Quick Ways To Pair Your Dress Shoes With Jeans

Quick Ways To Pair Your Dress Shoes With Jeans

Quick Ways To Pair Your Dress Shoes With Jeans

Wow! Now you can pair your dress shoes with jeans. Isn’t it interesting? Well, to make a style statement, you need to be updated about different styling patterns. The fashion stylists have suggested 3 basic rules that can be followed to look outstanding than others.


Wearing the right jeans type

Yes, there are different numbers of jeans available and many of them are casual. There is one variety called the dressier one, go for this one. The jeans that have holes have a lighter wash and some similar to this look ultra-casual and this never goes along with the dress shoes.

Go for the jeans which have tapered fitting at its bottom. Color option is also one thing you should keep in mind. The dark indigo jeans look chic. You can also try your colored denim and can pair it anytime with your dark brown or black dress shoes, as long as they have the right length and fitting.



Wear right dress shoe type

Apart from the jeans which play an important role in making sure that your whole look ensemble work, it is important to choose the right shoes too. While picking them, go for a pair that leans more on its casual side.

The oxford shoes are amazing but they are known for their formal appearance and don’t work well with the jeans outfit. One better style to go with is Derby dress style of shoe, the Loafer one or a blucher.

The vamp placement, its construction, and shape lend casual vibe which is classy as compared to the Oxford shoes. Few more option for these shoes includes slip-on, chukkas, monk straps, dessert boots and others which appear beautiful when paired with the jeans.


Balancing other outfit elements

Even though you have planned for wearing shoes, the selected thing you have kept aside is your dress shoes which will elevate your full look. It is much obvious a sweatshirt and t-shirt is not going to help you to be a fashion diva.

You need to balance out your whole look with a collared button-down or dress shirt which should fit on your body too. Pair your outfit with simple accessories. If you want a much trendier look, you can wear a hat.

In case you are wearing a dress shirt then consider wearing a woven or wool necktie with the same. Make sure the whole look matches well with your personality and most importantly, with your dress shoe.

Note: If you are a person with a good height and blessed with a healthy personality, then remember that these dress shoes might make your feet a bit smaller. If you have big midsection, then tread carefully with your combination of jeans and dress shoes.

The best thing you can do is, cover up your midsection with a pretty jacket that comes with a sport cut pattern. This balances the outfit details and helps you in looking classy and beautiful.

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Quick Ways To Pair Your Dress Shoes With Jeans


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