How To Take Care Of Dress Shoes In The Rainy Season

How To Take Care Of Dress Shoes In The Rainy Season

How To Take Care Of Dress Shoes In The Rainy Season:

As October has already entered in 2019, it’s now time that you should be prepared for the rainy season ahead. When the weather season will hit, the fall season will follow with the unexpected rains.

So it’s now time to take out your umbrella and be ready with the things that can protect you from rains. Here at Freaky shoes, we have compiled the best tips that can help you to take care of dress shoes in the rainy season.

  • Watch your steps: The first common step is, watch wherever you step.

  • Don’t step in the puddle and muds.

  • Stick to sidewalks for keeping your pattern canvas shoes safe.

How To Take Care Of Dress Shoes In The Rainy Season

  • Buy shoes with rubber soles

The other way of planning for fall is season is by investing in the crazy design shoes that have rubber soles. The leather shoes can crack too much moisture, but the water can easily slide off the rubber without leaving damage.

They are more slip-resistant. If you will get gingerbread shoes with rubber, you will be more on a safer side. These also work great for the days when it has rained a night before. There might be accumulated water or puddles on the ground, but the leather gets protected by rubber shield.

You can simply slide feet across a mat that shakes off excess water so that you don’t squeeze around the office.

  • Waterproof spray

For those printed freaky shoes mens, if you don’t find a rubber sole, you can still protect your shoes from the rainy season. The waterproof spray is a cheaper solution for many. They are perfect for synthetic leather, leather, meshes, fabrics, and many more. These waterproof sprays make use of natural ingredients for protecting the shoes from rainy elements.

  • Polishing shoes

Shining the shoes not only give them a mirror-like finishing bit also offers your shoes an added protective layer against the harsh weather. The polishing of patterned shoes can also be easily done with a cloth and some polish.

For making things simpler and better, make use of an electric shoe shining device to your collection that can complete the whole job of protecting shoes in a few seconds.

  • Use cedar shoe trees

The cedar shoe trees are really useful when it comes to restoring the pink flower shoes if they have turned all wet on a rainy day. This cedar material acts well and can easily absorb the leftover moisture.

Additionally, it offers an amazing smell. So, even if your wet socks have ruminated in leather a little, the cedar can reverse easily the smelly effects and can bring the shoes to its normal position.

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