Smelly Sneakers & How to Fix Them

Smelly Sneakers & How to Fix Them

Smelly Sneakers & How to Fix Them:


Smelly shoes tend to be a common challenge among many people, especially to those who put on shoes for a long time, basically a whole day or so. However, it is evident that there are certain kinds of sneakers that are prone to lousy smell, thus smelling very first. But it is also clear that for a shoe to smell, to some point the wearer of the shoes might be the one with the problem. Unlike leather shoes, sneakers are much prone to smelling faster and very popular for this feature. Moreover, the main cause of this might be the material used to create this type of shoe.


However, smelly these shoes are, people still love them and will do anything to make sure that they get access to it. This is evident that it is one of the most used shoes in the fashion of footwear. Having smelly shoes might be considered to be a normal thing. However, when you decide to make a change, you can easily control your smelly shoes. But this will happen if you follow the steps that will be discussed further in this very article.


Moreover, your shoes can smell due to the friction between your feet and the insoles of your footwear. It can also happen as a result of increased temperatures in the sneakers that often lead to sweating which results in the selling of your shoes. A change in weather will always have something to do with the smell. However, you cannot blame this in a quiet majority of these instances, which is something that needs to be dealt with soonest. The high temperatures will always contribute to the rise of bacterium that increases the chances of your shoes smelling.


Additionally, research shows that your shoes are prone to smelling even after someone has just run for a short mile which is probably something that is not adding up. These results were considered to be similar when the trainers had their own story to tell on why shoes smell. One can run for a short distance, and the other goes a long the mile, but in the long run, both of them will end up having a smelly shoe.


To some extent, you will expect to have lower cases of sweat or no cases at all when you run for a long distance. According to some trainer, it was evident that a smelly shoe is not only as a result of running a short or long mile; it can probably happen depending on your condition. If you are sweaty, your shoes have very high chances of smelling those who have a reasonable condition. Also, when you have sore foot and smell, your boots are likely to smell.


This result proves the point that sweating is not entirely a result that is brought about by the odour that is generated by our sneakers. This article will, therefore, take you through on the steps on how to get rid of this odour smell in your footwear. In this same article, you will be taken through the main role of Freaky Shoes in creating custom shoes for you that will probably have the ability to control the amount of sweat produced by your feet, which then results to smelly shoes.


Sneakers are probably one of the most supportive and comfortable types in the world of footwear. They are also found in different designs that will surely match your desire. However, what will you have to do when the same pair of shoes start to smell, and you want to get rid of it? This is a question that runs in every single person who is probably a lover of this type of footwear. Your problem can only be solved if you follow this article carefully and understand well the step created by Freaky Shoes, which will surely help you to control the odour smell in your sneakers.


For you to be comfortable in your shoes, you must make sure that you get rid of this problem completely. Replacing your sneaker with a new one will not probably be a long-lasting solution to this issue. Therefore, fill free to continue reading to find out more about what you should do to defeat the smell.


Why do Sneaker Stink?


It is wise always to determine what the cause of something is before you find out a way to eradicate them. Therefore, it will be proper if you find out first what the cause of this disastrous issue is. Smelly sneakers will always be considered to be a nuisance whether you are in the comfort of your home or some public places, probably in a social gathering.


Many people, if not all, will always fear to remove their shoes in an open place in fear that they will evolve when they do so. You should know that stench in your footwear can occur in any kind of design of shoes. You will likely find the smell in your shoe, be it runners sneakers, hiking pair, event shoes or office shoes, just to mention but a few.


As it was introduced earlier in this article, bacteria is a significant cause of smell in your sneakers. This is because to thrive well in a warm environment, they find in your shoes where warmth is generated with the heat produced with your body. However, there is a medical institution that researches problems that are related to feet.


Their report indicated that a normal human being had a total of 250,000 sweat glands in their feet which excrete a high amount of sweat in a single day. Therefore, if you will have to put on your shoes for a whole day, your sneakers will absorb the sweat and probably result from odour smell. The more your sneakers are on, the more the bacteria breed due to the prolonged sweating of your feet inside your footwear.


Moreover, before you get to the conclusion, you should be aware of the extent at which your sneakers tend to retain perspiration ranges between footwear brands. However, you should also know that there are materials used to make incredibly breathable shoes, therefore, can quickly expel excess sweat and smell out of your sneaker. However, those with minimal spaces will rarely release excess sweat, thus resulting from smelling. Therefore, it will be appropriate when you make your choice correctly, considering the best sneaker that will not only make you comfortable but also prevent your sneakers from smelling.


The right type of shoes will always make you free and comfortable around people. You will be able to notice that those with the right choice of sneaker will proudly remove or change their shoes in public. However, you will also see those who are afraid to take off their boots in fear that they will catch the attention of people with the smell of their footwear.


The type of shoes and socks that you put on will matter a lot in terms of the sweat produced with your feet which will probably increase the chances of your sneakers to smell. The thing is, when your footwear is not able to breathe and release excess heat, the bacteria will breed, thus releasing secretion, which is very smelly. When your shoes absorb these toxic substances, they will probably cause your shoes to smell. This will happen even after you air your sneaker. The only way to stop the smell is by washing your shoes.


Treatment for Smelly Feet


To begin with, you should always keep your toenail short. By keeping those short and clean will help you to prevent the multiplication of bacteria on your feet. However, if you fail to wash your nails properly, you will be inviting bacteria which will accumulate with sweat which with no comprise will lead to stinky shoes.


You are also required to take off the dead skin from your feet regularly to keep them clean. The dead skin will become soggy and wet when you sweat, thus making it a perfect place for the bacteria to live and breed even more. Therefore, your safety will always depend on how clean and responsible you are.


Wash your feet at least twice a day to prevent bacteria from adding up, and it will be appropriate if you use to scrub and soap to perform this. However, when you are washing, pay keen attention between your toes because these are the places where bacteria settle, thus enhancing their growth due to the wetness between them. Additionally, you should ensure that you dry every part of your feet anytime you get exposed to water or anything wet. By doing this, you will surely prevent your feet from stinking, and that will be a plus on your side.


Besides, you should always make sure that you wear socks anytime you want to put your sneakers on. The socks will undoubtedly absorb the excess sweat that is produced by your feet. Also, it will prevent your shoes from absorbing the sweat, which will then keep your sneakers from smelling. However, you will need to change yours regularly by wearing a clean pair maybe twice a day as a way of preventing bad smell.


However, when purchasing a pair of socks, make sure you pick the right one that will be able to absorb the excess sweat from your feet. Also, you should get ones that are soft to prevent your feet from getting bruises from the friction that is created inside your sneakers. Generally, it is essential for you to have at least two or more pairs of sneakers to avoid wearing the same shoe every day.


Alternatively, you should also consider putting on shoes that are dry to avoid its wetness which will probably lead to the buildup of bacteria. Also, remember to air your socks first before you put them on. When you are drying your shoes, it will be appropriate when you dry thee insoles separate to make sure that they completely dry up.


Furthermore, you can also choose to put on sandals that will easily expose your feet to dry and avoid the bacteria from adding up. If it is possible, you can stay barefooted to allow your feet to breathe for it increases the chances of your foot staying dry, this will help your foot from sweating. Lastly, you should make sure you do not put on shoes that are prone to retaining moisture inside.


Moreover, when it comes to treating your feet to prevent excess sweating, you should use alcohol to rub your feet once daily using a piece of clean cloth or cotton if it is available. When you apply alcohol on your feet, it will help it to keep it dry at all times. However, there are also measures like applying powder which is prescribed for the feet. Spray and powder are considered to be antifungal. Insoles that are treated in medicated deodorant can also be used when you cannot afford to get powder or spray in that case.


Deodorant and antiperspirant spray might be the best for your situation as it ultimately keeps your feet dry and away from bacteria. You can also use antifungal or antibacterial soap to prevent bacteria from multiplying between your toes. However, if there is no change after using this, you should not give up a look for the appropriate one and continue with your treatment.


You will be required to use the antifungal and antibacterial for quite a long time for you to see a change or ease your situation. However, some soaps are probably made from this compound which will surely help you to fight your problem. It is also possible for you to protect your feet by washing your feet Listerine or vinegar, which are generally the best you can get.


Generally, there are herbal medicines that can also be used just to make sure that your feet are no longer in danger. However, if they do not create a change, then you will be free to visit the doctor who will be able to prescribe for you the right medication. They can probably offer to advise you on what you should do to prevent these problems from reoccurring again. Moreover, research indicates that the extreme condition for sweating is hyperhidrosis which is present to those who experience severe sweating.


Similarly, when you learn that art that is used when creating a shoe, it will really excite you. However, your focus should not only be about how right the shoes get but also what they are required to do to conserve the environment. Below are some of the ways that you can use to successfully get rid of bacteria from your sneakers in order to prevent your shoes from stinking;


Steps To Follow To Rid Your Shoes of Bad Odor


Now that you are aware of the causer of smell in your sneakers, it will be appropriate when you learn how to deal with them or even have control over them completely. It is good to know how to prevent this kind of situation from happening because all it does is make you feel uncomfortable with yourself.


In most cases, when you know the root cause of the tribulations of your shoes, you will want to find a way in which you can use to prevent them from happening. You will not want to experience the problem for a long time. You will not want to know whether you had a stinking shoe or not, and you will only want to remain watchful in order to prevent it from reoccurring again.


However, you should know that the only prevention to your problem is by maintaining your own hygiene. When you always keep your feet clean, there is no way your shoes will stink. Responsibility matters a lot. But, it does not mean that all those who have smelly shoes have poor hygiene. Some individual has the best of hygiene and excellent health, but you have seen their shoes stinking.


However, the situation is not far from the truth for those who are totally dirty in nature. This is to mean that bacteria can breed anywhere, considering the condition or the environment to which they are in. Therefore, bacteria can descend anywhere, regardless of your hygiene.


Therefore, for you to prevent these pathogenic organisms from protruding inside your sneakers, you will need to consider some measure apart from just being clean. First and foremost, you will be required to change your footwear regularly as a part of maintaining your hygiene. This will enable them to have a humble time to dry up before putting them on. However, for you to keep this going, you will need to have at least two pairs of footwear. You will also need to have a pair of socks to be able to switch them when you need to.


Secondly, you should always remember to put on a pair of socks when wearing your sneakers. Socks will definitely help to absorb the moisture in your footwear that is deposited as a result of excretion. However, when they are left inside the shoes when dirty, the probability of bacteria breeding is very high.


Therefore, you should always remove your socks from the shoes after taking them off to avoid the building up of bacteria in your shoes. When they are left in the shoes, the bacteria are likely to remove a smelly toxic waste that will make your shoes to stink and millions of bacteria being created as a result of this.


However, the best and preferred socks material is cotton. You should also make sure that the material of socks you are going for is a soft-top avoid friction between your feet and the shoes.


Moreover, the other safe way to prevent your sneakers from being infested with stinking bacteria is making sure that you wash your feet regularly. Besides, doing it twice or thrice a day will surely help you prevent the whole situation and be able to take control of the pathogen population in your footwear. However, when you are washing your feet, you should also consider the part between your toes because bacteria are likely to be found in such areas. This is areas that even when you have washed your feet, the bacteria will still be around.


In addition, for you to accomplish this, you will need to have strong detergents to make sure that your cleaning is done in the right way that is recommended. Also, you need to wash off the dead skin on your feet to prevent bacteria from multiplying. This will also ensure that you eradicate all bacteria that might be present on your surface. You should also remember to cut off long toenails that might be prone to keeping bacteria. Wash them and ensure that they are spotless. After you have done all this, make sure you leave your feet to dries well.


However, you can also decide to simplify your way of preventing bacteria by putting on shoes that can allow air to pass through them in order to keep your feet free from the warmth that is likely to cause your sneakers to smell. There are a number of shoes in Freaky Shoes stores that can allow air inside without necessarily taking them off.


Generally, you can easily have this kind of shoes by ordering your own customized design from Freaky shoes Also, there are other types of footwear like sandals and flip-on that are freely aerated; they allow fresh air to reach your feet, thus keeping it dry. However, you can make a choice to use this kind when you are back in your house to keep your feet fresh and away from bacterial infection.


Additionally, you can also wash your shoes thoroughly with strong detergents and water as a way of preventing this menace that causes your sneakers to produce an odour smell. Make sure you leave them in the aerated area to allow them to dry before you wear them. When you place your shoe in plenty of air, they will inevitably dry maximally.




Step II: Eradicate the Bacteria


For you to completely break this whole issue, you need to sanitize your shoes regularly before wearing them. The better part is, when you know that the bacteria are there, this puts you in a position of acting very first and eradicate them before they multiply.


The first thing you are supposed to do is to control your sweating. Since you cannot do it easily, you can choose to go for antifungal and antibacterial in order to prevent it from happening. The following are some of the other solutions to stop you from sweating.


Freeze your shoes, and you are advised to do this because it is evident that bacteria barely survive in freezing temperature. You will only need to wrap your shoes in a bag then throw them in the freezer and let them stay there over the night, remove them in the morning and dry before you put them on.


You can choose to buy spay and spray the whole shoe to kill the bacteria. When you get rid of this bacteria, it is as equal as removing the bad odour permanently, that you will not have to deal with smelly shoes anymore. When you are purchasing spray, you should consider going for ethanol which is probably the best sanitizer.


Step III: Do away with the smell


After you are done with the leading cause, you will be required to do away with the smell that is left to ensure that nothing remains. However, you should make sure that you eradicate all the factors first before you decide to get rid of the smell. After you completely destroyed all the bacteria from your shoes, you can now consider washing them. Making your shoes clean will always be one way of getting rid of bad odour.


You can also choose to apply baking soda in your shoes an alternative to prevent your shoes from smelling. Baking soda does not have a smell, therefore, making it the appropriate substance to use. Wait until the sneaker has stopped to remove the bad smell that is when you can use them again.


Charcoal can be used to do the same to some extent. Take charcoal tights and insert them in your shoes, leave them for some time then observe if the smell is still there. The charcoal probably helps in the absorption of the bad smell.


Step IV: throw them away.


If you have followed all the above information, then you have to expect significant results on your shoe-game. Therefore, any results other than the positive ones will prove that there is nothing that can be done to save your shoe. So it is time to part with it. Throwing away this particular pair will solve more than what another sneaker might be worth.


The smell can stick around for a long time due to having the bacteria attacking and spreading inside your footwear that you cannot stay to save from the scent. Also, use antiperspirant when going far, and may not be in the house. It will help you to bear the smell that comes out.


Freaky Shoes for Custom Footwear


Freaky Shoes is a shoemaking company that gives its clients with an exclusive platform that enables them to create their own footwear. It also offers its clients a choice and opportunity to express your creative craft and inspiration on their own pair of shoes. Besides, you can be able to design absolutely any shoe type. Generally, Freaky Shoes deals in canvas shoe sandals, sneakers, vans, and sportswear. It is, therefore, a website for custom shoes, and helps to design footwear online.


This company also allows you to consult them in any issue, from ways on how to prevent your shoes from smelling, washing to how you should use your paints to colour your own shoes. This website also provides you with different products that can be used to make sure that you are comfortable with what you have made your choice on.


How it works


The company employs three-dimensional imaging and printing. This is a state-of-the-art technology that enables you to design your shoe with anything you want to put on it. The platform further furnishes you with colours that you can use on your footwear. Moreover, you are not limited to the graphics on the site. Freaky Shoes gives you the freedom to design outside the website and upload your logos or images to use in branding the products.


Freaky Shoes has its operations based in China. However, the site is run from the United States. After they have collected your designs, the company factory in China embarks on working on the order. Before, long, you will be having your item with you. The company has put measures that enable the clients to get what they want, even if they have to involve professional couturiers.


Moreover, the fact that you are an outgoing and fun person just makes you want to show your buddies what you can do with an artist's brush and paint. Uniqueness is more or less a need for human beings. Turning up for a party with customized shoes helps build your brand and reputation to a higher level. Before long, your friends shall be benchmarking on you for fashion pro tips.


The bottom line


Having smelly shoes is indeed not the best thing someone would ever want to have. It is a headache having to bear with the smell every time you wear or take off your shoes. The urge to throw your shoe may be a little intense, and this may impact your interest in getting a new pair. You can mitigate this issue in a few steps summarized as maintaining the hygiene of your feet, shoes, and other accessories you'd like to use on your feet.


The main reason being the eradication of the smell and if possible, prevent the bacteria that cause the bad odour in your shoe. The methods and solutions to go about this are highlighted in this post.

Smelly Sneakers & How to Fix Them

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