Shoes Without Socks: Yay Or Nay

Shoes Without Socks: Yay Or Nay

Shoes Without Socks: Yay Or Nay:


In the summer and spring, we all wear shoes without socks and defend whether we should wear socks or not. We all know that fashion keeps on changing. We also know that the discussions or arguments we have about matters of style and fashion seem repetitive too.

Ever since the season has changed towards the spring, noon has turned a bit warm. There is a major debate on whether you should wear socks or not with shoes.

Talk about sockless

Let’s jump into the arguments and talk about sockless in the “right” way.

There are two common arguments against wearing cole hahn boots or shoes without the socks

Feet sweat: This is an amazing reason for avoiding going sockless. When you walk around without socks in sneakers wedges nike, you will definitely face some stinky and sweaty feet and even the nasty smelling shoes.

Some people recommend making use of a powder-like Gold Bond, talcum, etc. for getting rid of this issue. Although it is a good idea but is followed with some major drawbacks

1. First, the powder can be a messy thing. In the shoes, on the floor, there is no way around it.

The powder doesn’t even last all day. When it wears off, the feet start sweating and you are right back from where you began.

This trick can be implemented on men's high top sneakers as well.

If you wear low heel boots without socks all the time and all day long and use powder, then it will not help you much.

2. It looks really bad. Yes, when you pair shoes without socks that it can make the whole look weird. This is one prescriptivist conservatism style that many people don’t understand and don’t even want too.

This is the rationale, this might be true. However, this is dependent entirely on the situation or context.

Would you like to wear ugg for cheap shoes without the socks for your upcoming business meeting? There are many people that judge you on your outfit and styles, and your first impression is the last impression. Thus, going out without socks is not at all right.

The best way of wearing shoes without socks is actually not wearing shoes without socks. In this case, it is not about wearing over the calf socks or calf-length socks.

Offering the illusion of bare ankle that you are going sockless without stench or detrimental sweat is accomplished in the best way with pair of “peds”, that is referred often to as loafer socks or no-show socks.

They are very small and cannot be seen in shoes. They absorb sweat and one cannot even smell it. The favorite no-show socks are the best option to go for. Get the best socks as per your shoe size conversion charts as well.


So if you are thinking of stepping out without socks in your shoes, then make sure you wear no show socks with them.

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