Ways To Clean Your White And Colored Shoelaces

Ways To Clean Your White And Colored Shoelaces

Ways To Clean Your White And Colored Shoelaces

Shoelaces are made of various materials like cotton, hemp or leather. They are made of generally rope making materials. However, the advances in synthetic fibers production like polyester and nylon and even elastics have made series of shoelaces possible.

With various fashionable choices for accessorizing your shoes, you want to keep the look fresh and clean.

How to clean white shoelaces?

  • Start by removing the laces from shoes. This is an effective and easier way of cleaning the shoelaces.

  • Brush rigorously for removing any grime or loose dirt from laces.


  • Make a good solution of 3 tablespoons of bleach and one gallon of water in the basin. You can add an amount of laundry

    detergent or soap to the water for making the cleaning process more effective.


  • Place your laces in a small laundry bag & soak them well in this cleaning solution for long minutes. Make use of a spatula

    or spoon for agitating laces in water. You can also use a dishwasher safe plate for weighing these laces down and preventing

    them from getting floated.


  • Make sure you wear gloves and don’t put your bare hands in the solution as it can cause skin irritation issues.


  • Wash your laces simply in the washing machine. Let your laces stay inside the laundry bag, in your washing machine and

    add some detergent and ½ cup of hot water bleach solution in it.


  • Hang your laces over the towel or sing and let them air dry. For avoiding damages to the laces shrinkage or aglets, neve

    put them in an air dryer. This can damage the elastic structures or fibers that make the shoelace stay much longer.


  • It might take long hours for laces for drying off completely.

You can then easily relace the shoes. If the aglets get damaged in the cleaning process, you can make use of scotch tape for wrapping the ends of laces and making them easier for fitting in through eyelets.

How to clean colored laces?

  • Start by removing the laces from shoes.

  • Brush off the loose grime or dirt if any

  • Fill a basin with warm water and add some laundry detergent. This water can help in saturating the laces.

    This soap also helps in loosening the dirt particles from laces fabric for easy cleaning.

  • Let your shoelaces soak in water for some time. Let this material for making them soaked thoroughly.

  • Make use of a small scrubbing brush for scrubbing the laces. Be careful of aglet as it can peel off or crack if not handled properly.

  • Refill the basin with fresh water for rinsing the laces.

  • Hang your laces over a sink and let them air dry. For avoiding the damage and laces shrinkage, so don’t put them in an air dryer.

    You must remember that it may take a long hour for laces for drying completely.

  • After the cleaning process, relace your shoes easily.

These are the two simplest ways through which you can clean your white and colored shoes.


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