How to Tie Dye Shoelaces?

How to Tie Dye Shoelaces?

How to Tie Dye Shoelaces:

When you use a website to customize shoes, it also makes sense to find a way to dye shoelaces. This is a really nice and fun idea you can check out, it’s very creative and it does bring in front unique ways for you to explore your creativity.

Thankfully, I can design my own shoes if I want, so being able to dye the shoelaces and really customize everything is a fun idea. The process is not overly complicated either, so that’s a good and fun thing to check out if you want, which is what you really need in the end.


Why do you want to die shoelaces?


The truth is that the “design my own shoe” craze is really popular, so having custom shoelaces that match your shoe does make sense. People are very creative in general, so coming up with this kind of stuff certainly makes a lot of sense.

You just have to consider all the options and if you do that wisely you can really have some cool shoelaces that no one really has. The colors can be very creative if you want, and when you design your own sneaker you want something different and rewarding.


Steps to die shoelaces


Once you start with the idea of coloring shoelaces, it all goes upward from there in a creative way. The most important aspect is to just have fun with it and enjoy the process as much as you possibly can.


  • Put some newspapers or plastic bag on the work area, then wet the shoelaces with clean water, remove the moisture afterwards

  • Make sure that you tie any loose knots in the shoelaces, then set the laces aside

  • Now you want to put the rubber gloves to protect your skin from dye

  • Start mixing the dye colors separately, ideally you want a 50/50 mix of food color, fabric paint, dye and water. Add more water if it’s dark, more color if it’s too light.

  • You want to lower a loop or knotted portion in one of the die containers, then keep it in place for a few seconds. Now you want to continue to the lower sections until you like the pattern.

  • Lastly, you want to leave it dry on a plastic bag, untie the knots only when everything is dried up. This is a very simple process, but it can take a bit to complete it the way you want.




When it comes to dyeing shoelaces, there will always be challenges and you need to find the right, most creative way to do it. Our guidelines above will make this process seamless and exciting, and in the end you will be very happy with everything. It’s a great idea for sure, and one that will help make things simpler and easier in a rewarding manner.

Remember, it’s all about creativity, and if you do it right you will find yourself enjoying this more than you imagine. Use our tips and create custom shoelaces right now, it’s a great process with amazing results!

How to Tie Dye Shoelaces?


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