The Process Of Making Swarovski Crystal Shoes

The Process Of Making Swarovski Crystal Shoes

The Process Of Making Swarovski Crystal Shoes

Whenever you open your shoe closet, your eyes always do get attracted to that shiny pair of shoes that you had bought and wish to have more pair like those shiny pair of shoes. But, what if you want to add a different twist to your converses and make them look shiny and shimmery you can do so by adding the crystals to your shoes.

Here is a way through which you can transform your simple and sober sneakers into a shiny piece of footwear that will be admired by all. The question which always rings in the mind is where to buy cheap custom sneakers, so here is the answer to your question instead of buying the sneakers you can make your custom sneakers in your home itself. So, enter the world of shiny shoes and make it up with the trend.

Things you need

  • Sandpaper

  • A piece of cotton cloth

  • Converse shoes

  • Adhesive

  • Jewel setter

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Orange stick

  • Swarovski rhinestones

Which adhesive is suitable?

Usually, the professionals who make custom sneakers or converse use strong adhesives like Gemtac or e6000 for giving a strong glue touch to the shoes. Whichever glue you want to choose, do make sure that you apply thin layers of glue or the glue will crystallize up and stay there. The e6000 glue is thicker than the gem tac glue so the gem tac glue is more suitable than others. But do apply thin layers of the gem tac glue as well because there are also chances of this glue to form crystals.


What if the glue gets messed up?

Mistakes are a part of our lives, so if you have ruined your converse when you were applying the glue, do not worry about it you can fix it. If the glue gets crystallized, first of all try to remove the glue with your fingers.

The maximum glue will be removed. Now use an acetone-based nail paint remover and a cotton ball and apply the cotton ball dipped in nail paint remover on the glue and the remover will eat up the glue. So now you can again custom your custom sneakers wedding or converses.


Here are the steps which are needed to be followed:

Step 1- Take your Swarovski shoes and give the area where you are going to apply the crystals a good rub using the sandpaper.

Step 2-Take the jewel setter and apply adhesive on the rhinestone on your custom sneakers on sale converses. By using the opposite end of the jewel setter, apply the adhesive in small amounts.

Step 3- Use the other wax side of the jewel setter and pick up a crystal with very soft hands and place the crystal at the end of the rhinestone.

Repeat the above steps and apply the crystals and you can also adjust your crystals using the orange stick.

So, it is quite easy to make your pair of shoes at home whether they are custom vans sneakers black and white or shiny converse. Enjoy your time making your favorite pair of shoes.

The Process Of Making Swarovski Crystal Shoes

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