Ways To Lace Elegantly Your Chuck Taylor Hi-Tops

Ways To Lace Elegantly Your Chuck Taylor Hi-Tops

Ways To Lace Elegantly Your Chuck Taylor Hi-Tops:

The converse has been producing the Chuck Taylors, the most stylish tennis shoe since the 1920s. They are available as the best in extra high-top, high top and even in the low top. The high tops come with 8 pairs of eyelets and can be easily laced in a different number of ways.

This can be called as one of the premium methods which are termed as the straight bar lacing, in which laces go straight across the eyelets and create a horizontal bar. This method of straight bar lacing was used earlier in the real ads of Chuck Taylors.

The laces were straightened; this means they were not twisted. This helps the lace in remaining stronger and to be tied in a most secured way too.

Before learning how to lace your Chuck Taylor Hi-tops, let's know why lacing pattern is important?

Ways To Lace Elegantly Your Chuck Taylor Hi-Tops


How a creative lacing pattern can make your Hi-Top stand apart?

Various factors can secure the fit and comfort of fit. Even if the shoes make you feel comfortable during its first try, there can be times when the upper construction rubs on your foot in the wrong way.

Each pair of these shoes are unique, which is one reason as to why using the proper and creating lacing technique and knots matter in playing games like tennis shoes that matters a lot in the running performance.

Here you can learn how to relief your foot fatigue or nagging pain by trying out all new lacing patterns. The lacing techniques are very basic on which everyone can master. This depends on lacing material, eyelets and knot type that you use for securing laces.


How to get started?

  • Start at the eyelets which are closest to your toes. Insert your one end of the lace in each of its eyelets and create a straight line

    between the same. The laces should go towards your shoe tongue.

  • Run your one end of the laces up on the same side of your shoe to its next eyelet. Pull up your laces through the shoes, straight

    and into your opposite eyelet. Both the end of your laces must be now on the same side of your shoe.

  • Run your same end of shoelaces up at your shoes, and skip the next eyelet set. Your shoelace must emerge from the 4th eyelet

    and should run straight across to the opposite side of your shoe.

  • Turn back to your 2nd set of eyelets and make use of the opposite end of your shoelace. Run the shoelace to the next set of the

    eyelets and out. The shoelace can go straight across to your opposite eyelet and then back into your shoe.

  • Both the ends of your shoelace can be on the same side all over again.

  • Start repeating this pattern of lacing until you reach the top of your shoe. One must have around 7 horizontal bars.

  • Duplicate the lacing pattern on your opposite shoe.

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