Ways To Improve Traction And Grip In The Sport Shoes

Ways To Improve Traction And Grip In The Sport Shoes

Ways To Improve Traction And Grip In The Sport Shoes:

In the indoor competition, from basketball to volleyball to futsal, if you need performing repeatedly the quick changes of direction, then having a good grip on shoes is important incredibly.

Improve traction by cleaning

It might be that your shoes have worn down and grip is nowhere, but before chucking them in the bin, make sure they are clean. The thing about the gymnasium and the indoor court is that, the dirt and dust that builds up and reduces the grip drastically.

You can do anything about the dirty floor, but you can surely keep your shoes clean for improving the grip.

Things needed

  • Some warm water

  • Dish soap

  • Scissors

  • Clean towel

Step 1:

Remove the debris from your shoe tread. This includes small stones, mud clumps or anything else which has found its way in your sole’s gap.

Step 2:

Fill one container with some warm soapy water. You can use normal dish soap. Use this water for washing the shoe sole. Try keeping the upper dry as possible. Make use of a nail brush or a toothbrush for scrubbing all over the sole areas that includes around the sole sides.

Scrub in proper circular movements for covering all angles. Make sure you rinse the brush every time you use it for cleaning.

Step 3:

Take a clean towel and dry each area after washing. You might be willing to wipe regularly if there is a lot of water that gets onto the shoes upper.

Step 4:

Store them well in a clean bag, and make it ready for next time. There is no point for putting in too many efforts for cleaning if you are just putting them in a dirty or dusty bag.

Additional expert tips for improving traction and grip


Don’t wear your shoes outdoors: If you are serious about keeping the grip in your sports shoes, then make sure you don’t wear them outside the court.

Clean them after every game: You must clean them after every game session, this can help in keeping a fair amount of dirt and dust away.


You can use a clean or moist towel for cleaning the sole of your shoes. This helps a lot in improving the grip.

Sticky mat: You can get sticky mats that are specifically manufactured and they can help you in removing dirt and can improve the shoe grip.

Hairspray: Hairspray can be a shortcut in improving the grip of your shoes. It lasts for only some time and not for too long.


If you have tried all these things, and still there is no improvement in your shoes, then it’s time to replace your old sports shoes with a new pair.

Make sure you buy it from a real-time seller and not online, it is because this way you will be able to sense the traction power and grip which largely helps in keeping the shoes much stronger and durable for long.


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