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Basketball a popular game played by 450 million people around the world. It is a common notion among people and its players that only people above 6.3" can make it to the NBA.


According to the NBA, if a person has skills and stands seven feet tall, there is only a 28% chance that he'll make it to the NBA.


For example, Muggsy Bogues, who was five feet and three inches and Earl Boykins, who was five feet and five inches, the NBA greatest players of all time, they were not tall, but they were skilled. In Basketball, there are five positions, and not all position requires tall players, but some position requires such players; that's why the height chart for roles differs in every season of the NBA.


Today, we're going to discuss such differences in the heights of the NBA players and upcoming game nba2k21 release date, and we will also talk about the NBA mascots.

The average height of NBA players:


The average height of NBA players keeps changing. The tallest draft ever recorded was in 1987 with the average height of 6'7". Since then, the average height is decreasing as the players are moving towards more muscles and gaining weight.


If we take an example of NBA knicks, the players' height ranges from 1.85 cm to 2.13. So, the overall height is still pretty much the same, but the skills and fitness are improving.

The Average Height of NBA players based on their Roles:


Now we are going to discuss the height of the players based on their roles.


The Average Height of Point Guard


Point Guard or (PG) is considered a specialized role in professional Basketball in which the player plays on the offensive for the team, and the main goal is to take decision of passing the ball to the right player.


As the player has to play on the offensive, so it is more talent and skill-based role than the height.


We gathered some information on this role from the rosters of teams from 1952 and found out that this role included the shortest player in the group with an average height of six feet.


If we see today in modern NBA, the height of one point guard(Kyrie Irving) from NBA nets is six feet and two inches.

The Average Height of Shooting Guard

Shooting Guard or SG, on the other hand, has the objective of scoring the goal for the team; therefore, height, along with skills, matters a lot.


From the early 1950s, the height of SGs or Shooting Guards has increased from 6'1" to 6'6". But the height changes every season. Sometimes the point Guards are taller than the shooting guards.


Example: Philadelphia 76ers' Ben Simmons is at six feet and 10 inches, and he is point guard as compared to Sacramento Kings' Corey Brewer, who is an SG and stands at six feet and nine inches tall.


The Average Height of Power Forward


The power forward is the role that has been changed and reformed so much since the 1950s. Back in the 50s, power forward players used to be tall and weighted.


Even though so much has changed but the height has remained the same in all these years between 6'7" and 6'11". The only thing the NBA has reduced is the 10lbs weight to improve the performance of the role.


The Average Height of Small Forward


Small forward, although as the name makes it look isn't so short in height. They are small forward because they are usually smaller than the centers and the point guards. They are responsible for securing a goal for the team and defending the point before the power forwards.


The average height for the small forward role ranges from 6'6" to 6'6".


The Average Height of Centers


The center is known to be the tallest role in Basketball. Some of the tallest players up to the height of 7'5" have played this role. The average height for this role has remained in between 6'9" to 7 feet + inches.


According to our research, the tallest center is Yao Ming from China, a former professional basketball player. The only significant change that's been noted in this role is the weight. That has increased a lot since the 90s.

Height change trend in the League


So much has changed since the NBA league started. The League began with the players averaging 6'4" in height.


With the passage of time and growing seasons, the height is increasing steadily.


The reason for this height increase is the advantage that it gives over its opponents.


This doesn't imply that it will surpass players' skills and experience; obviously, BasketBall IQ and expertise matter a lot.


In the early 80s, companies used to focus on the height of the players as it gave a significant advantage over the opponents. But the modern player focuses on physical fitness and weight.

NBA Mascots


Mascots are people in a funny costume, and they are usually associated with different teams. In-game, they are thought to bring good luck to their teams. They act funny during the games and boost the morale of their team. Although mascots aren't necessary, they are a good option for boosting teams' morale.


The Minimum Requirement For NBA


Although height plays an essential role in Basketball. Players like Muggsy Bogues, who was five feet and three inches, and Earl Boykins, who was five feet and five inches, made it to NBA because skills and the Basketball IQ still matters a lot for some positions as not all roles are height dependent..




Since we've talked about the heights of the players. Let's talk about the NBA. The NBA stands for National Baseball Association that is a governing body and organizes the matches between teams.


However, there's been hard times of NBA lockouts as well when due to the expiry of collective bargain agreement. There are 4 such lockouts.


7 NBA expansions


Many times, in history, the NBA has expanded. We are going to discuss 7 significant expansions of the NBA association. The expansion means that more basketball franchises joined the NBA franchise. Below is the list of some top expansions that happened in the NBA association.


Year of Expansion Franchises joined

Year of Expansion

Franchises Joined

1974 – 1976


1976 – 1980












NBA2k21 Release Date


Besides this, the NBA PC game is top-rated and played by many around the world. NBA2k21, a 22nd installment of the computer game series, will release on September 21, 2020.


It includes impressive graphical changes and is going to release for all major gaming platforms such as PC, XBOX, Ps5, etc.



Basketball is a fantastic game that not only depends on the height of the players but also on physical fitness. Along with these bodily traits, it depends on the skills and Basketball IQ too.


We saw that the mid-center are the tallest, while the edge/wing players are taller.


In modern Basketball, players are focusing on physical fitness. although height plays a significant role, agility and expertise needs more

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