Restoring Old Sneakers

Restoring Old Sneakers


Restoring Old Sneakers


Well, if you have got old sneakers and are just going to throw them away, then please stop. It is quite not easy to clean the sneakers and it is not the same as restoring your sandal custom shoes. But, you can also not abandon and leave your sneakers who have provided you comfort in busy days.


We will be providing you with some very useful information through which you can gasp new life in your old sneakers and make them brand new. We are going to tell you the exact way to clean your sneakers. Everything seems simple until you actually practice it in real life and so is with the sneakers.


The assumption that the cleaning of sneakers is quite easy and can be done easily is a myth as the cleaning of the sneakers depend on the material of the sneakers and whether you have been designing shoes online, then the shoes need extra extensive care.


The cleaning of the sneakers depends on certain factors such as the products which are to be used to clean the shoes, how the products have to be used and what is the material of the shoes. If you have customized shoes with delicate material like suede with online shoe design, then special care has to be taken off the shoes while cleaning them.


Important steps to follow


So, in order to clean the shoes with delicate material, we have to sum up some of the easy steps which are given below:


  • Remove the dirt-The excess dirt can be removed by

    banging the soles each other, and any other

    remaining dirt can be removed by using a soft brush

    or a damped cloth to wipe away any excess dirt.


  • Spot cleaning-In order to spot clean the shoes, the

    material of the shoes has to be kept in mind, and

    during shoes design

    online, then the spot cleaning has to be done very

    carefully. You can tackle any stain by using a wipe

    and twist it in a clockwise direction and all he

    adamant stains will be rubbed off.


  • The next step is to deep clean the shoes by rubbing

    some cleaning solution on a brush and form lather

    on the shoes on the upper soles.


  • The above step can be repeated if your shoes want

    extra attention. The shoes are necessary to be

    dried up instantly or your shoe material can get

    damaged. If you have got customizer shoes

    sneakers, then they need extra care and use a

    microfiber towel to wipe off any extra moisture.


  • The midsole can be cleaned by using a magic

    sponge. Apply some cleaning solution in the

    sponge which was previously dipped in water

    and then with few minutes of scrubbing, the

    midsole will come out bright and white.


  • The laces can be cleaned manually but it is

    usually advised to instead of cleaning the

    laces buy a new pair of laces.


  • At last, let your shoes dry completely

    overnight and your new yet old shoes are

    ready to be worn on again.


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Restoring Old Sneakers

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