You have had occasions where once you get your feet off those sneakers, everybody will noticeably grimace. The foul smell that follows is just embarrassing and awful. Many people have suffered this embarrassment in their lifetime, and they have lost esteem and the confidence to indulge in social activities that will require them to remove their shoes, mainly caused by lack of air circulation in the feet, and to some extent, poor personal hygiene. Shoe breathability is a factor that one should consider when purchasing sneakers. Freaky is a shoe designing company that is committed to giving you your idea of sneakers. They have a talented team that works tirelessly to reach your aim. Try them today, and they are suitable for your sneakers.


However, proper storage is a factor that will promise 99% effectiveness in combating lousy odor. Proper storage without creative measures against foul scent will lead to failure. You may have stored shoes for a long time, without using and on that special occasion that meant for them, they turn in to a set of downgrading factors. It depends on the type of shoes you rock. Some stink more than the others. Work boots used daily, and they deal with a great deal of sweat. Running sneakers also share the same story. Foot sweat is a significant contributing factor to bacteria causing the lousy scent. Lack of ventilation is not a good idea. There are thousands of sweat glands in the feet that produce sweat each day. The putrid stench comes when the sweat is not allowed to evaporate. Numerous bacteria live in the feet, and feed on the sweat, producing a particular acid that causes the smell. The fungus also thrives in warm, moist environments like sweaty feet. So sweat is a terrible idea for feet. Wearing the same shoes daily is a bad trait, especially work boots. Some disease processes can cause an unpleasant smell. There has been a mass deception that toenail issues and gender cause a bad smell. Well, that is not the truth. The perception that male persons are most prone to this embarrassment is partly true. Females also are victims. It only depends on the extent to which one has violated the measures.


If advised to try a therapeutic approach, there are a variety of options. You can get from your healthcare provider to advise that prescription medicine ( topical steroids, antifungals, or antibacterials) will help reduce the problem. Prescription sprays, mostly topical, can be prescribed to reduce perspiration. Electrical stimulation is also a method of reducing perspiration. Some people may advise that "stay cool and calm" to reduce perspiration. It is valid to some extent because stress will cause sweat, and it is not suitable for fighting bad odors. Hormonal changes can cause one to sweat more. Teenagers and pregnant women are at a high risk of finding themselves in that category.


There are those with an exceptional condition known as hyperhidrosis. These people experience more sweating in the hands, underarms, and feet. While people sweat to cool the body, those with this condition will produce sweat even when the body temperature doesn't need to be regulated. These may need a particular remedy known as sneaker balls for their feet.


There are some of the home remedies for smelling feet. Good hygiene is paramount. Without this factor, efforts to curb foulness will be null and void. One can also try a spray. You can purchase an over the counter deodorant or antiperspirant. Make sure that you dry your feet thoroughly after taking a shower. Wear the right socks. Try socks with moisture-wicking fibers ( pulls away sweat from the body), to increase ventilation. These include socks made of copper, wool, or cool max. A healthy diet is necessary for healthy feet. It will help reduce the risk of stench.


One disadvantage of bad odor is the risk of destroying your sneakers. That wetness will destroy the shoe fiber. Therefore there is this sneaker ball technology that used to prevent some of these backlashes. In the American market, they are so expensive, and the questionable ingredients they are made of prompt people to make their natural balls at home. Sneaker balls, as the name suggests, are balls customized with deodorizing ingredients envisioned to curb the seriousness of this problem. They are placed in sneakers, although it is encouraged that it used in other variety of shoes, including everyday footwear. If you wear a pair every day, you will want to put sneaker balls in them.



Sneaker balls have a variety of advantages. If shoes start to stink, you will want to throw them out. But what if you could nip this problem in the bud before it got to this unmanageable point? Sneaker balls are your option. They undoubtedly extend the shelf life of your favorite pair and keeps them fresher for longer. Foot health is something everybody will want to include in their health radar. The growth of bacteria is not suitable for your feet. Sneaker balls help combat this problem using its leading ingredient baking soda, which is great for fighting bacteria. They are cost-effective. A couple of them can cost up to ten dollars for a couple. These luxurious add-ons don't need to come at a premium.


One can make their sneaker balls at home and encourage a holistic lifestyle. There is no need to throw away old shoes because they don't fit in the shoe rack anymore. You can go natural. DIY sneaker balls are such an excellent option for everyone. They are easy to make with homemade ingredients. It is a very sustainable way to live, and it is highly encouraged. It doesn't matter if you are an environmentally conservative or holistic person. Recycling old items will help a great deal. DIY is an excellent path for all. Some of the reasons why it is encouraged are the assurance of ingredients. Commonly, you don't know the ingredients of the products you consume despite being a long list of them on the product container. It makes it hard to trust such a brand. When you pick your ingredients, you are aware of what is going into your sneaker balls. It is great for allergies. Some of you may be allergic to products like Lavender, Rose, and more can all be culprits for reactions. If you have allergies to common ingredients, then the DIY is your solution. You can customize your sneaker balls to have the smell that will please your palette, no matter how picky you are. You can choose the combination of ingredients that will suit your need. Potency can also be adjusted.


Some of the chemicals found in the commercial sneaker ball may affect your feet, depending on their agility. The likes of sodium bicarbonate NaHCO3 or only backing soda can be verified by just putting a drop of vinegar and see if it fizzes. If not, it could be cyclodextrin, a compound with the capability to trap hydrophobic aroma. Sometimes perfume can be added to make the smell better. It can be corrosive to one's feet if you have an underlying condition, hence making customized home-based sneaker balls. These homemade balls can last for long, depending on how you have made them. Since the eighties, deodorizers have been the thing. A squeaky-voiced woman and her nebbish husband boasted that their nebbish mushroom could go a whole month and still smell like new. Depending on the use, a single sneaker ball can last for a good six months. They also roll around so that they can fit into every space in your shoe. You just twist the ball and leave them in your shoes overnight, but remember to take them off before putting on your shoes. The best thing about this sneaker balls is that you can re-use them for an extended period until its depleted, and can adjust the ball for intensity and close it up when not in use to make it last longer.


The best thing about homemade balls is that you can refill. Just put in new teabags. If you buy them from the store, they come in packs and are long-lasting. They are bought in packs though the six-pack while costing slightly more is a better bargain. It is so easy to make. Two methods are simple and verified; you may still think of your style. Teabags are probably one more complicated method, but worth it. It allows a lot of scents to get into your shoes, which increases their deodorizing powers. You will just need to take a teabag and make a small opening at the top, dump the original contents, and then fill it with a scent of your choice. Once you have done, staple it closed, and your DIY scent fighter will be ready for action. If you are using empty teabags, just seal them up as per the direction. It is suitable for your best hunter boots.


Another great option is the Easter eggs. While they may be hard to find, they are a great option. It is a more complicated process. It is less messy in case the bag containing the blend of ingredients break. You should make your blend of scents and ready your tissue paper. Place the blend in a small pile in the center. Put all four corners together and tie them carefully. Then, use a thumbtack to make small holes all over the egg, but be careful to do that with the scent bag inside because you could tear it off. Plop the bundle into the egg and close it, and it is ready to go. While most people will think that it is the typical egg, it is just an egg-shaped bag. So you should not confuse the terms.


According to some amazon customer reviews, they have tried and proved them to be effective. On March 21, 2018, a customer named MP posted this." Thank you thank you! I didn't get the pink ones I was expecting but who cares. They are for shoes!!! My daughters shoes stink. She bathed daily and changes her socks I have sprayed Lysol and air freshener in her shoes" these are good customer reviews that prove the technology. You can use it for your sneakers that will be designed by Try it, and you will be next to jolly. Fork fairy posted on July 11, 2019, that it worked fine for him." Not too smelly I have some sneakers that are made to wear with socks and they smell awful! I got these in an attempt to solve the problem and they worked well enough". Ethan Walker said on March 8, 2017,” These give off a really nice scent and have helped get the stink off my fuzzy slippers. I put them in my slippers when I am sleeping”.


They have proved to have medicinal value and are trustworthy. Are also useful for slipper sneakers. Slipper sneakers are comfortable to put on and are light. Sometimes they suffer the most used for running or working out in the gym. Sneaker balls can easily be inserted in them. Sneakerhead slippers are mostly used in the house. Sometimes when indoors, you may forget to wash them. It can be a great disappointment when a visitor shows up, and the lousy scent of shoes rock the air. Sneaker balls can be handy in this case. Your work boots and marathon shoes can be designed by your favorite shoe design company,


Final thoughts


It is, therefore, qualified to use these sneaker balls to maintain your shoes. They help in conserving the environment. Many people have had the option of throwing stinking shoes away, but after realizing this trick, they now conserve their shoes in the right way. Try using the product for the sake of holistic management of shoes and the health of your feet.


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