Logos are the most important factor for customized shoes. Customization is the process of value addition and logos add more value than any other factor of customization. For best use of your money incur on the designing of logo, you should know about different type of logo and process of their making. Although there are many types of logos but below is the list and short discussion about most frequently used types of logos.


Die Cut Logo

The making and attachment of die cut logo are simple, easy and cost-effective. This logo is obtained by cutting it out from a piece of material and then attach to the shoe by sewing. For high visibility in low price, die-cut logo is used frequently. Many well-known brands also use it for the visibility of their brand on the shoe.


Woven labels

This type of logos are often seen on the tongue of the shoes are mostly used for informational purposes. These are the inexpensive type of logos costing from $0.05 to $1.00. The woven labels are made by machine so their resolution is high and unlimited color combination can be used for them.


Screen Printed Logos

Screen Printing is the most commonly used process to paste logos on the shoes. You can apply almost every color depending upon your choice and surface for screen printing. You only need a stencil and coloring for applying to print. Selection of surface for screen printing is important because these types of logos cannot be printed on every surface.


Embroidery Logo for Shoes

Embroidery logos give a classy look to the shoes due to their computerized embroidery stitching. For more stylish and rich touch silk threading is often used. Although it looks stylish the threads are not strong enough and can rip off. The stitching can allow water to get inside the shoes that’s why not suitable for waterproof shoes.


3D Embroidery Logo

To give a 3D touch to simple embroidery logo an EVA foam is placed on the top head of the embroidery logo. The threads press the edges of the foam while stitching down leaving a 3D effect. The 3D effect gives a great look to shoes but is vulnerable to soiling and friction.


Dye Sublimation Printing

This process involves tracing paper and heating process. The design is printed on the tracing paper using a computer and when heated and applied to the material surface it turns into the gas which can be transferred to the shoe material. The color combination can be any mixture of four colors.


Back Printing Effects on Shoes

The back printing can be applied to the transparent surface of the shoes. The back printing can also be applied on the clear rubber or hard transparent plastic-type material. The cost of application is low and it gives a unique look especially for sports snickers.


Micro-Injection Process to Logo Design

The microinjection or thermoplastic rubber style is a unique and bold way to add classy fine detail on your shoe. For tiny and fine details this type of logo design is commonly used for sports shoes. The Micro Injection style itself becomes the part of the shoe as outsole bottom, underlay or overlay. The TPR comes in many sizes, shapes, and colors.


Selection of Logo for the Shoes

From the above review, you can see that there are many options for the logos which you can apply to your shoes. The selection depends on the type of shoes, the material used and price. For low-level shoes, you may select basic printing of embroidery logos and for high-quality shoes, the complex injection or laser designs can be adopted.

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