Repairing the Peeling Off Sandals and Flip Flop Shoes

Repairing the Peeling Off Sandals and Flip Flop Shoes

Repairing the Peeling Off Sandals and Flip Flop Shoes

It happens quite many times that you must have noticed people walking and suddenly there is an extension that peeps out of the shoe and that is the peel of part of the shoe. The peeling of the surface of the shoe is a problem that is faced by many people and many people just throw the shoes in anticipation that the shoe is useless while some wear the shoes as they are.

But there is no need to throw away your favorite pair of sandals custom because you can repair them at home without visiting an expensive shoemaker. The shoes tend to peel apart because the glue that works to keep them becomes weak and starts to leave the edges. There are certain shoes with which you can face this problem while most of the shoes are stitched and not glued. This causes the layer of the shoes to peel away.

So, in order to revive your peeled and crooked shoes, here are some of the steps which you need to follow so that your sandals custom relive and you are able to style them again and you will not find it difficult to fix them.

Things you will need are:

  • Contact cement

  • Your personalized sliders or shoes

  • Small paintbrushes


Follow the given steps to repair your peeled off shoes:

  1. The very first thing that you must keep in mind is to clean the surface of the peeled area.

    So, make the area to be repaired dust-free using a damp cloth or you can also use a paper towel to do so and then leave the shoes to get dry.

  2. Once the surface of the branded slides is cleaned, then apply the cement glue on one surface using the paintbrush and when you have

    generously applied the glue on one surface, then press the two surfaces close to one another so that the glue evenly spreads in the area.

    But do not press the surfaces with a hard hand otherwise the glue will be likely to ooze out of the surface.

  3. Hold the two surfaces of the shoe for barely a few seconds and then pull the surfaces separately and then let them dry.

  4. The other option that you can choose is to apply the glue on both sides and then let them dry.

Important step

Once you notice that the glue on both surfaces has started drying up, carefully stick the two surfaces of the slides sandals wholesale and then do this step attentively because once the two surfaces get joint top each other, they cannot be separated. This glue gives good results and it also avoids discoloration and oozing out.

So, this is the way you fix your peeled-out shoes without any hassle or mess. You must try this method if you are also going through this problem of peeling out of shoes. This method by Freaky Shoes will surely be of great help to as will be able to repair your shoes at your home.

Repairing the Peeling Off Sandals and Flip Flop Shoes

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