How to Paint Leather Shoe Like A Professional

How to Paint Leather Shoe Like A Professional

How to Paint Leather Shoe Like A Professional

Usually, people get bored with routine colors (black, Brown) of shoes, so in this article, we will answer how you can color your leather shoe. If you are bored with those routine color shoes, or simply want to make a gift for your loved one, or want to change your plain shoes into a full-color pair. It’s entirely up to you how you understand and apply this writing practice.

For example, sometimes plain shoes were covered in scuff marks and stain. We can save them with proper cleaning and or stop kicking during routine work. Instead of all these options, it’s better to make a sophisticated design with paint, in which scuffing is not looking prominent and become less noticeable.

So in this article am going to explain how you can make your durable and flexible shoes more color full and scuff-resistant. The best part is we are the professionals, and we know how to do this stuff.

These Are The 4 Important Steps To Repaint A Leather Shoe


1. Stripping

Mostly shoes already get finished with a protective coating applied by the manufacturer for a long-lasting fresh look. So First, we have to remove this coating safely to paint your own choice on leather directly.

This can be longer-lasting and finishing also more exceptional by look.

There is a basic rule to get the best result to remove all coating and start working in the original base of leather; otherwise, it cannot be long-lasting and reliable.

2. Sketching

No one is highly expert in making an exact design on the first attempt directly. If you are much confident about your painting skills, you can try it directly and skip this step, but the better approach is to make your design with a removable pencil first and then start drawing according to sketch.

By using this technique, you can easily overcome the chances of any roughness in design and got a perfect look as you think in your mind. And to have a unique design, you can also hire a custom shoe designer to make the latest design for you.

3. Painting

After sketching the next step obviously is painting. You just need to use flexible paints to create a design according to the sketch which recommended, especially for leather. Because routine paint is not reliable and long-lasting as well as you didn’t find its look according to your requirement.

Sometimes people are fond of writing Name on Shoes, so you can also paint name according to choice.

4. Finishing

This is the final step to give an elegant finished look to your use. Here you can use acrylic to protect the beautiful look of your sketch. This will provide a radiant look to make your paint attractive and protect the paint from the external climate.

Here Is A List Of Products You Need Have For This Process

  • Removable pencil

  • Eraser

  • Brush

  • Skewers

  • Sponge

  • Pair of shoes

  • Waterproof cloth

After this, you need to learn how to use these things step by step; that’s why I explain this procedure in detailed steps.


1. Choose shoe and make sketches

The best idea is to create a sketch on paper before trying it on shoes directly. It’s also good to approach to mi colors of paint and checks on paper before attacking your shoes.

2. Strip the shoes

In this step, remove the laces of shoes first and then clean it by applying to deglaze with a sponge. You can feel a difference immediately on the surface of shoes after removing finishing. There is also some original color coming off onto the sponge. Repeat this process on the surface of both shoes one by one.

Remove all original finishing carefully because it can stop the proper sticking of new paint on your shoe.

3. Pencil in Your Design

After finalizing drawing on paper know you can draw this sketch on your newly striped shoe in pencil. Use removable pencil because if there is any mistake, you can easily remove it and retry again. So there is no pressure of doing the right job in the first attempt only.

If there is any problem with using a regular eraser, you can do it by having a few drops of deglazing to wipe away the pencil lines.

There is a particular point to care, that always paint both shoes at the same time. Because attempting one by one may cause the difference in finishing and variation of shade while paint mixing 2nd time.

4. Paint on the Base Layer

Probably you are not a professional painter. So the next few steps are not the best option to get the finished look of their shoe as they required. If you want to have a good design, you have to follow my procedure completely; otherwise, you can try your own style.

By painting one shade on bold and concrete areas of shoe and after that, drawing textures and designing, in these areas, you can have a stylish look finally. There is a quality of leather paint that gives a beautiful look on the leather surface. Usually, a fine thin layer covered whatever was below it.

In this step, your shoe may look bad, but there is no need to worry in the next stage; it will be better after finishing.

5. Paint on the Border

In this stage, you have to draw a black color border to cover those areas where one color ends and other starts. You can change the thickness of the edge to make prominent some selected areas. Where you want more depth, you can use a wooden skewer instead of a paintbrush.

6. Apply shading and Highlights

You can use a watered-down version of black color and for texture use some white shade. At the end of this step, we may draw some other borders. Be attentive and do this job with care to get great results.

Your hard work will pay off stay organized and focused on your work.

7. Seal It

After finishing paintwork, wait till it is dry. After this, take a large brush and acrylic finisher and cover all paintwork with a thin acrylic layer. This layer must be applied uniformly to avoid lumps or bubbles on the leather surface. Also, make sure that there is not any stain of paint on sloe. If there is any stain spotted, clean it immediately.

After applying finisher, wait to dry and use it 3 or 4 times to protect your shoes and design. This finishing makes a vital difference in the look of shoe as well as the protection of colors. In short, after painting the job done, this thin acrylic layer makes a professional look at your paintwork.

You also need some dulling agents in finishing to avoid too much glossy look even in matte finishing. Dulling agents are also available at the paint store, so there is no special effort required.

8. Shoe number two

When you want to paint your 2nd shoe, then you can try a different technique to have a different look. Usually, I gave the look of designs already use to paint the first shoe’s internal mechanism.

You can start by painting the base layer of paint by some brown or some black shade to create an aged paper texture. Then you can use a wooden skewer to vigilantly draw its top with black before adding gallant colors and beautifully highlighted shading to match the other shoe.

9. The Finished Shoes

There is no grantee of how long this shoe will survive with regular use. But if you use them three or four times and there are no scratches and roughness and looked neat and flexible. If there is no result as you required or expected, then you have an excuse to paint shoes with any new design.


How to Paint Leather Shoe Like A Professional


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