Interesting Facts About Converse Chucks

Interesting Facts About Converse Chucks

Interesting Facts About Converse Chucks:

The sneakers of Chuck Taylors have been around since the 20th century and the best part, they have not changed much. In the year 2015, a new line of the converse, Chuck II which looks the same as original shoes but comes with more arch support and padding has hit the stores.

In honor of the shoes staying strong, here are some of the interesting facts about the All Stars Converse Chuck Taylor.


Converse Chucks

1. They were traditionally athletic shoes

The All Star Converse was introduced in the year 1917 as an athletic shoe. It quickly turned as the best shoe for basketball. By the late 1940s, many of the NBA’s supported Chucks. They remained as the “best-selling shoes” for basketball.


2. Converse made rain boots in earlier times

This company started in the year 1908 as a company making rubber shoes which also produced galoshes.


3. The designing of All Star hasn’t changed since 1917

The Chuck II is the first attempt of Converse for updating its flagship product since the 20th century. All Stars make up most of the revenue and as a classic design, its fans are in love with its patterns.

In the year 1990, when this company tried introducing All Star with a comfortable outlook and had some design inconsistencies, the hardcore fans rebelled. After this, the company went back on manufacturing an imperfect shoe only.


4. Chuck Taylor was a trainer and a basketball player

Taylor was a former professional basketball player and a salesman that traveled around the country for teaching the clinics of basketball and even started selling shoes in the 1920s. His name was added on the shoe ankle patch in the year 1932.


5. He wasn’t a great coach, though he was a best seller of Chucks

Chuck Taylor has played an important role in making these shoes popular among the athletes but his advice for basketball training wasn’t always best. This has been reported by a well-known player Larry brown in one of his interviews.


6. Converse never intended their shoes as punk

This company always thought itself as an athletic shoe making company. They wanted to sell wholesome converse shoes. This company touted its shoes as basketball sneakers till 2012 and some of the non-chuck sneakers are still having its pro-endorsers.


7. Chucks were only on high tops

In the year 1962, Converse came up with its first All Stars Oxford Chuck. Earlier, it had been a high-top shoe. After four years, this company introduced its first colors, apart from white and black.


8. Rocky ran wearing Converse Chucks

In the year 1976, the All Star Converse shoes were considered as viable athletic shoes. If you will have a closer look at the training montage of Rocky, you will find that this boxer is also wearing the classic converse chuck in his fight.


9. Wiz Khalifa is a die-hard fan of Converse Chucks

Recently in the year 2013, the rapper also launched shoe collection with the converse and featured 12 styles.




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