shoe lovers that are always in search of ideas to maintain their shoes here are some of the best ways to learn which can help in cleaning white sneakers.


How to maintain the charm of your white sneakers


Protect them from day 1

The best way for keeping your white sneakers brand new is, by applying a sneaker protector on your shoes as soon as you have unboxed them. This is one spray that creates an invisible layer that protects them from the stains, dirt or liquid.

You must lookout for a protector that can repel liquid and is highly safe for the shoes. Make sure you apply this sneaker protector every week on your shoes.


Properly storing them

You must have not noticed, but microscopic dirt and dust are floating all over the sneakers, mainly in its enclosed spaces like shoe wardrobe. Over time, the shoe materials like suede, knit and the mesh collect such dust particles that affect the overall look of the sneakers.


Go for water-based cleaner

They are not at all harsh on the fabrics as compared to the chemical-based shoe cleaners. They are safe enough to be used on the materials, which include leather and mesh. Once combined with lukewarm water, and water-based cleaner, this helps in eliminating most of the stains.


Use a DIY formula

You can mix some baking soda, toothpaste in lukewarm water. Rub this mixture on your shoes gently with a toothbrush; this can help in maintaining the regular sneakers. However, this is not recommended for everyday use, it can best help if you are in a lot of hurry.


Never scrub, only brush

There is a common misconception that says that the harder you brush the shoes, the cleaner they will turn out. Well, according to the experts, brushing hard on the shoes can loosen its fabrics and can give the sneakers a worn outlook.

You can get your hands on the medium shoe brush bristle or take an old toothbrush, and gently brush with soft, light and rapid strokes. It never damages the fabric and also helps in cleaning sneakers from deep within.


Deep clean your shoes

It is important for you to deep clean your shoes at least once in a week, so that there are no traces of tough stains and dirt.

By following such simple hacks, you can increase the lifespan of your shoes and can keep them brighter and whiter all day. Stay tuned to Freaky shoes for such interesting DIY shoe hacks.


How To Keep Your White Kicks Fresh And Clean


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