Leather Oil Or Mink Oil Which One Is Better?

Leather Oil Or Mink Oil Which One Is Better?

Leather Oil Or Mink Oil Which One Is Better?

When you purchase expensive leather shoes, you expect them to live for longer. But, it’s not only about the longevity of the shoes it is also about the external appearance of the shoes. Leather is a very delicate material and it also needs to be conditioned from time to time as well because the leather seeks to dry and crack very soon, so proper conditioning is very important.


A good protectant is also essential to protect the conditioner as well as other natural oils from getting escaped. But the question that arises is that you want a conditioner or you want oil. So, here are some of the answers to your questions regarding oil or conditioner that has to be used to make custom slides.


How is mink oil beneficial to leather?

The mink oil is best for leather as leather is like a sponge that soaks up every liquid and mink oil serves the purpose of preserving the leather. The mink oil is found under the skin of mink and it makes the footwear flexible as well as waterproof. So, when you make your own slide shoes using leather, then don use the mink oil as it serves the same purpose which organic oil serves.


Can the mink oil be considered as a leather conditioner?

Well, this question is a tricky one. It is true that the mink oil conditions the leather but for a small amount of time. Yes, the mink oil can work as a substitute for leather conditioner, but after a some time, the oil will oxidize itself and make the leather harden but a shoe maker online may not recommend it to be used.


Will the leather get soft by applying mink oil?

You need to follow the given steps to make your own shoe conditioned and you will require mink oil, hair drier, and a sponge to carry out the oiling process.

  • If your shoes are old, then make sure that there are no dust particles on the shoe. Even if you are using new shoes,

    then to ensure that the shoes are completely dust-free.


  • Then dry the oil to a thin liquid consistency and then rub it all over on the boots and in every area.


  • Let the oil settle and seep into the shoes for twenty-four hours and let it settle itself on the shoe.


  • Using the index finger, and wrap a cloth on it and then rub the oil in a circular motion until the oil gets fully absorbed.


  • Apply the final layer of polish if you want to.

So, if you want to customize my shoes leather, then you also need to know how to maintain the quality of the shoe. The leather requires strict maintenance and you can follow the above ways so as to condition as well as oil your shoes.

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